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Flower Spotlight: Tulips

Tulips are so unique because they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and flower forms. These flowers range from early, mid, to late season blooms so you can enjoy their beauty from March to May. Here are some fun facts and a brief history about this elegant bloom.

Origins & Symbolism
The tulip is a member of the lily family which is made up of 100 species. Tulips grow over a great territory in Asia Minor through Siberia to China. Turkish growers first cultivated tulips around 1,000 A.D. Tulips symbolize imagination, fame, and perfect love.

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Flower Spotlight: Tulip

Tulips are the third most popular flower in the world! They are beautiful and sure to bring on the happy! Here is a brief history of this astonishing bloom.

Origin and Symbolism

Tulips originated in Turkey and Persia many centuries ago. The popularity of this flower grew very quickly, especially in the Netherlands. Back in the 17th century, a phenomenon called “tulip mania” took place where tulips were traded in the stock market and sold at incredibly high prices. Dutchmen left their jobs to become tulip growers but suddenly the market collapsed and many investors were left penniless.

Tulips symbolize imagination, dreaminess, a perfect lover and a declaration of love. Legend has it that a Persian boy fell in love with a maiden. One day, Farhand (the Persian boy) found out that Shirin (the maiden) had been killed. He was so heartbroken that he decided to get on his favorite horse and jumped off a cliff to his death. Each drop of blood became a tulip, a symbol of his perfect love.

To Consider

Tulips can be planted in fall since they do require a period of cold before flowering. They grow better in places with cold springs and dry summers. Some parts of the flower are edible, but avoid eating if they have been treated with chemicals. They have “a mild bean-like taste, to a lettuce-like taste, to no taste at all.” Some tulips have a sweet scent and different varieties grow from a couple of inches to over two feet tall.

The ASPCA says tulips are toxic to dogs, cats and horses.


There are over 3,000 registered varieties of tulips. They come in many different shades, but the most popular color is red. Tulips make beautiful hand-tied bouquets for brides but can also be given in a vase for display. The flower has a vase life of 7-10 days.

This flower is really one of the most popular and beautiful of blooms. Head to your local florist and surprise a loved one with a stunning tulip bouquet today!

Tiptoe Through Tulips This April

April Tulips

April already? The weather is just turning warm and the urge to get outside in the fresh air is becoming too strong to resist. The Latin name Aprilis is considered to come from the verb aperire meaning, “to open,” in allusion to its being the season when trees and flowers begin to “open.”

After a chilly winter with bare trees and the absence of flowers, it’s easy to see why spring is many people’s most favorite season. Tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinths and all other flowers of spring are poking their brightly colored heads out for all to see. (April is also National Gardening Month.)

If you’re still waiting on your flowers to awaken from their winter slumber, why not order a bouquet of fresh spring flowers for your home? No need to wait for April’s showers to bring flowers in May with the help of your local florist. The Tip Top Tulip bouquet above is just one example of the many beautiful options for sending spring flowers.

Know someone who is unable to get out and see the emerging flowers themselves? Flowers are a great little pick-me-up that are sure to help anyone feel the joy of spring.

If you’re planning to send flowers for spring, always always always use a real local florist when sending.

Cold Lips? – Send Tulips and Feel the Heat!

Cold Lips? Send Tulips and Feel the Heat!

Burrrrr!! It’s pretty shivery outside. Everyone is bundled up in thick, winter coats, layers upon layers of heavy clothes and all thoughts set on shopping; it’s easy to let romance slip our minds.

While holiday distractions abound, send your sweetie a special surprise of tulips that radiates romance! The delicately beautiful blooms of tulips will make her heart melt. Going the extra mile to send surprise winter flowers just because is one of the most romantic gestures you could do. Most of us are busy bees, planning, wrapping and decorating; it’s important to take a time out and rekindle the flames of love.

Pucker Up For Tulips:

Send Snow Tulips  Red Christmas Tulips

These are just a couple of tulip options, your local florist will have even more romantic flower ideas!
Tulips aren’t the only flower to get her fired up, send her favorite flowers for optimal potential!

Remember to always send from your local florist!

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FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For February

Pink Tulips For Your Valentine

Kissable Tulips is our hands-down favorite flower arrangement for February. It’s fun and fresh style makes it a perfect choice to send to your Valentine. I know what you’re thinking, tulips for Valentine’s Day?? Yes! Everyone gets roses for Valentines Day, why not mix it up this year and send something a little more unique. Kissable Tulips arrangement will suffice until your lips meet hers again.
Because the Kissable Tulips arrangement is a lot less traditional, it makes the perfect arrangement to send to anyone of your many Valentines. Have one sent to your mom or even to your kid at school. Everyone loves this playful and fun Valentines Day flower arrangement.

Whomever your recipient, use a local florist to send your Valentine’s Day flowers. You will get the best quality and service, and feel good for helping your community. When using Flower Shop Network, you can guarantee you are dealing with a real, local florist.

Flowers used in this arrangement: tulips and white wax flowers

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Let Tulips Suffice Until Your Lips Can Touch Hers!

Pink Tulips For Long Distance Relationship Gift

Missing your honey? It’s always tough to be apart, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship. These days, more and more people are meeting online, and connecting in new ways: video chat, text messaging, instant messenger, Facebook, SecondLife, the list goes on and on. Even with all of that, nothing beats a tangible show of love and affection.

So, how do you spice up a long distance relationship?

That’s easy! Do something completely romantic to show your long-distance-sweetie they are constantly on your mind. No one makes it easier than a local florist! Easily have flowers delivered to your sweetheart at their home or even at the office. Flowers never fail to bring romance and happiness to whomever receives them. Send the above bouquet, Kissable Tulips, across the long distance, with a message that reads:

“Let These Tulips Suffice Until My Lips Can Touch Yours…”

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers, and your beloved will be overjoyed. Even though you can’t be there physically, it’s always good to remind her of your presence. If you are coming in for a visit, send flowers a week before so she can think of you every day in anticipation.

What’s the best way to send flowers in a long distance relationship?

When sending flowers, it’s always better to send from a real local florist, but whatever you do, don’t send cheap flowers that come in a box. No girl want’s to receive flowers and have to assemble them herself! The best way to send flowers is to use Flower Shop Network’s directory that connects you to a real florist in your sweetie’s town or city.

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Flower of the Month: Tulips

Information About Tulips


Scientific name: Tulipa

Use: Flower

Type: Bulbous Perennials

Height: 4-27″‘

Astrological Flower: Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 9)


Planting Zones: 4-6, adaptable to 7-8, and 9-10 grown as anuals

Soil Requirements: Sandy soil is best for tulips  to increase and flower in later years. Good drainage is essential. For best results plant bulbs in October or November.


Stem: 8-32″

Blossom Size: 2-5″

Texture: Satin

Silhouette: Solid/ Cup

Vase Life: 3-7 Days, keep growing in vase

Colors: Single, Mixed, or Variegated. Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Yellows/Greens, Red/Purples, Purples, Whites/Ivories, Pinks

Bloom Season: Spring

Flowers Available: Year Round

No flower can claim as interesting of a history as the tulip. Did you know it was the worlds most coveted flower … twice? That’s right! Before Holland’s Tulipmainia they were the crown jewel of the Ottoman Empire. They even hold the record for the most expensive single flower in history.

The characteristics of the tulip are unmatched; beautiful, and completely unique – it’s no wonder so many places around the world dedicate festivals and events to them, even now.


Although we think of Holland when we hear tulips, the craze really started with the late Ottoman Empire. To them it was a sign of indulgence and was very popular among court society. This time in Ottoman History is known as the Tulip Period. Everything they did was influenced by the tulip: lavish art, architecture, even the standards of dress incorporated the tulip somehow. Markets in Istanbul overflowed with tulips – not just the plant, but silks, sculptures, textiles – everything was tulips!

The tulip craze spread quickly to Europe where the Dutch really took it to a new level.

The Ambassador to Turkey gave a collection of bulbs to  Flemish Botanist Charles Clusius who was the first European to cultivate the plant. The craze began almost instantly. A flower that could actually withstand the harsh winters and dry summers, it seemed perfect. Clusius’ personal garden was robbed and over 100 bulbs were stolen.

Most Expensive Flower - EverPrices of tulip bulbs skyrocketed! From seeds tulips can take 7-12 years to bloom, you needed a bulb. The demand for these bulbs was unheard of. In 1635, just 40 bulbs sold for 100,000 florins. A skilled laborer of that time only made 150 florins a year! And if you still need more proof these prices were outrageous, 1 florin today would be over $16 in U.S. dollars.

It’s no wonder everyone was trying to get in on this get-rich-quick phase. Everyone was trying to breed their own unique version that would be the next big hit.

The most expensive tulip ever to exist was the Semper Augustus. It’s rare variegated pattern was too good to be true. The unique stripes on the petals were actually caused by a serious disease known as “Tulip Breaking Virus.” Tulips with this virus were actually more expensive than ever!

In 1637, the high demand abruptly came to a stop  and the short-lived ‘mania’ quickly ended as the market fell into shambles.

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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Thought I would share some flower pictures from the 2009 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The Tulip Festival is held each year in Mount Vernon, Washington and features somewhere between 400 to 700 acres of planted Tulip bulbs and other fresh flowers. If you are a Tulip lover, this is a must-attend event – you truly must be there to appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

Use this link to find out more about the Tulip Festival.

Enjoy the gallery.

Pink Tulip Field

Pink Tulip Field

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Did You Know That There Are Zodiac Flowers For Aries?

If you caught last year’s blog about Aries zodiac flowers, this will be a great reminder. If you missed that post, you’re in for a real treat!

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

Zodiac or astrological flowers are usually sent to someone with a birthday that falls under a particular zodiac sign. These are not flowers that florists stand over like shamans. They have no tom foolery attached. They simply represent the same general qualities that people possess who are born within that time frame. For April, these flowers are tulips, red roses, and amaryllis.

I’m sure you’re wondering (as I did at first) what tulips, red roses, and amaryllis have to do with the Aries zodiac sign. There are a few qualities that Aries are said to possess that can easily be seen in these flowers. For example, Aries are generally innovative people full of ideas and energy. They put the “get up and go” in most situations. This makes sense since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Aries tend to be daring, impulsive, desire first place or the most attention and want to work without restriction. Here’s what their astrological flowers have in common:

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

Tulips: Tulips are the perfect zodiac flowers for Aries because they are beautiful, full of charm, and are second to none in many arrangements. They stand out above the crowd with a stunning simplicity that can’t be matched.

Red Roses: Ah, the truest signs of romance. Red roses arrangements are sent for many occasions. Whatever that event may be, it’s almost always the sight of the red roses that gets the night up and running. They conjure up visions of romantic events. They’re the dreamer’s flower. They’re also great for many different occasions which goes hand in hand with the Aries tendency to start many projects.

Amaryllis: Absolutely gorgeous amaryllis are a fiery flower that couldn’t be more perfectly placed with another zodiac sign. Aries is the god of war, i.e. a very fiery character that lives in the moment with a fierce intensity. People falling under the Aries sign are said to have these characteristics, however sublimated. For the fiery Aries in your life, there is no better addition to a birthday flower arrangement than amaryllis.

Handy Tips For Fresh Cut Spring Flowers

Yesterday when I went home for lunch to check on my 10month old puppy, I notice several things popping up in my garden. The daffodils were in full bloom and the tulips were making their way out of the soil. So many times on the Bloomin’ Blog, we talk about what to do with flowers we receive from a florist. These flowers come prepared and the only thing that needs to be done is to figure out where to place them. Of course, you have to refresh the water and occasionally re-cut them. Mostly, you just sit back and enjoy them.

But, what if you want to cut flowers from your garden and bring them inside. Just like a florist, you will need to prepare your flowers to ensure that they last. A few weeks back, I read a blog post over on Florists Blog by Frank Sarno of Cricket’s Flowers in Lexington MA that detailed the very steps needed to ensure that the spring flowers brought in from the garden would last.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, I asked Frank (who is one of our Lexington Ma Florist members) if I could republish his handy tips.

So, take a look at the information Frank provided. I think it will be very helpful.

How do you care for fresh cut spring flowers?

Let Cricket’s Flowers show you to create wonderful flowers, that last.

Like most flowers, stems of spring bulb flowers should be cut on an angle to increase surface area. It is best to try and cutting stems under water to prevent air bubbles from forming in the stems. Trim about 1 inch of each stem every few days,this will help to make sure the flowers receive enough water.

Use floral preservative each time you change your water. Clean, fresh water is the most important thing you can do to keep cut flowers looking fresh. If you are out of floral preservative try using one part sprite ( or similar, clear colored soda) to 3 parts of water 2 tablespoons lemon or orange juice, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/4 teaspoon bleach to 1 quart of water . This will give you the sugar, citric acid and bleach that will help keep the flowers fresh and free of bacteria.

Spring flowers are sensitive to ethylene, so keep fruits and vegetables away from any flowers you may have displayed on your kitchen counter or table.

Daffodils: When cut the stems secrete sap. They are best used in a vase with all daffodils so that the sap will not clog the stems of the other types of flowers arranged with it. Or if you want to mike then with other spring flowers it is best to keep them separate for several hours, then rinse their stems and change the water in the vase.

Freesia: Removing older flowers on freesia stems this will help to open the closed buds. Hyacinth: The stems should show white on the ends, which you can trim off. Hyacinth stems will grow, and continue to open after they are cut.

Lily: Always remove the pollen from lily blooms. To avoid staining the petals with pollen, remove anthers when the bloom is just starting to open before the pollen is fully developed and dry.

Tulips: stems continue to grow for about a day, and can grow up to another inch and their blooms will open in daylight and close up when placed in the dark. Place tulips in even light or rotate them every other day for even growing.

Cricket’s Flowers

Thanks, Frank. I didn’t think about rotating my tulips. I’m going to try that when mine are ready to cut.