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Flower Spotlight: Stargazer Lily

Bold, beautiful, dramatic! These are just a few characteristics of the stunning Stargazer lily. Their exquisite scent and elegant look make them the perfect gift for any occasion! Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

Symbolism & Origins
Stargazer lilies are a combination of Oriental and Asiatic lilies. They were named by Leslie Woodruff, a lily grower and breeder, in reference to the way the blooms of this flower point towards the sky. Stargazers have only been around for a couple of decades but have quickly gained popularity.

Stargazers are believed to symbolize innocence and purity but the meaning changes with the color of the flower. For example, a pink stargazer lily symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Yellow stargazers express joy and of course, white stargazers signify purity and innocence. Other meanings for this good-looking flower are success and determination, commitment, passion and the fulfillment of dreams.

To Consider
This stunning bloom is highly toxic to cats. If eaten, they can experience vomiting, kidney failure, lethargy and even death. Make sure not to leave this stunning bloom near children or pets!

Stargazers bloom from early summer through mid summer and can last from 14 to 20 days. They need full sun exposure, nutrient soil and well maintained water levels. This stunning flower comes in white, pink and yellow. They are perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, specifically 30th year anniversaries since they too symbolize the everlasting love between the couple. They are the ideal gift to say “I’m sorry” and also to express sympathy.

Stargazer lilies are not only beautiful but also packed with meaning! Head to your local florist and surprise the ones you love most with the world’s most elegant bloom!

Know Someone Needing A Boost? Send These Flowers

Flower Meanings of Hydrangea & Stargazer Lilies

"Glorious Magenta" Hydrangeas & Peonies

"Glorious Magenta" Hydrangeas & Peonies

Many trials face us in life, but thankfully we have friends and family to encourage us through them. I know from personal experience what it is like to need encouragement or a dose of happy but have nowhere to turn. It’s remember these moments that make me love the flower meanings of stargazer lilies and hydrangeas. These are the absolute perfect gifts for someone needing a boost.

The hydrangea flower meaning is “perseverance.” Know someone struggling to get through their next big trial? Perhaps it’s something as simple as passing a difficult exam or getting through the night at a job that they dislike. Maybe your loved one was recently given a poor diagnosis at their physical exam. Whatever the issue, these times call for encouragement. If we can’t get it from friends, where can we turn? When you know someone facing a situation that calls for perseverance, embolden them with the gift of hydrangeas.

"Stunning Stargazers" Arrangement of Lilies

"Stunning Stargazers" Arrangement of Lilies

Stargazer lilies also have a particular flower meaning that caught my eye. These lovely flowers mean “ambition.” The drive to succeed is inbred within all of us. We all want to make more of our lives than futility. Someone facing a situation that calls for them to use their ambition will appreciate the flower meaning of sunflowers.

Perhaps you have a friend that is moving to another city for the first time. Maybe a friend is starting college or a new job. These are excellent opportunities to share in the richness of ambition. Send flower arrangements with stargazer lilies and watch the richness unfold.

The Beauty Of Flowers And Flower Pictures

About a month ago I came across a blog called Garden Muse. Cindy Dyer writes this blog which revolves around the wonders of the garden with amazing pictures of flowers, vegetables, insects – basically anything that occurs in a garden. I was instantly an admirer of this site. After all, it contained two things that I am very passionate about gardening and photography. Flowers have a depth and richness of color along with a textural quality making them exceptional subjects for pictures. I love to take pictures of the flowers in my garden. Unfortunately my passion for photography doesn’t translate to skill. My flower pictures are often a pale comparison to the beauty of the flower in which I am photographing. Cindy, however, is a spectacular photographer and her flower pictures are breath taking. After seeing the lily photos on Garden Muse, I was inspired to take a picture of my new Salmon Star lily. I planted it this spring and it smells almost as good as my Stargazer lilies.

Salmon Star Lily

Salmon Star Oriental Lily

In case your interested in pictures of flowers, here are a few more from my garden.

Casablanca Lily

Above is a Casa Blanca Lily

Casa Blanca Lilies With Baptisia This arrangement has Casa Blanca Lilies, Platycodon (balloon flower) and eucalyptus all from my garden.

Calla Lily Photo of a Calla Lily from my garden.

My flower pictures may not measure up to the ones on Garden Muse but I think I’ll keep trying. After all, the pictures will remind me of the flower memories and beauty that occurred in my garden during the growing season. This winter when things are cold and dreary, I’ll be able to pull these pictures out and enjoy their beauty once again.

LA Hybrid, Asiatic and Oriental Lilies Used By Florists & 3 Lily Buying Tips

Today I finally had a chance to catch up on all of the blogs I read. Since it was discussing one of my favorite flowers, lilies, one particular blog caught my eye. As a cut flower, lilies are simply wonderful and I absolutely adore them in my garden. I grow Asiatic, Oriental, Trumpet and Tiger lilies in my home garden and at our garden center. But the difference between lily types is often confusing to many; especially which are used in flower shops and which are grown in the garden.

Kenji at Flower Insolita gives a great outline as to which lilies are used by florists as cut flowers and the vase life expected of each kind. According to Kenji there are three types of lilies used: Asiatic, LA-hybrids and Oriental. Asiatic lilies are very colorful and my favorite is one called Lollypop. This lily has a snow-white center with vibrant pink edges. It adds a pop of color to any mixed flower arrangement. But as Kenji mentions, Asiatic lilies tend to be the smallest of the three with the shortest shelf life 5-7 days. On the plus side, Asiatic lilies tend to be the least expensive with a wider range of colors available.

Oriental lilies have two of my favorite flowers Stargazer and Casa Blanca. Most people are familiar with Stargazer lilies and Casa Blanca lilies. Stargazer lily bouquets have become a popular Valentine’s Day flower and Casa Blanca lilies are often used in funeral flower sprays because of their pure white color. Stargazer and Casa Blanc lilies are fantastic as, both, cut flowers and garden flowers. I have both in my garden and when they bloom the air is filled with an incredible aroma and the eyes are immediately drawn to the massive blooms. In fact, Oriental lilies display the biggest blooms and are all very fragrant. This premium flower is available in white, pink, pale yellow and a “red” (more of a dark pink) and has the longest shelf life, 10-14 days. According to Kenji, there is a dark purple oriental lily that is sometimes available called Sumatra. I am not familiar with Sumarta and would love to see a picture of it used in a mixed flower arrangement.

LA Hybrids are a cross between Asiatic and Trumpet lilies. Non-fragrant like Asiatic, but with bigger and stronger blooms and a shelf life of 7-10 days. These lilies have an abundance of bright color options. As a premier Huntington New York Florists Flower Insolita uses LA hybrids instead of Asiatic lilies.

I often cut the lilies in my garden and place them in a vase to enjoy them in the house. During the off-season, I purchase stems from my local florist. But, I never really though about what to look for when buying lilies. Kenji pointed out three great tips for buying lilies.

  1. Count the number of buds rather than the number of stems. Cheap stem price doesn’t equate to quality lilies.
  2. Look for thick study stems. Lilies are top heavy and need a good support system.
  3. Look for healthy leaves. Yellow leaves could mean ethylene damage.

Subconsciously, I always look for thick stems and healthy leaves; but bud count isn’t something I paid attention to. But the more blooms the better presentation in the vase, so it make sense to look for a good bud count when selecting lilies.

Asiatic, Oriental and LA hybrid lilies are used by florists to create a multitude of flower arrangements. Maybe some of the confusion surrounding florist lilies has been removed and we can all just sit back and enjoy these wonderful flowers. Remember, there is more to the florist’s lily world than Stargazers and Casa Blanca lilies.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion on lilies, as much as I enjoyed Kenji discussion on lilies. I thought I’d share some pictures of flower arrangements containing lilies. If you have any flower arrangement pictures with lilies send to me and I’ll post them here.

Easter Flower Basket with Lilies Easter Flower Basket

Mother Day Flower ArrangementMothers Day arrangement with pink Asiatic lilies

Secretarys Day Flower Arrangement Secretaries Day vase arrangement with yellow lilies.

Orange Lilies For Anniversary Orange lilies in a vase great for an anniversary.