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Preparing for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it is almost time for one of the busiest holidays of the year for flower shops. To help you get ready for the flower-frenzy, we have reached out to a few florists across the country to tell us how they are preparing for the lovey-dovey, weekend holiday!

“Be sure to get the sender and recipient’s home phone, cell phone number and their email. That way, you’re able to get a hold of them at some point in the day since people travel on the weekends.”

-Heather McMinn from Heather’s Way Flowers and Plants in Jonesboro AR

“Get orders early and market early. We make sure to have an in-house special for Friday. There is nothing like a woman getting flowers at the office, so we run a ‘Honey, I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day Friday special. What I find works best is spreading our marketing message through many outlets–radio, social and FSN email campaigns.”

-Rodney Canady from Blooms A Million in Pensacola, FL

“We make sure and prepare our vases ahead of time, get our orders in, and come up with a delivery plan.”

-Carolyn Yancey from Your Floral Bouquet Florist in Valdese, NC

“We put out our displays always a month in advanced. That way it reminds the customer, puts it in their face, and tempts them to order now. As the holiday gets closer, we strip the leaves, de-thorn stems, re-stock plush and balloons, and get our extra staff prepared. We make sure to let our customers know it’s never too early to order..”

-Heide Parker from Babe’s Flowers, Inc. in Sheridan, WY

Tell us how you are getting ready for Valentine’s day and check back to the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas and tips!



Buying Last Minute Valentine’s Day Flowers: Why Wait?!

First of all,


Buying Valentines Day flowers early ensures you get the BEST QUALITY flowers, BEST SERVICE, and they will arrive ON TIME!

Valentines Day flowers mean so much more than just a bundle of roses put together. If you want to really show how much you care, order EARLY! Take just a few minutes to call your florist and talk to them about your sweetie. When a florist knows what type of person they are designing for, they can make it truly personal.

Tips On Ordering Valentine's Day FlowersJust by telling your florist just a few things about your honey, such as their age and basic interests, they will create something that is sure to be a hit! (And, guys, take it from a gal who knows, you WANT to send your girl beautiful, meaningful flowers!)

It a recent news article, one of our florist friends, Marybeth Flowers, owner of Flowers by Flowers in Parkville, Md., says, “RUN, don’t walk away from the idea of giving roses to your sweetheart.”

Of course, roses are the traditional Valentine’s gift, but why not send her a flower arrangement to truly IMPRESS?! Tell your florist her favorite flowers and colors and let them do something truly personal! (Trust me guys, style goes a long way to us ladies!)

“You don’t need to know every flower available or even the types of flowers the person likes most,” said Marybeth in her interview. “You know this person. You know how warm they are. Just look at the way they dress. If they are a flannel or corduroy kind of person, then we can develop something like a bohemian bouquet or something with a prairie look.”

So, what happens if you DON’T order Valentine’s Day flowers EARLY?!?

Valentine’s Day Flower Deliveries

Well, waiting til the last minute to order Valentine’s Day flowers can put you out of luck with deliveries. Florist have a tight schedule on Valentine’s Day; ordering early ensures you a guaranteed spot for delivery. If your delivery requires special accommodations, such as a specific time, then it is especiallllllly important to order early. (Getting the message here, guys?!)

How florists help: Often, to account for these last minute Valentine’s Day deliveries, florists will add temporary delivery drivers. Even then, you’re still playing it risky!

How you can help: Not to sound like a broken record, but order early… Another thing you can do is have your flowers delivered to your sweetie on FRIDAY. (Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday for 2012) It’s a great way to kick off a Valentine’s Day romantic weekend.

Valentine’s Day Flower Pickups

Last minute Valentine’s Day flower pickups is also a bit of a gamble. Don’t be one of those guys standing around the flower cooler staring at the last few flower arrangements left, and don’t just pickup a last-minute bouquet from a street vendor or grocery store either. (We will know, guys, we will know…)

How florists help: Florist fill their coolers to the brim with pre-made Valentine’s Day orders, but trust me, they go fast! These are also the ones that go out on last-minute deliveries (if there are even any available). Many florists will open their flower shops early and stay late on Valentine’s Day, but doesn’t your sweetie deserve more thought than the last bouquet in the cooler?

How you can help: Order early! Pick up flowers for your honey on Friday instead of Tuesday!

This post is brought to you by local Scottsdale, AZ florists.
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How To Surprise Your Sweetie With A Romantic Valentine’s Weekend!

Romantic Valentines Day WeekendValentine’s Day is coming up fast! Don’t get left behind when ordering your Valentine’s Day flowers. This year is a bit of an oddball because Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday. Of course you can have flowers delivered on Tuesday, but why wait? This year, turn Valentine’s Day into a romantic, weekend-long event!

Begin Valentine’s Day’s Romance Weekend by sending flowers to your hunny’s office on the Friday before. She will spend the whole day looking at those beautiful blooms and thinking of you. Not only will she not be expecting it, it kicks off a fabulous romantic weekend just for the two of you.

After work on Friday, take her out to her favorite restaurant, or even the place where you spent your first date. Buy her jewelry in her favorite style. (That means similar to her other jewelry, guys!) Plan a weekend get away for Saturday, such as a bed and breakfast or a romantic cabin in the woods. Spend your time enjoying what life has to offer. If weather permits, go for a hike or walk together, but if it’s too cold, don’t hesitate to stay indoors. Have you favorite movies or board games ready. Brew up some hot cocoa and melt some chocolate to dip fruit.

You are the one who knows your relationship best. Plan to do things you both really enjoy, but may not normally have time for. It’s all about being with each other, and enjoying your time together. [Read more…]