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Bull-oney! There Are Taurus Zodiac Flowers?

Zodiac flowers are fun, especially for Taurus. This fun zodiac sign is represented by a bull. How cool is that?! When I think of a bull, I picture the same qualities that most people would assign to these animals. Bulls are usually calm animals when left alone. They are stubborn, powerful, bold, and tenacious when provoked to such. I know plenty of people like that and I was surprised just how many have a birthday between April 21st and May 20th (that makes them a Taurus).

It’s hard to find unique gifts every year. Most of the Bloomin’ Blog followers know that I’ve been on a fresh flower kick. Why not? It’s as much fun for the sender to send flowers with a unique twist as it is for the recipient to receive an interesting birthday gift. Two perks in one–I say go for it!

"Fashionable Father’s Day Bouquet"

"Fashionable Father’s Day Bouquet"

Taurus Zodiac flowers (also called astrological flowers) are violets, iris, sweet pea, lilac and lavender. You can also enjoy aster, lily of the valley, scented stock, sweet William and fruit bearing trees for a Taurus birthday. Flower arrangements like the “Fashionable Fathers Day Bouquet” at left are perfect for Taurus birthdays. Don’t let the title fool you—this bouquet of iris and daisies go over well all year!

You know your birthday boy or girl the best. Deciding which flowers to send will be a breeze! Simply contact your local florist to create a unique birthday gift that your friend will love.

Please Note: Zodiac flowers are assigned to each of the 12 astrological signs. There is no cosmic magic associated with zodiac flowers. There is no spell cast over astrological flowers. Zodiac flowers are just a fun way to acknowledge something that helps group people together, gives them something in common–their zodiac sign.

No Reason To Be Blue Over The Violet, the Illinois State Flower

President-elect Obama is not the only Illinois native that is striking up conversation in local flower shops. The state flower of Illinois (Violet viola) also engages florists in conversations about how inspirational the Violet can be. Though there are few truly blue cut flowers, violets inspire a wide range of blue and bluish purple arrangements throughout the year.

When spring comes to life in March, so does the creative juices of florists looking for the next big color scheme. Blues and purples are bright, airy and fun. In other words, perfect for spring flower arrangements!

When winter yields its many gloomy days, flower arrangements using purple or blue flowers drive the grays away. It’s hard to stay morose when such colorful flowers are in the room! Even the color violet is so bold and eye-catching that it chases away the snowy day blues.

When harvest time is settling in, violet-inspired flower bouquets are beautiful additions to the table. Warm purples go very well with the other soft colors of the fall season such as orange, burnt red, brown and yellow. Plus, a striking color livens the bouquet and stands out next to the rest of the flowers.

Summer days mean festive fun is on the horizon. The state flower of Illinois (Violet viola) brings a lot of color and action to fun summer flower arrangements.

For every season or for any season, the violet is a great inspiration for Illinois state florists. Take a look at this colorful flower and watch how inspiration pours your way.

The color of violets inspires this gorgeous arrangement of iris.

The color of violets inspires this gorgeous arrangement of iris.