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The Perfect Gift for Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is the perfect holiday for those chocolate and candy lovers of the world. Not that those of us who enjoy a little something sweet now and again ever really need a reason to partake of our favorite confection, but a convenient excuse to help assuage the guilt is always welcome.

But wait, what does any of this have to do with florists?

Candy BouquetChocolate Lover's Basketsweetheart candy pail

Candy Baskets

You read that right, fellow chocolate devotees. Candy. Baskets. Can you say, “Yum!”? And these babies are fully customizable. After all, isn’t that part of the beauty of buying local? You aren’t locked-in to some predetermined collection of candies. And if you are a candyphile yourself or are just buying for one, you know that we can be a bit particular on our sugar of choice. When you buy local, you can get exactly the candy or chocolate you want in an arrangement that will be both pleasing to the eye and the mouth!

Saltwater TaffySpring SmilesFruit Sorbet

Don’t Forget the Flowers

It’s true that there are those among us who either have an aversion to candy or a condition that prevents them from enjoying it. For those friends and loved ones, we have the creative beauty of a well designed floral arrangement. It can be filled with bright and colorful blooms reminiscent of lollipops or any other assortment of flowers you might desire. And honestly, what could be sweeter than that?

So don’t delay. Take a trip down to your local flower shop to find everything you need to give everyone on your list the best Sweetest Day ever!


Do You Celebrate Sweetest Day (Oct. 20th)?

Send Sweets For Sweetest Day

Do you celebrate Sweetest Day? What?! You’ve never heard of it? Well, you’re in for a real treat!

Sweetest Day is like a mix between Valentines Day and Thanksgiving. It’s a day to give thanks for those extra-sweet people in your life. Sweetest Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region, and parts of the Northeast United States, on the third Saturday in October. This year (2012) we celebrate Sweetest Day on October 20th. The holiday originated with a candy store owner who wanted to bring cheer and some happiness to the lives of those who were often forgotten.

What can you send on Sweetest Day?

A great way to celebrate Sweetest Day is by ordering a gift basket of sweet treats from your local florist.

Candy Gift Basket Pink Flowers With Candy Chocolate Hearts & Candy

Doesn’t your Sweet deserve a little treat on Sweetest Day?

For people who are unable to eat sweets, but still deserve the recognition, try sending sugar-free candy gift baskets, or go with Sweetest Day flowers instead! You may also like these Sweetest Day Card Messages

No matter what you give on Sweetest Day, always always always use a real local florist directly when ordering gift baskets.


Are You A Sweetheart? You’ll Love Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day Is October 15th!

Never heard of Sweetest Day?! Well, it is a relatively new holiday, but it’s a whole lot of fun! Much like Valentine’s Day where you give flowers and chocolates. Except instead of giving gifts only to your significant other, for Sweetest Day you do sweet things for those sweet people in your life. (More About Sweetest Day)

We all know people who go out of their way to do wonderful things for others and never expect anything in return. Sweetest Day is THE DAY to show them how much you appreciate them.

So remember, October 15th is Sweetest Day 2011! Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a gift basket full of yummy snacks.

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Celebrating Sweetest Day

What Is Sweetest Day?

Looking for a reason to send a gift? How about Sweetest Day!  Never heard of it?  Well, it is the holiday that celebrates kindness and appreciation.  Sweetest Day is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for a special person, to remember those who are alone, or give back to the unsung heroes of your community.

Chocolate Hearts & CandyGifts are extra special when unexpected and given as a form of appreciation or simply just because. Those receiving a Sweetest Day gift are usually caught completely by surprise.  After all, no one expects a gift/treat on Sweetest Day like they do on Halloween, Christmas or even Valentine’s Day.  The element of surprise and sheer kindness in these gifts is what makes Sweetest Day so awesome.

The History Of Sweetest Day!

Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, Sweetest Day is a tradition that is often forgotten, but has a deep and chocolaty rich history.  The concept of this tradition began with a philanthropist and candy employee named Herbert Birch Kingston. Feeling the weight of  his good fortune and seeing the plight and misfortune of others, Mr. Kingston saw the need to brighten the lives of others.  Understanding the need all people have to feel appreciated, he wanted a day that recognized people simply for being people.  So drawing from his candy background, Mr. Kingston conceived the idea of a holiday that would give candy and small gifts to the underprivileged, shut-ins and [Read more…]