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Etiquette Matters: Who Pays For The Wedding Flowers?

Someone asked a really good question on Wedding And Party Network about wedding flower etiquette. I knew when I read it that many of the Bloomin’ Blog readers could benefit from this info so here goes! Here’s some wedding etiquette to break things up. (Read the question and more on Wedding And Party Network’s wedding flower etiquette–who pays? blog.)

The Question: My parents want to help pay for the wedding so that my fiancee and I can have a nicer ceremony. We really appreciate the help but aren’t sure what to ask them to pay. We don’t want to step on toes or ask too much to we thought about asking them to buy the wedding flowers. Is that appropriate? ~ Jesse J. from Fountain, Colorado.

Brynn’s Answer: Great question! The short answer is that it is traditionally the responsibility of the bride or bride’s family to pay for the wedding flowers. –BUT– Today’s society sees so many weddings being paid for by people other than the bride’s family. For instance, it is often the role of the bride to pay for the wedding while the groom pays for the honeymoon. Some couples go in together. Many times the groom’s parents take on part of the payments while the bride’s family picks up the other. The simplest answer is that yes, it is acceptable to ask your parents to pay for the wedding flowers.

A Reminder To Florists: If you are a florist, here is a small tidbit to keep in mind when working with the bride. If her mother or mother-in-law is paying for the wedding flowers there could be potential conflict. She may passively opt for something smaller or of less value so as to appease her mother. Her mother may passively encourage this. Then again, both could be rather blunt women. Either way, keep in mind that some mediation may be required to make sure that the bride gets exactly what she wants for her wedding.