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Is My Anthurium an Indoor or Outdoor Plant?

Ask the Plant Expert:

Is my plant an in door plant or outdoor plant? Anthedesia Fresh. It is an anthurium with red stamens, big green leaves and it’s roots are over a foot long. I have just re-potted it, but it will need an extremely large pot soon if it is not an out door plant. It was a present and I have not seen one before. I don’t have a photo of it. I just hope you can help me. -Margaret

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Anthurium ArrangementFlower Shop Network has a blog post about the care of Anthurium which is the genus for Antheedesia. Reading Proper Care For an Anthurium Flower should answer many questions about this plant.

As for whether it can grow as an outdoor plant in your area, I am not sure.  It depends where in the United Kingdom you live. Anthuirum are tropical by nature, and can not be exposed to temperatures below  -1.1° Celsius (30° Fahrenheit) and they would really prefer temperatures no lower than 4.4° C  and 40°  F.

Hope this helps!

What Is This Sick Office Plant?

BromeliadAsk The Plant Expert: I got this plant as a gift at work. The only reason it was gifted to me is because I would ask about it and care for it. I brought it home half way dead, and now it’s grown and has two little babies right next to it in the same pot. The purple blossom is the only thing not getting better :( It’s very hard, and does not get its true purple color back.

Please help me identify it so I could care for it better. After its fully healed, I will remove the two little babies and put them in their own pots.

Best Regards,

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: It appears that you have a Bromeliad – Aechmea Fasciata Primera. The bloom is on the decline, and will eventually die.  Our tropical Bromeliad page will have care instruction to help you revive the plant.

What Is This Spikey Red Flower?

Ask the Plant Expert: What’s the name of this plant? Can it be fed to animals? What’s the nutrient content of this plant?

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Kester, this question was a bit tricky, so a friend of mine, Rick Pudwell at the Memphis Botanical Garden was able to help me identify the plant. Here is his reply:

The plant is Pachystachys coccinea, Cardinal guard. A native of the West Indies and Northern South America. It is a small shrub, probably 5 to 6 feet in the Acanthaceae family which makes it a relative of Shrimp plant, Thunbergia, Ruellia, Stobilanthes and similar plants which are often cultivated as ornamental tropical plants in the United States. I would not think it to be toxic to animals, but can find no literature that would give nutritional value as it is not considered of as a food plant.

We hope this helps, Kester!

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Using FSN Pictures To Identify Houseplants or Tropical Plants

Blooming Plant OrchidAsk the Expert: where can I find pictures of house/tropical plants.

I have several plants and I want to take care of them properly. Robin

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

A good starting place to identify blooming, tropical and houseplants is in the Flower Shop Network’s plant gallery.  The plant gallery page has several different kinds of plants including a photo of each.If you click on the picture of the plant, it takes you to a page specifically dedicated to information about the plant.

Most plant pages contain water, light and fertilizer requirements for that specific plant. It may also contain information about pests and disease, as well as interesting facts. You can also find a florist near you and purchase the plant.

If your plant isn’t in our plant gallery, send us a picture and one of our plant experts will do their best to identify your plant and give you care instructions.

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Interesting Tropical Plants or Unidentified Weeds

Ask the Expert: can someone identify these?

i need to find information on these plants no one at the park could tell me so i thought you guys could! ive seen them around but people just identify them as tropicals Jess

Unidentifiable Plant number 1 Unidentified Plant Number 2

Unidentified Plant Number 3 Unidentified Plant Number 4


Just off the top of my head I would say:

plant 1 is some kind of Dieffenbachia

plant 2 is some kind of Dracaena

plant 3 is some kind of Rhapis – miniature fan plam

plant 4 is some kind of spathipyllum

Are these plants in an atrium setting – they don’t seem to be in a natural planting which is making the identification a little difficult.  Depending on the situation, my identification of each plant could change.