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Twitter For Florists


Businesses all social media platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, each one carries a different audience that can become a potential customer. Twitter, being one of the top social media platforms, is one that has many florists confused at how to exactly use in their marketing strategy. Here are some ways to make it work for your business.

Twitter+ You

What makes Twitter so interesting is its constant stream of news and posts that are constantly updated throughout the day. While you may post on your Facebook page about three times a week, on Twitter you can post several times a day. Not just that, you can re-post easily from customers, fellow florists, and others you follow–which grows your viewership.

Twit Pics

Pictures are definitely on the forefront of social media. With Twitter, any picture you post definitely stands out amongst the statuses and links in a feed. This can definitely be paired up with your Instagram strategy too!


Thinking of quick specials? Do a flower power hour where you offer a special discount for only 3 hours (or more!). Just have customers retweet your post and they get to use the discount!

Don’t hesitate to use different social media platforms to get your business’ name out there! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great marketing ideas!

Twitter Talk With Savvy Florists

After watching the Best Practices in Social Media discussion from SAF’s Growth Solution’s Conference, I realized how few florists are actually using Twitter, but also how many have complete misconceptions of what Twitter really is. (I would also like to add that, here at FSN, we’re really good at this kinda stuff, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Use the comments on our blog, or ask on our Facebook Page)

So, Just What Is Twitter?

A lot of people think Twitter is silly, and only for kids, CNN and people tweeting about going to the bathroom — this couldn’t be more wrong!

Let me walk you through how a person typically uses Twitter.

First of all, most Twitter users don’t even visit the website Twitter.com. Instead, they use some sort of desktop application to get their Twitter updates. That means, while they’re working at their computers, their Twitter feed is popping up on their screen without doing anything.

Before you say, why would anyone want that? Just think of the possibilities.
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Easy Twitter For Busy Florists

Facebook, Youtube, and TWITTER?! How can we keep up?

It’s true, social media is a big commitment, but the results are remarkable for social florists! Staying in close touch with your customer base is essential in our very visual business. Adding social media to your routine makes it much easier and faster to get things done. A smartphone is a good idea to add to your mix because it allows you to be social anywhere, anytime!

Twitter is a useful tool for your business, and I’m going to show you the easy ways to making it work for you!

Twitter + Facebook = Harmony

Combining Facebook and TwitterFirst DO THIS, make Twitter easy, make it automatic!

You update your Facebook often, why not have those feed into your Twitter? When you update a status, add photos or share a link, it will automatically send these updates to your Twitter followers — it’s that easy! This way, you have a presence on Twitter, but are not spending any more time than normal.
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The FSN Halloween Twitter Contest Winner is Vicky Carlson!

The Blood Red Roses Vicky Received

The Blood Red Roses Vicky Received

Congratulations to Vicky Carlson ( @t42vek20 ) for winning blood red roses in the Flower Shop Network Halloween Twitter contest. We’re so excited for Vicky and thankful for all of her wonderful tweets!

Guess who’s providing the roses? One of our awesome Shreveport LA florists, Special Occasion Flowers, will be delivering a bouquet of blood red roses to Vicky to kick start her Halloween celebration. Flower Shop Network would like to thank all who tweeted, retweeted, and followed us for this inaugural FSN Twitter contest.

Special thanks to the following:

@HorrorQueen 13
@Vampire Pulse
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