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5 Trending Valentine’s Day Arrangements

Valentine’s Day is the biggest floral holiday of the year. But this year, give that special loved one something unique! It’s the perfect time to show your sweetie how much you care and surprise them with a twist on the traditional flower arrangement. Here are 2015 Valentine’s Day floral trends making the rounds to loved ones everywhere.

Roses in a Box
Scrap the vase altogether! Many florists have gift boxes available, so have them line up roses so your sweetie gets a lush, fragrant surprise upon opening the lid. When they receive the box, they’ll be expecting chocolates, but instead they will receive a unique floral arrangement that they can dry and keep as lovely potpourri. In this case, think inside the box!

Ditch the Red
With so many rose colors to choose from, you can always deliver a favorite. Maybe a pink or purple arrangement would be more fitting for your specific recipient–after all, you don’t have to use roses! If you do have your heart set on them, they come in just about every hue under the sun. Tell your florist about your significant other’s favorite color and let them help you make the right choice.

Tip: An orange rose signifies desire and passion–perfect for a new romance. For a friend, choose a yellow rose.

Hanging Beauty
Instead of a bouquet, consider something with a little more shape. Your florist can create a heart-shaped arrangement, like a wreath. Your loved one can display it on their front door or hang it as decor in their living room.

Bling Bling
If she likes sparkle, add some to her arrangement! Your florist has a lots of options to really make flowers pop. From heart-shaped pins to strings of shiny pearls, these can be added to the vase or the jewels can even be inserted into the middle of flowers for a surprise sparkle.

Florals to Wear
A trend that has continued from last year are floral crowns and jewelry. This stylish floral gift can be a classic take on Valentine’s Day flowers because she can wear her arrangement! What a better gift to give your significant other on the day of love than the opportunity to feel like a princess? She’ll love to wear her gift all day, whether it’s a headband, a bracelet, or a necklace.

There are many creative ways to shower your sweetheart with flowers this Valentine’s day. Plan ahead with your florist and give that valentine a unique floral gift.


Card Messages: Valentine’s Day

We’ve all been there: writer’s block! It may be you or (from the florist side) it may be a customer, but there is a pause when the pen is handed and you want to convey something sweet and simple to the recipient of your Valentine’s Day flowers. Well Flower Shop Network has some quick and easy messages you can use for every type of arrangement sent this Valentine’s Day!

For A Friend: To my sweet friend, who reminds me every day what true friendship is. Happy Valentine’s Day!

For A Child: Just a reminder that my love is never far from you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

For A Parent: On this Valentine’s Day, let me shower you with flowers the way you showered me with love my whole life.

For A Sibling: For the one who kept my childhood secrets and who continues to be my best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day.

For Your True Love: Today, I needed to show you just how lucky I am to have found you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

We hope this helps express your thoughts this Valentine’ds Day. Share this with friends (or customers) and check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more ideas and tips!

Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it is almost time for one of the busiest holidays of the year for flower shops. To help you get ready for the flower-frenzy, we have reached out to a few florists across the country to tell us how they are preparing for the lovey-dovey, weekend holiday!

“Be sure to get the sender and recipient’s home phone, cell phone number and their email. That way, you’re able to get a hold of them at some point in the day since people travel on the weekends.”

-Heather McMinn from Heather’s Way Flowers and Plants in Jonesboro AR

“Get orders early and market early. We make sure to have an in-house special for Friday. There is nothing like a woman getting flowers at the office, so we run a ‘Honey, I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day Friday special. What I find works best is spreading our marketing message through many outlets–radio, social and FSN email campaigns.”

-Rodney Canady from Blooms A Million in Pensacola, FL

“We make sure and prepare our vases ahead of time, get our orders in, and come up with a delivery plan.”

-Carolyn Yancey from Your Floral Bouquet Florist in Valdese, NC

“We put out our displays always a month in advanced. That way it reminds the customer, puts it in their face, and tempts them to order now. As the holiday gets closer, we strip the leaves, de-thorn stems, re-stock plush and balloons, and get our extra staff prepared. We make sure to let our customers know it’s never too early to order..”

-Heide Parker from Babe’s Flowers, Inc. in Sheridan, WY

Tell us how you are getting ready for Valentine’s day and check back to the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas and tips!



Nothing Like The Last Minute. Still Time To Order For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day

Maybe you had great intentions. Maybe you forgot completely. But if you haven’t decided on a Valentine’s Day gift by now – what are you waiting for?!

Order Valentine’s Day Flowers Now

Don’t tell me you thought you could just pick something up at the drug store and be done with it. Your sweetheart deserves to feel special and pampered on this day of love. Nothing does that better than a thoughtful, perfectly selected gift from your local flower shop. Spend a lot or spend a little – whatever your budget florists can work with you to create something that will warm her heart and make her feel like the luckiest girl alive.

It’s Not Too Late!

So you waited until late in the game. That doesn’t mean forfeit! Our best suggestion is to go directly to your local floral expert. Take a look at what they have in stock and bring it home with you. Some shops might still be able to work in your delivery (because they are amazing like that.) But going in person at this zero hour is sure to get the fastest results and that warm smile you love to see when you walk in the door.

No idea what florist to use? No problem.
Check out our florist finder to locate the very best in your area!

5 Valentine’s Day Card Messages (Poem Edition)

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous bouquet for your Significant Other, but what about that pesky card? It can be difficult to come up with the perfect words. Knowing what to say or how to say it is not always the easiest of tasks. If you’re struggling to find your voice, ask your local florist for a suggestion. Or you could scroll down and read 5 Valentine’s Day card poems to help you send the right message!

Filled with Love Eternally Yours

Valentine’s Day Card Poems

1. Cobalt blue, your sparkling eyes

have set my heart a racin’.

Ne’er will be seen our love’s demise,

‘Tis forever that I’m chasin’.


2. This rose of dark and crimson hue

is lovely, stark and sweet,

And yet it pales compared to you

unable to compete.


3. My love for you like yours for me

is vibrant, strong and pure.

These chocolates may not last the week,

but our affection will endure


4. No flower, though the blooms are lovely,

can with you compare.

neither the rose, the iris nor the lily,

can hold to you a prayer.


5. Tonight we’ll celebrate our love,

we’ll dine and dip while dancing.

A passionate kiss or variation thereof,

will find our passion advancing.

Card messages are not always easy, but hopefully these poems have helped or at least inspired you to find the exact words to let her know how you feel. Have some original poems of your own you’d like to contribute? Leave them in the Comments below!

Valentine’s Day Flower Meanings

Flowers are not only beautiful, they also have a lot to say. With Valentine’s Day coming up fast, we are here to let you know the message you’re sending along with that gorgeous arrangement. And knowledge of meaning is no less important on the receiving end. After all, what good is a floral message if the recipient doesn’t understand it?

Three's a Charm100 Percent Lovable

So in the interest of clarifying the communication of love, here are the most common Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings! [Read more…]

Want The Perfect Valentine Gift?

Valentine’s Day is your big chance to show her how you really feel. And nothing can express that better than flowers!

Valentine's Day Roses - Send flowers from a real local florist!"Because I Love You" Valentine's Day FlowersValentine's Day

Watch this video for some absolutely stunning flower arrangements that your local florist can create just for your special someone.

Keep browsing here!

Valentine’s Day: It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Love!

Valentine’s Day may be more than a month away, but that’s all the more reason to start planning your big day immediately! When it comes to love, you can never prepare too early. After all, “He who hesitates is lost.” By getting an early start, you’re guaranteed to have everything you need to make your significant other’s day magnificent!

Perfect Love BouquetBecause I Love You Pink and White Dreams

Finding Fresh Ideas

A successful Valentine’s Day requires thought and effort. You want to impress the one you love, and any attempt to thrill your sweetheart should start with a trip to your local florist! A florist provides unique ideas and creative floral designs, the very things needed to leave your lover breathless. The local florist specializes in creative design. It’s not enough to give the same arrangement everyone else is receiving, you want to give them something that illustrates exactly how you feel.

Talk with your local florist, discuss your ideas and let them help you shape them into something wonderful!


This Father’s Day, I’m Sending Dad Flowers

Always A Daddy's GirlThe scent of roses at a fresh market or at the table of a nice restaurant sends me back to Valentine’s Day in third grade when I received my first bouquet of roses. Psychologists believe that specific words can evoke certain emotions in the reader. A simple word like “smile” can make one think of a sunny day in the park. I believe flowers can do the same. Red roses remind me of my first hand delivered bouquet of flowers.

Always Daddy’s Little Girl

The bouquet was given to me by the most important man in my life, my father. Dad was a pilot for Children’s Hospital when I was younger. His usual mornings started at 5:30am, when I was long asleep in my bed in the next room. On this particular morning I heard the blow dryer, part of my mom’s usual morning beauty routine, and the coffee maker’s sizzling drops. To my disappointment, I did not hear Dad come in and say goodbye.

Mom woke me up with her usual perky singing of the “Green Acres Theme Song.” I asked for my usual five more minutes, but that day Mom quickly flicked on the overhead light. She jumped out of the doorway to reveal my Daddy holding a bouquet of twelve beautiful roses. I can still feel my cheeks cramping from the delighted smile.

Roses for Father's Day“I will always be your Valentine…”

He knelt beside my bed and whispered in my ear, “I will always be your Valentine. No matter who walks into or out of your life; remember that.” After eleven years, Dad still sends me a bouquet of a dozen roses each year. The sight of a bouquet takes me back to that morning.

This Father’s Day, I’m sending Dad flowers.

It’s your turn to start a new tradition in your family. Deliver your next memory with the help of your local florist.

Care Tips For Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

So your sweetie just sent you the most magnificent Valentine’s Day flower arrangement; you obviously want to keep it around as long as possible, right? You’re in luck! These fresh flower care tips will help you extend the life of your Valentine’s Day flowers!

Valentine's Day RosesKeeping Valentine’s Day Flowers Fresh

First things first, if your flowers came in plastic, remove this as soon as possible.

Deciding on a location

  • Place fresh flowers in a location away from drafts and extreme temperatures.
  • Do not place flowers in a windowsill or other location in full sun.
  • Avoid places where flowers can contact ethylene gas, which is emitted from cigarettes and fruit

Make The Last Longer

  • Keep flowers in a cool location.
  • Keep your vase filled with water, even if it uses floral foam.
  • Immediately remove dead or wilting leaves and stems from fresh flower arrangements.
  • Change your water when it starts getting cloudy.
  • When changing water, cut flower stems ends at a 45° angle to help them re-absorb fresh water.
  • If your florist sent floral preservative packets, use them when changing water by following the instructions.

Perhaps you’re needing tips for houseplant care?

The most important part of caring for Valentine’s Day flowers is loving them and remembering the reason you received them: out of love.