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Flower Trends: Equisetum, Oh The Possibilities!

Equisetum, Oh The Possibilities!

One of my favorite filler flower trends right now has to be Equisetum. Florists everywhere are using it in the most CREATIVE ways! Equisetum hyemale, also know as horsetial, is a bamboo-like fern. Because it stands so straight, it is ideal for geometric floral designs.

Check out how these florists are using Equisetum in their floral designs:

Geometric Floral Design

Geometric Floral Design

This florist used Equisetum not only for the base of her design, but as a unique linear accent.

Equisetum Bouquet

Equisetum Bouquet

This wedding bouquet is all about angles only possible with Equisetum.

Curled Equisetum Flower Arrangement

This florist used Equisetum in a completely different way. With the help of wire, she curled the stiff foliage artfully around the base of her design.

Contact your local florist and ask for an Equisetum flower arrangement today! Because of the strong use of line, Equisetum designs are great for sending men flowers.

This post is brought to you by local Beaverton, Oregon florists.
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Recent Gallery Trip Proves Flowers Unite People

In a modern world, there are few things that unite both generations and the sexes. Books abound on the differences between men and women, and generational gaps lead to misconceptions from both the young and old about each other. A recent exhibition hosted at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in Memphis, Tennessee, Anything but Clear: The Studio Glass Movement, 1979-2009, proved that art and flowers unite people, and perhaps if we all took a little more time out of our stressful routines, we’d find greater perception waiting to “bloom.”

Participants in this well known biennial show not only exhibited their creations, they also competed against fellow floral arrangers and master gardeners for coveted prizes. Competitors displayed their prize winning clippings and plants from their personal collections in one room. Ribbons were proudly displayed by the winning plants, and horticulturalists of all ages and experience milled around discussing techniques, tricks of the trade, and lamenting the familiar plight of the gardener against unwanted insects. The scent of flowers wafted through the museum, and one could imagine [Read more…]

Flowers Don’t Just Smell Delicious In Mount Vernon WA

Pancake Flowers by The Enchanted Florist

Pancake Flowers by The Enchanted Florist

In case you haven’t met her, there’s a real sweetheart in Mount Vernon, Washington who is the creative face behind The Enchanted Florist.

When asked to do an anniversary arrangement for the local IHOP restaurant, Lori Manduchi (the sweetheart) created this unique pancakes flower arrangement as a special treat.

Lori recently shared these photos on the FSN Facebook page. Of course, everyone at Flower Shop Network was SO impressed that I had to ask the story behind them.

As explained by Lori of The Enchanted Florist, a flower shop in Mount Vernon Washington:

Just a customer who knew that we liked to do oddball things and was willing to pay the extra delivery charge to get it there. I did mention that the IHOP was about 20 miles away from us.
The pancake part was easy, copper cushion mums with a dusting of matte white design master to give them a toasted look.
The syrup took a lot longer but after trying out lots of different kinds of media from elmers glue to polyurethane, we settled on the tinted modpodge that we had puddled onto wax paper and left to dry. It stayed flexible enough so that we could drape it over the pancakes and and onto the plate.

We stay pretty busy with the day to day of birthdays, new babies, sympathy etc. It’s so much fun when we get an order for something that really makes us stop and think “Now how in the world am I going to do that?” It keeps us from falling into a floral rut.

Have a great day.

Unique Pancake Anniversary Flowers

Unique Pancake Anniversary Flowers

I knew it. You can ALWAYS count on florists to come through with something creative and fun. Be it a unique anniversary arrangement like Lori’s pancake flowers or a spiffy Jeep flower arrangement for a birthday, florists always come through in a pinch with something beautiful and special.

Thanks so much to Lori and everyone at The Enchanted Florist for sharing this delicious-looking arrangement with us!

To see what unique flower arrangements your local florist can create, call them up for your next fun occasion and watch what amazing flowers you receive.

Ever Seen A Jeep Themed Flower Arrangement?

Just a little Jeep love from Wakulla Florist to brighten your day.

Perfect Jeep Flower Arrangement

Perfect Jeep Flower Arrangement

My family STILL teases me for my incessant love of Jeeps. Because I’m so infatuated, I wanted to share this Jeep themed flower arrangement with you. I’ll admit it. I swooned. I practically salivated over it. Seriously, I love Jeeps and flowers that much. To see them combined? Well, that was heavenly.

Here’s the story from the Crawfordville FL florist who created the arrangement, Wakulla Florist. It’s for all of the gals out there like me who love the off-roading lifestyle of a Jeep and the boys who love the girls like us. This is the story straight from the designer, Kristi Sanders.

Hi Brynn! Thanks for the swooning. We absolutely have the most creative and wonderful customers out there. This customer wanted to surprise his wife on her birthday in a big way. It’s always been her “birthday dream” to get flowers and a Jeep. He gave us total control over the design as long as we focused on the Jeep. We delivered to her office and on the card he made it sound like that was all she was getting and that her “dream” had come true. To her surprise, she had a brand new Jeep waiting for her at home! It’s nice to see that our flowers played such an important role in his big surprise.

The story is just as interesting as the arrangement. Such trickery, a little teasing, a little subterfuge. What Jeep-loving gal wouldn’t love that?

Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers – A Winning Combination

Don’t Just Pick The Flowers! Use The Whole Garden!

Lemons & Flowers From Belvedere FlowersLooking for a unique way to add interest to a flower arrangements? Take a hint from Mother Nature by utilizing everything that grows in the garden to create unique and fun arrangements. Gardens contain a multitude of wonderful flowers as well as fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes we forget how noteworthy fruit and vegetables can be used as decorations, or as gifts in the form of  “floral arrangements”.  By marrying the items found in gardens with fresh cut flowers, you can create unique and fabulous designs. For example, try something as simple as roses and statice with green grapes draping over a container. The mixture of the roses with the grapes is less formal, but conveys a bit of garden whimsy.

What I enjoy about adding fruits or vegetables to flower designs is the ability to blend different textures, colors and smells into my table centerpieces.  I recently had a dinner party and was serving  Mexican food, lots of spicy Mexican food.  My florist designed a centerpiece using bright red cayenne chili peppers along with red roses, grapes and red apples.  The peppers, grapes and apples made the arrangement pop from the table.  Everyone commented on the wonderful idea of incorporating fruits and vegetables.

Taking  A Cue From The Farmers Market

Flower Arrangement with KaleOpen yourself up to new ideas and creations by thinking outside the standard florist cooler. Browse your local fruit stands or grocery centers for unconventional ideas to use in arrangements.  Fall is a great time to experiment with gourds.  Try using small gourds, both round and elongated styles, with oranges in a clear tall vase to hold fresh flowers.  You won’t need floral foam because your gourds and oranges do the trick.

Another fantastic garden option is kale, which comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The colorful ones are often referred to as flowering kale. All flowering kales are edible like the garden varieties, making it a superb item for use in fruit and flower arrangements.

Imagine joining a bright, white-colored flowering kale with the deep green of  broccoli florets and bright orange baby carrots all in an edible arrangement. This is a great way to treat your Mother on Mothers day with an edible gift you both can share.

Edible Flower Arrangements

Most of us have seen edible flowers, such as pansies used as wedding cakes decorations. In fact, edible flowers have been used in the catering industry for a very long time.  Just like fruits and vegetables, edible flowers can be used to add a special touch of beauty or uniqueness.

More and more florists are using veggies and fruits to spice up their arrangements and to add texture as well. Vegetables and fruits are becoming more common in floral designs. Often you see fruits and vegetables used in silk flower arrangements because the colors and textures work well with different types of flora.  The use of fresh fruits and vegetables is growing more common. Fresh fruit and vegetables offer you a wide variety to draw from for inspiration and work your creative magic.

Sure you can eat them…But mostly they are for admiring.

When using fruits and vegetables in arrangements, most often the idea is not to eat them but to enjoy the unique idea of fruits and vegetables as floral arrangements.  If you decide to use or send edible flowers with edible fruits and vegetables in an arrangement, be sure they are indeed edible. Some flowers are not edible or may have an unpleasant taste.  You can find charts that tell you which flowers are edible as well as their taste. I highly recommend checking charts. Just as I used flowering kale and broccoli with carrots for a Mother’s Day gift suggestion, some people may not be aware that flowering kale is edible. Be sure to insert a note that tells the receiver about the arrangement. That note should include care instructions and if the arrangement is for admiring, eating or both.

Fruit & Flowers Arrangement From Apple Blossoms Floral Design

Yes! You can make a “flower” arrangement by using fruit.

Fruit & Flowers By Kings Creek FlowersThese types of arrangements can be edible! Just wrap them in colorful cellophane to keep them moist prior to delivery.  Edible fruit arrangements are easy to make. They just take some time and some creativity, and cookie cutters to make some “fruit flowers”. Or you can do as I do. I have my local florist make them for me. Not all florists, will make these types of edible arrangements, but it’s worth a phone call to see if they will.

The art of flower design takes on a new perspective, a whole new pizazz when you add an element of fruit or vegetables.  Enhancing your arrangements by adding the unexpected, shows design flair, as well as creativity. Don’t be afraid of fruits and vegetables.  Maybe you don’t like to eat fruit or vegetables, but don’t deny yourself the beauty found in veggies or the brilliant colors found in fruits. Use them in a colorful fruit and flower arrangement.

I don’t like brussels sprouts but using them as a base to add some light green color with pink roses in a topiary style is one way I can enjoy brussels sprouts. So contact your local florist to get a dose of healthy fruits and vegetables in your flower arrangements, today.

A special thanks goes to Belvedere Flowers for the picture of their Fresh Lemonade arrangement. A special thanks to King Creek Flowers for the fruity reception centerpiece photo. A special thanks to Apple Blossoms Floral Design for the fruit and flower arrangement photo.

Whether you are a Havertown PA Florist, a Miami Florist, a Tampa florist or one of the fine florists across the U.S. and Canada, Flower Shop Network would love to see pictures of your fabulous arrangements.  You can send pictures to jadams@flowershopnetwork.com.

You Know What Peaks My Interest? UNIQUENESS

I literally see hundreds of flower arrangements every month. After having spent a significant amount of time in the floral industry, my passion for flowers remains but it takes a little bit more than it used to take to make me take a second glimpse…or a third…or tell someone else about it.

I’m not alone in this. All consumers-shoppers-buyers-gift givers want to hit the nail on the head and give the perfect gift. It’s just finding that diamond in the rough that occasionally presents a problem. That’s why we at Flower Shop Network try so hard to regularly replenish your idea bank. I got to thinkin’ about it this afternoon (boy I sound southern today) and realized what really jumps out at people like me when we shop for flowers and gifts. We want something unique. Gift givers want something tried-and-true for the most part but with an edge. In other words, we want the gift that we know they’ll like but with that little extra something that will make them remember the gift, the occasion and the sender.

Need some visual examples of unique flower arrangements and gifts?

Here are a few that jumped out to me:

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

I have to say that I love the “Exotic Floral Vase” arrangement of tropical fresh flowers. To be honest, it made me want to run out and grab a seafood dinner. (The red anthuriums remind me of lobster pinchers.) It’s uniquely shaped inside a clear vase. The flowers are colorful enough that they need no dressing up. They speak for themselves.

Plus, how often do you really see tropical flower bouquets like this? It’s easy to find a carnation, rose or tulip bouquet. Tropical fresh flowers are unique enough by themselves. This bouquet just has an architectural feeling of clean lines and solid colors that is easy to enjoy whether you are into art and style or form and function.

Flower Animals

Flower Animals

I’ve written before on how much fun flower animals are. Rabbits, puppies. Doesn’t matter. Animal shapes made of flowers are too cute to pass up.

The two little girls in my life are both big animal lovers. Most kids are. That’s why flower animals make great Easter gifts for kids, Valentines Day gifts for kids, even birthday gifts for children. If you can think of an occasion that merits a gift, try sending flowers like these.

Even if you plan to give something else later, this is a fun way to treat your child to something nice at school. It’s always fun to receive gifts in front of classmates. In this way, your child is able to have all of the birthday attention he/she craves and more.

Unique Shapes

Unique Shapes

I know. Essentially it’s just a few pieces of greenery wrapped, tied and trimmed to form a special shape. However, that’s the difference between a regular gift and a unique gift. I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at a simple pink rose bouquet in a tall pink vase. I looked multiple times at the “You Have My Heart” Valentines Day arrangement simply because it uses heather in a unique way. That’s all it takes to make someone pause for a moment. Give them what they want and then a little extra.

Not to be cheesy, but forming unique shapes and lines with flowers is enough to make an ordinary gift into an Extraordinary gift. All it takes is that little extra. Ok, I guess I failed on the cheesy scale but the point is the same. Unique shapes just work.

Unique Containers

Unique Containers

It’s not just the container that makes me like arrangements like the “Candy Bouquet” gift basket. However, it had a huge role. Unique vases and containers make it fun to send flowers. You just want to be there when your buddy receives the gift and smiles.

My friends know about my sweet tooth so candy gift baskets are right up there on the list of “give to Brynn” gift ideas. Candy bouquets can come in many containers though. They can come in a bag and I’d be happy but I wouldn’t be thrilled until I saw a smiling container staring back at me.

Unique containers and vases work wonders when sending flowers also. The containers become keepsakes that the recipient can store for years and think of you every time it’s taken out. I want my friends to think of me and know that it was that little something extra that brought me to their minds.

I Just Found The Coolest Mother’s Day Gift at Belvedere Flowers!

I enjoy the Belvedere Flowers blog because there is always something interesting happening at the flower shop! The florists at Belvedere Flowers in Havertown Pennsylvania create some very ingenious designs. Here’s one of the ones that caught a friend’s attention who quickly passed the link to me. I fell in love with its unique charm. I think you will too.

It’s a fresh flower purse for Mother’s Day. Let me emphasize this for effect. It’s a fresh…flower…Purse. It’s too cool! What it is is a moss covered basket shaped like a purse and filled to the brim with beautiful fresh flowers like cymbidium orchids, roses, heather and gerbera daisies. My nose is liking this already!

This video shows off the first of many fresh flower purses created by Belvedere Flowers for Mother’s Day. I say that because it’s too cute a Mother’s Day gift idea not to catch on quickly. Check it out!