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2019 Trending Colors, Weddings, Flowers…Oh My!

Every year Pantone declares what the color of the year will be. This year it is a coral color, and while it’s a beautiful color, it is also a color that has had its time in wedding trends. Goodness knows how many weddings I’ve been in and had to wear that color. So, this year when looking at what could be trending for spring and summer weddings, I wanted to go a different direction. Shutterstock released what they have seen as trending colors around the world, and it’s fantastic! While they have listed twenty-three different colors with their partnering countries, we took ten countries and made wedding mood boards. This can help you gain an idea of how you might want to plan your wedding! [Read more…]

Summer Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Summer Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

Despite what some may say, summer is a great time for weddings. You have many of the same great flowers that are available in spring, as well as a few that may only come around in the summer sun. While you may have to do a little extra planning to ensure your flowers look their best, don’t let a little sun deter your summer wedding dreams. Make your perfect summer day even better with inspiration from these bouquets! [Read more…]

What’s Blooming This Wedding Season: Spring and Summer 2017

whats blooming

With spring and summer coming up, it’s always good to know what flowers will be in season as you plan your wedding. You may have the perfect vision of what your wedding flowers are going to look like, but upon planning, discover that some flowers may be out of season. This could potentially conflict with your entire color scheme! This is when knowing what flowers are in season when your wedding takes place comes in handy. ┬áThat’s why we put together the top 4 flowers that are in season for spring and summer. This will help you plan your wedding flowers with ease! [Read more…]

Summer 2015 Floral Wedding Trends

FSN-Summer Wedding 2015

The season of weddings is upon us and that means summer brides are out in full force to take advantage of this year’s hottest styles. Take a look at what we believe will be the five most popular trends for brides’ 2015 summer affairs.

Large-Blossomed Flowers

To create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere, large-blossomed flowers will be trending. Blooms such as hydrangeas, peonies and garden roses will be used to make bold statements in a variety of wedding decor, from bouquets to the table centerpieces. Blossoms are versatile for many occasions and can fit right in with a variety of wedding styles.

Lush Greenery

Inspired by the natural essence of a garden, many are opting to bring in lush greenery, such as mixes of herbs or garlands often made from varieties of ferns or leafy foliage, to complement to center piece wedding day blooms. Herbs like rosemary and mint are used primarily for their shape and rich aromas, while ferns are taken for their lacy delicate textures. Consider bringing in greenery for a more natural feel to any wedding theme.

Cascading and Teardrop Bouquets

Cascading bouquets have a 100-year history. Seen as a very classic arrangement, the style has come and gone several times throughout the last century. The height of its popularity occurred when Princess Diana walked down the aisle with her own cascading bouquet, the teardrop bouquet is much more streamlined with its shorter drop. Both styles are perfect for the classic bride.

Heirloom Elegance

Another trend you can expect to see in summer 2015 will be heirloom and vintage incorporated into many bridal styles. “Bejeweled accents” will be strategically blended into bridal bouquets and on bouquet handles. Other approaches for adding “bling” into a wedding include family jewelry, such as earrings necklaces, crowns or brooches, which gives the event a personal touch and a twist of modern sophistication.

Re-purposed and Up-cycled

Suggested for weddings with a more rustic ambiance, re-purposed and up-cycled elements bring a simple, natural feel to a couple’s big day. Not only budget-friendly, wedding decor like centerpieces, signs and vases created to accentuate floral arrangements mix well into a natural atmosphere. Mix-and-match pieces also give the perfect “homey” feel to an intimate affair while maintaining a strong theme throughout the event.

Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great wedding flower trends and ideas!