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Flower Spotlight: Succulent

Instead of sending fresh flowers alone, have you thought about changing things up and gifting an arrangement with succulents? These beauties are long-lasting and require very minimal care. Your loved one won’t be disappointed!

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Trending: Succulent Corsages

A new trend is breaking its way to the 2015 prom scene. We have seen how the widely popular succulent has been incorporated into wedding decor, bouquets and boutonnieres. Now, the charming succulent is making an addition to corsage trends. We reached out to Elba Feliciano of Flowerama in Lawrence, Georgia to talk about creating these succulent corsages.


Why do you think succulents are trending for prom and weddings?

The younger generation are looking for trendy, chic looks for prom and weddings. They like the non-traditional flowers and like to incorporate a different look and feel to their corsages–as well as wedding bouquets.

Have you made succulent corsages in the past?

We have made several corsages and wedding bouquets with real and artificial succulents.

How difficult is it to make a succulent corsage?

It’s not difficult as long as you know the size and type of corsage you are making.

What type of customers are ordering succulents?

Your young customers for prom corsages and wedding bouquets.

What are some tips you would give a florist who is working with succulents for prom or weddings?

Evaluate how many orders you have with succulents or bridal bouquets and start any prep work before you begin to make the corsage or bouquet. For example, if you are making several corsages, you are probably using smaller succulents (always purchase extra), which will require some wiring. For bridal bouquets, know what other flowers will be used to compliment the succulents. I use artificial succulents that I used prior as a mock up with the flowers to ensure they will provide the look and feel I discussed with the customer.

What are some tips for customers who are considering ordering a succulent corsage?

It’s important to consider the person that will be wearing the corsage when choosing the size of the succulent. Also, the look you are trying to achieve–elegant, rustic, or glamour–will require adding the appropriate accessories or ribbon. For a rustic look, I may use lace, but for a glamorous look, I would add more bling.

What do you like about this succulent trend?

There are different varieties of succulents that allow you to make each arrangement, bouquet or corsage customized with a different look. Succulents allow you to be creative! Artificial succulents work just as well!

It is no surprise that the succulent continues to add a rustic style to 2015 bouquets and corsages. While, it remains to be seen exactly how popular it will be come prom time, we know for sure that this chic plant is here to stay. Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great tips and articles!

Photos courtesy of Flowerama

What Is This Strange, Fragile Succulent?

Ask The Plant Expert:

What is the name of this succulent and is it normal to be so fragile?  Thanks, Jerry

Baby Toes Crassula

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What Is This Succulent With A Red Flower?

Ask The Plant Expert:

What is the plant with the red flower? I have 4 identical plant dishes (picture attached) that I bought in this condition. Each contain the same 3 plants, I believe, and I think I’ve identified 2 of the 3 plants in this pot, minus the “jade looking” one that has the red flower on top. Do you know what the “jade-looking one” is really named?

Also, do you think they look over or under watered (or may have another problem)? The soil does smell musty/damp. I think I need to repot them, but should I let them lay out and dry out for a few days or other? I know these are a lot of questions, but if nothing else, can you at least identify and name the jade-looking plant? THANKS!

Over-watered Kalanchoe Photo

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What Is This Pretty Little French Succulent?

Ask the Expert: Please identify this plant for me

I am unable to identify this plant. Please identify it for me and give me the scientific name. I believe the photo was taken in France.

Thanking you in advance. Loukmaan

Crassula found in France

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What are these plants from the Vizcaya Gardens in Miami?

Ask the Expert: What are these plants?

I’m unsure as to what these plants are, one I believe is a sedum/sempervivum. They are both from Vizcaya Gardens in Miami. Also are the two plants which looking very similar the same? One was in the shade and one in the sun which could explain the difference in colour on the edges of the leaves. Emma

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Anthuriums & Succulents In New Colors To Dye For

Something Old, Something New…

While going through my emails, I found something NEW I just had to share! In GrowerTalks‘ newsletter, they talk about a European company that has developed a way to dye Anthuriums blue, much like the way they dye the new Blue Mystique orchids. It’s a complicated process, but the results are phenomenal!

Blue Anthurium

The Blue Anthurium

As you can see, the blue is bright and vivid. This new, blue anthurium is called Princess Alexia Blue and is from the Dutch company, Rijnplant. They also offer a yellow one called Princess Alexia Yellow. From their website (and after translating) Rijnplant explains, “The plant is as naturally painted as possible, the dye leaves via root pressure and the assimilative capacity of the leaf.While I couldn’t find this for sale to florists YET, it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for.

EcheveriaColored Succulents

Another cool dyed product to look out for is the colorful new Echeverias. According to GrowerTalks’ newsletter, “One trend that’s been going on [in Europe] for years and continues strong is painting and glittering echeveria. They were everywhere, in every color. Big sellers? Heck, yeah!” [Read more…]

Help! Christmas Cactus Has Lost It’s Spirit

Ask the Plant Expert:

I have a limp Christmas cactus.  How large a container & what kind of soil mixture should I use?  This is a cutting that is special.  Also, there are bugs on the soil – not the plant – help, please!

I don’t have a photo, but the plant hasn’t bloomed since I planted the cuttings.  The cactus has been in the house and I wonder if I should put it outside since I live in Palm Desert, CA.


Get Your Own Pink Christmas Cactus

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: You do need to re-pot your Christmas cactus. I like to use a potting soil specifically blended for Christmas cactus (for example Fafard Cactus and Succulent potting mix). I would transplant it into a pot that is 1½ times larger than the existing pot.  If you have mealy bugs, try to remove all of them as your transplant the Christmas Cactus.

Christmas cactus can bloom up to two times a year inside. So moving it outside is not necessary. However, you may need to fertilize it or prune it.

Please read Flower Shop Network’s article, The Unique Beauty of Christmas Cactus, it has very valuable information about Christmas cactus.

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Why Are Succulent Leaves Dropping?


Plant Expert Reply:
Cacti and succulent are general terms and although they may have similar traits they may have totally different growing requirements. Water issues are always a good place to start when trying to determine the problem with any plant. On the whole cacti and succulents can tolerate low moisture levels. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need water. For more culture information about cacti and succulents The Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose has some great information.

From the sounds of it, your succulent has probably been over-watered. With all of my succulents, I let them dry out slightly before I water them. So I would let it dry slightly before I water it again. This should correct the problem and the succulent should recover in a couple of weeks.

If you send me a picture of the succulent, I will try to identify it and give you more specific care instructions.

What Is This Succluent?



Ask the Expert: How do I identify a plant?
I bought a plant today but I have no idea what that plant is called or how I should take care of it. I’m attaching a picture with hopes of someone knowing what I brought home.  Aga


What you have is a succulent from the genus Crassula.  I’m not sure which species. It could be a Crassula clavata, Crassula cultrata, Crassula herrei or some other kind of Crassula.  In the scheme of things it really doesn’t matter.  You will basically take care of them the same way.   Give it plenty of light. Keep the soil moist in the summer (or during times of high heat) and a little less water during the winter.  Needs good drainage.  Will not like soggy soil.

If you want to pinpoint which one it is take a look at this website http://www.desert-tropicals.com/Plants/Crassulaceae/Crassula.html  it has picture of different types of Crassula.

Hopefully this information will be what you need.