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4 Classic Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Pumpkin patches, the smell of freshly baked goods, fall leaves covering the yard and cooler air are all signs that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a time to remind us of the ways we are fortunate. We gather with our friends and family members to enjoy each other’s company and delight in sharing a meal. As we spend time together and remember our roots, it’s a time to be grateful. 

Refine the Mind states it this way, “We need often to reflect fondly upon the women and men who have died for our freedom, the loved ones who have sacrificed for our opportunity, the people we’re lucky to call our friends, and the qualities and quirks that make each of us, well, us.”

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History of the Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a cultural icon used in decorative flower arrangements around Thanksgiving. This holiday staple is more than just a classic centerpiece. Keep reading to take a glimpse into the past and see why this unique item has become a symbol of our thankfulness in America.

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7 Jaw-Dropping Thanksgiving Tablescapes

2342301_AFami  A Family Fram ThanksgivingPhoto courtesy: Southern Living

Yes, your Thanksgiving table CAN look like that!

With an abundance of warm hues and rich textures, autumn provides endless design opportunities. This Thanksgiving see how your local florist can transform your dining room table and impress your guests! Here are seven stunning tablescapes that showcase the elements of the season and bring a sophisticated style to the home.

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Your Last Chance For Thanksgiving Flowers!

Thanksgiving is Thursday, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get gorgeous flowers for decoration or gifts!

Fall Flower GalaEarth's AbundanceAll Hail to Fall

Floral Decoration

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving Day feast for family and friends, there’s still time to contact your local florist for the absolute best decoration available. What better to put your family in the holiday mood than beautiful floral arrangements in fall colors and themes?

And there’s no end to the fabulousness you’ll find waiting for you. From wreaths to cornucopias to impressive main table centerpieces and accent pieces, there’s something wonderful waiting to beautify every surface in your home.

Canyon SunsetDelightFallOrange Unique

Gift of Thanks

But flowers aren’t just for the host to provide. Even those attending the feast can bring a fantastic floral creation as your very own gift of thanks. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to open the door to family and friends bearing elegant florals?

Bursting with GleeOrange Opulence.Cascading Splendor

Local Flexibility

So how do you get all these wonderful floral goodies? By buying local, of course! Your local florist is working hard right now to make someone’s Thanksgiving holiday both beautiful and memorable. Shouldn’t she be working on yours too?

Time is tight as the holiday is just a couple days away, but go by your local flower shop and you’re sure to find something gorgeous sitting in the cooler. And there’s even a chance they’ll have time to make something special, just for you.

If you want the best decoration money can buy, contact your local florist today!

Give Thanks with Flowers

Flowers not only make for amazing decoration, they are also a fantastic way to say thank you. And what else is Thanksgiving Day for if not the giving of thanks to those who’ve helped make our lives better throughout the year? This year, give thanks with the beauty of flowers!

Bursting with Glee Orange Opulence.Cascading Splendor

A Variety of Styles

There are floral arrangement possibilities beyond the traditional bouquet, though there’s nothing wrong with an elegant collection of breathtaking flowers gathered in a vase. After all, it became a tradition for a reason. But that’s not all you’ll find when you walk into your corner flower shop. You’ll see a world of creativity and wonder that has been designed and created by your own local flower artists.

Keeping It Local

Local florists mean face-to-face interaction and the opportunity to buy exactly what you want. This personal touch gives you the freedom to personalize your arrangement, affording you the opportunity to truly be specific to the person you choose. And you’ll never find the same quality, care and attention you get at the corner flower shop anywhere else.

Another great reason to use a local florist? It keeps money in the local economy and helps to ensure they’ll be there the next time you need them!

This Thanksgiving Day, if you want to say thank you in the most beautiful way possible, say thank you with flowers.

The Key To A Floral Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you want your home to look as your family sits down for the Thanksgiving feast. Do you want them to be surrounded by gorgeous fall colors and decorative foliage? Do you want an impressive centerpiece for your table? How about a fall-themed wreath for the door?

All of this and so much more is available when you shop at your local florist!

Sunflower SensationEarth's AbundanceThanksgiving Tradition

Surround Yourself with Floral Beauty

Florists offer everything you need to make your home a decorative testament to fall. They have flowers and foliage in reds, oranges, yellows and browns that will help your home reflect the theme of the season and the holiday. From beautiful centerpieces worthy of any spread to amazing accent pieces, you can get any or all of it exactly when you need it.

There’s no end to the beauty you can have on display, and all it takes is a visit to your local flower shop!

Fall Flower GalaEnjoy FallAll Hail to Fall

Don’t Forget the Gift

And if you aren’t holding the feast at your own home, your local florist still has you covered with the perfect host/hostess gift. Who wouldn’t love a gorgeous fall wreath or accent arrangement? They can do most any size wreath you like within reason, and if the theme is less than traditional, they can do them in any color as well.

When you want the best decoration for your Thanksgiving Day feast, contact your local florist!


Make It A Floral Thanksgiving, Canada!

If you’re in Canada or have family there, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It falls on the second Monday in October, and this year that means October 13th, mere days away! Are you looking for the perfect decoration for your feast or maybe for a gift for your host/hostess? Look no further than flowers!

Autumn AdventureEarth's AbundanceLeaves of Autumn

The Perfect Gift

When you arrive at Thanksgiving dinner, you have to bring a gift. But what do you give? Flowers are always the right answer. When you give the gift of flowers, you are giving your hostess a beautiful decoration that she can use immediately. And the options are limitless!

Your local florist can make anything you like in whatever color you want it, given enough time. Think a wreath would be your best option? You can get almost any size you might need in a multitude of styles. Are you just looking for a holiday-themed arrangement that will fit into any Thanksgiving decor? Your local florist can put together something impressive. Don’t be the one who comes to Thanksgiving dinner empty handed, bring flowers!

Decoration Worthy of the Day

Thanksgiving is, at its core, a harvest festival. And what better way to celebrate the harvest than a bouquet of natural beauty? Flowers can be put in an exquisite arrangement for the center of your table or used as accent pieces for any room in your home. They are the perfect decoration because they can be customized in any way you see fit!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. It’s full of food, fun, friends, family … and flowers!

10 Funny and Heartwarming Thanksgiving Card Messages

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

That’s right, this is the week we’ve all been waiting for. We get to gather together with family and friends, enjoy some quality fellowship and of course eat lots of scrumptious goodies! Since the holiday is later this week, I know you’ve already contacted your local florist and gotten your order in for those Thanksgiving arrangements, right? Right?

Thanksgiving Feast Orange Unique

Hmm … you’re lack of response is disturbing. Well, no worries. If you haven’t, there’s still time. Just click here to enter your zip code, find your local florist and start ordering! And since you’re going to need to add a card to that order, I thought I might offer up 10 funny and heartwarming Thanksgiving card messages.

Thanksgiving Card Messages

  1. Here’s hoping you have a better day than the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Forever thankful for your love and friendship.
  3. I love you more than cranberry sauce!
  4. You have my thanks every day, but today you also get flowers!
  5. You’re sweeter than my Aunt Myrtle’s pumpkin pie!
  6. Grateful to have you in my life this Thanksgiving Day.
  7. Your stomach may be full, but here’s a feast for your eyes!
  8. You’ve been cooking all week, but don’t be confused. This flower is not for baking.
  9. A heartfelt “Thank You” to you and yours this Thanksgiving Day.
  10. A little fall beauty to add to your bountiful feast.

Can you think of some funny or heartwarming card messages? Add them to the comments below! Have an amazing Thanksgiving!!

Spice Up Dinner; Add A Dash of Fall Flowers!

Thanksgiving Cornucopia - Holiday DecorThere’s something about November that makes us think about delicious food.. oh yah! Thanksgiving! The pecan pie, turkey, dressing, cranberries, casseroles.. it’s all so good and brings families so close together. Most of us have at least one favorite memory of Thanksgiving with the family. Maybe it’s the first time you didn’t have to sit at the ‘kids table’ or the unbeatable taste of your great aunt’s pumpkin pie?

This Thanksgiving, create new special memories for your family in your own home. Of course, the food has to be delectable, but great fall decor has a way of making lasting impressions.

Add A Dash of Fall Flowers

Imagine your Thanksgiving table adorned with a lush fall cornucopia filled with cheery sunflowers, feathers, mums and tiny gourds. Your local florist can also create arrangements inside pumpkins and other fall veggies. Imagine your families’ faces as they enter the fall wonderland you’ve created. Create garland from colorful, fall leaves to string up over your mantel. There are so many fall options for decorations. Call your local florist today to get started on your Thanksgiving extravaganza!

Thanksgiving Flowers – A Style For Everyone

An easy way to take your Thanksgiving decor to the next level is by incorporating harvest-themed flowers. The colors, fragrances, and beauty of the flowers can make any buffet table look like it was composed by Ms. Martha Stewart herself. Let’s take a look at the different styles available; try to imagine each of these on your holiday table.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia - Holiday Decor

The Cornucopia – Holiday Decor

How gorgeous is this beautiful cornucopia design above? Wouldn’t you love it adorning your holiday buffet table, or even as a centerpiece? It’s rustic fall leaves mixed with deep red flowers and orange mums are enough to dazzle any Thanksgiving guest.

The cornucopia (or horn of plenty) has an incredibly interesting history itself, dating back long before our current Thanksgiving holiday. The word ‘cornucopia’ actually dates back to the 5th century BC. It derives from two Latin words: “cornu,” meaning horn (as in the name of that one-horned creature, the “unicorn”) and “copia,” meaning plenty (a relative of such words as “copious” and “copy”). Read all about the history of the cornucopia (horn of plenty).

More Examples of Cornucopias:

 "Nature's Bounty" Cornucopia  "Harvest Horn of Plenty" Cornucopia  Bountiful Cornucopia


Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The Thanksgiving Centerpiece

You cannot go wrong with a beautifully designed centerpiece featuring flowers in all the colors of fall. A true feast is just not complete without the adornment of a beautiful, fall-colored centerpiece. [Read more…]