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Luffa: Dicot or Monocot?

Ask The Expert: Luffa

I just want to know whether luffa is monocot or dicot. Based on my understanding, it is a dicot plant, but my lecturer said that luffa is monocot plant. can someone help? – Zulaikha

Luffa Seedlings

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Vintage Kitchen Inspired Flower Displays

Vintage Kitchen InspirationIt’s the newest fad – Flowers in Culinary Containers! Kitchen-themed flower art is both inspiring and classic. If your party plans take guests into the kitchen, this flower idea is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

To get that vintage-inspired, natural look, use these items for the foundation of your design:

  • Old colanders
  • Mixing bowls
  • Mason jars and ceramic jugs
  • Vintage tin cans
  • Muffin pans.

Find these items at local thrift or second hand stores. The older the better; these items can bring a special childhood nostalgia to life.

Kitchen-themed Flower Ideas

When choosing flowers, simplicity is key –

  • Choose garden flowers, such as peonies, garden roses, liatris, sunflowers, lilies, and delphiniums.
  • Include fruits and veggies, such as artichokes, apples, and eggplant for a natural, timeless ‘Farmers Market’ feel.
  • Interesting foliages add texture and eye-catching designs to your arrangement. Think long bear grass or wheat.

Fruits and vegetables are a great way to bring depth and creativity to a clear vase as well. Fill your vase or clear jugs with apples, oranges, carrots, cranberries, cucumbers or any bright colored vegetable or fruit.  Just imagine guests walking through the kitchen buffet spread, all the while mesmerized by your amazing kitchen flower arrangement. These displays are perfect for bringing an interesting impact to any event!

If you’re interested in adding a vintage kitchen flower arrangement to your next party mix, give your local florist a call. I’m sure they will have even more exciting ideas!

Fruit & Veggie Floral Design Trends

Oranges and Cloves used in Floral Design

Using apples, oranges and limes in floral design has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but now florists are finding new and innovative ways to use fruit like never before! At the recent Tennessee State Florist Convention, fruit and veggies in flower arrangements seemed to be a reoccurring trend, let’s take a look…

The best thing about using fruit in flower arrangements is the incredible smell. Check out the above picture of oranges and apples being used. Notice not only are the oranges being used in whole forms, they are also sliced or have been covered in delicious smelling cloves. This adds a bit of spice to the mix.

Orange Clove Arrangement Oranges and Cloves used in Floral Design

How absolutely perfect would this look adorning your Thanksgiving buffet table?

Hedge Apple Texture With Flowers

So, just what is it that draws florists to fruit? Well, the smell for one is fantastic, but also texture is a big part of design. Florists look for textures they can use in anything and everything, and fruit is another available resource for them to use to construct their floral masterpieces.

Take a look at the above picture, do you know what those green fruits are? Hedge apples! While they aren’t readily available, I can see why a florist would actively seek out this fruit with such incredible texture. It’s rough surface is a direct contrast to the delicate petals of flowers, which creates interest, while keeping it all natural.
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Ask The Expert: How Do I Condition Veggies For Floral Design

Ask the Expert: I want to use eggplant, asparagus, radishes, and purple cabbage in a floral design that must stay fresh for 3 days.  Any suggestions? Linda S.

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: This question was a bit tough, but we have your answer, Linda! Thanks to the help of two fantastic florists, here is what you need to know about conditioning your vegetables for floral design.

Scott Darhower from Apple Blossoms Florist in Tampa FL says, “They are not much different than a flower. Eggplant are good on their own. Radishes with their tops, I suggest removing the tops. Asparagus and cabbage need to be hydrated just as any flower. Hit heavily with crowning glory.

Regina Berryman, a freelance florist from Memphis TN says, “I would use them with no problem as long as no cutting is involved. Whole eggplant as well radishes. Cutting may attract flies and change color. I feel ok with purple cabbage.

For the most part, you will use vegetables in floral arrangements the same way you do with flowers. Larger veggies like eggplant will do fine on its own for several days. Be sure your more delicate vegetables like asparagus and cabbage are hydrated. Hope this helps, Linda!

(Also note, don’t eat the veggies after being used in your floral designs. Many times the water used to hydrate them has ‘flower food’ in it.)

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