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TNSFA Tabletop Competition

Oh wow, there was a lot going on at the Tennessee State Floral Association Convention this year! We’ve already brought you a recap of the Iris Cup and vendor booths, we’ve revisited the Regina Berryman presentation, and now we’re going to show you some photos of candidates for this year’s Tabletop Competition! One thing’s for sure, people at the convention were never bored!

TNSFA Convention Tabletop Competition

This was a nature-focused display that really works! Excellent job!

TNSFA Convention Tabletop Competition

An elegant display using the natural beauty of red roses and the visual texture of silk. Fantastic!

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FSN at the Tennessee State Floral Association 2013 Convention

Flower Shop Network was out and about once again this past weekend at the Tennessee State Florists Association Convention! We hobnobbed with the locals, touched base with a few old friends and made a number of new ones. If you missed this year’s fair, have no fear, FSN is here! We took an unofficial poll, of ourselves, and the group consensus was that a great time was had by all. Apparently those Tennessee folks know how to put on a party so whatever you do, don’t miss out on next year.

FSN Booth

Here we have a nice shot of the FSN booth. We always try to do our part to beautify the vendor floor.

FSN Members

We are always happy to see our members stop by the ole booth and say hello. Hello, ladies! Looks like they’ve been stocking up on some freebies, eh? Wait, why didn’t anyone bring me some freebies? Man …

Regina Berryman Arrangement

This was a gorgeous arrangement, created by Regina Berryman, and presented at the FSN booth. I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. Amazing! That Berryman lady sure is talented! [Read more…]

Regina Berryman to Speak at TNSFA and CTPFA Convention

For everyone planning to attend the Tennessee State Florists’ Association and Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association‘s annual convention this weekend, make sure you’ve scheduled enough time to watch the presentation being conducted by renowned floral designer and friend of FSN, Regina Berryman, AIFD, AAF, CFD. She has an exciting take that infuses natural principles of art and will help you take your own work to a whole new level!

Introducing Regina Berryman

Regina Berryman, AIFDIf you don’t know, Regina is a Brazilian native who came to this country over thirty years ago. While growing up in Brazil, she experienced all different brands of flora and fauna, as well as a vast array of different species of flowers. Her love for their fragile and delicate allure did not diminish when she became an American citizen, and now, through her pursuit of that passion, she studies with some of the finest floral designers in the country!

An accomplished instructor herself, Regina has participated on some very prestigious design teams such as the Presidential Inauguration and The Society of American Florists’ Conventions. If you would like to see some examples, Regina’s work can be seen in our very own Flower Shop Network Flower Gallery!

Fibonacci Theory & Floral Design

Fibonacci SpiralRegina’s exciting theories regarding floral design are based on principles borrowed from an amazing discovery made over 700 years ago called the Fibonacci Theory. The theory was founded by a mathematician named Leonardo Fibonacci who lived in the 12th and 13th centuries C.E., and it can be observed in almost every aspect of the natural world.

I know what you’re thinking, “What does an ancient mathematician have to do with floral design?” Regina can best answer that question for you during her presentation, but the gist is that she uses these mathematical principles and applies them to proportion, ratio and overall aesthetic beauty. The basic concept espouses that although symmetry can be beautiful, true visual pleasure exists in an asymmetrical design partitioned into the proper proportions using a 3-5-8 ratio.

Golden Spiral in NatureIf that peaks your interest, be sure to attend the convention and see Regina Berryman in action as she demonstrates her use of the 3-5-8 ratio in floral arrangement and design.

The TNSFA and CTPFA Convention

C’mon out folks, it’s going to be a great three days and, as always, Flower Shop Network will be there to document all the exciting events!

The convention is hosted by the Tennessee State Florists’ Association and Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association, and will begin Friday August 2nd and last through Sunday August 4th at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

We can’t wait to see you there!

FSN at the 2012 Tennessee State Florist Association Convention

Flower Shop Network Booth at the Tennessee State Florist Convention

We spent our weekend at the Tennessee State Florist Association Convention in Franklin TN. What a show it was this year! So many unique designs to recharge florists with all the creativity to last all year!

Tennessee State Florist Association Convention Banquet Centerpiece

How often do you get to be surrounded by as much world-class floral design as you can handle for multiple days?! Not only the presentations, workshops and competitions, but even the dinners are full of eye candy! Every where you look, no two centerpieces are the same!

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FSN Events: Video From The Tennessee State Florist Association Convention

Yesterday in the blog we shared a little bit about our recent trip to the  Tennessee State Florist Association Convention, but today we’re taking you along for the ride!

I (Mandy FSN) kept my video camera with me as I strolled through the convention. I set out to make a video for our florist friends who couldn’t make it to this particular convention, so they could be part of this event too. Hope you enjoy!

Would like to say a special thanks to everyone who helped out with this video!

Terry Chapple
Karen Ramsey from Miller’s Florist in Madison TN
Janet Frye from The Enchanted Florist in Asheville NC
Rae Roberts-Griffith from True Colors Artistry in Springfield IL
Regina Berryman from Horn Lake, MS
Roddy Bird from Roddy’s Flowers in Johnson City TN

And EVERYONE else who was at this year’s Tennessee State Florist Association’s Convention! Hope to see you next year!

FSN Events: Tennessee State Florist Convention 2011

Mandy FSN at the Flower Shop Network Booth

I just got back yesterday from the Tennessee State Florist Convention in Franklin TN, and what an amazing show! My head is still spinning with all sorts of floral design inspiration which I will do my best to share with our awesome followers and friends! But first, let’s do a quick recap of the show!

Tennessee State Florist Convention Entry Way Design

This is the show-stopping design that greeted you as you walked through the doors of the convention. I can’t even describe to you how big those lilies were, and the bells of Ireland looked as if they were waving “hello” to newcomers, inviting them to join the fun!

Christmas Trends At The Tennessee State Florist Convention

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Marketing Ideas From The Top At Tennessee State Florists Convention

At the Tennessee State Florist Convention, FSN had the great chance to interview two great marketers in the floral industry, Rick Rivers and Ryan Freeman. They give us ideas on how to expand our ‘ponds’ or online customer base. Also ideas on promoting your shop both on and offline.

Rick encourages florists to build a pond around their customer pool and keep those customers for yourself. You can’t let your competitors fish your pond out! To build this pond, florists can use a multitude of service platforms like social networks, reminder services, great customer service, and staying in touch all year long.

Ryan recommends having your own website, and promote this through other platforms. You can’t put all of your resources into a third party site, like Facebook, because you never know how things are going to change. Use services on and offline to promote your website.

FSN’s Photos From Tennessee State Florists Convention

We had a FABULOUS time at the Tennessee State Florists Convention. We met some great people, got some good interviews, and LOTS of amazing photos. Check them out!!

More from the Tennessee State Florists Convention:

The Masquerade Begins — FSN at the Tennessee State Florists Convention

Interview With Anita Ausenbaugh the Regional Director – Tennessee Florists Association

Photos from the Tennessee State Florists Convention: [Read more…]

Interview With Anita Ausenbaugh the Regional Director – Tennessee Florists Association

Flower Shop Network sat down with Anita Ausenbaugh, the regional director of the Tennessee Florists Association at the 2010 TNSFA’s annual convention in Nashville, TN.

Anita talks about working in her flower shop for 19 years, working with the Tennessee Florists Association, the fun at the convention and more!

This post is brought to you by local Antioch, TN florists.