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Multicultural Wedding Flowers

Flowers and weddings go together like brides and grooms. Long before the elaborate floral displays you see at modern weddings, brides would use herbs in their bouquets as well as other wildflowers and plants found in nature. Just like each bride is unique, there are certain cultural aspects to wedding flowers that are also unique. Jewish, Indian, Chinese, and Greek weddings are just a few examples. [Read more…]

Once a Florist, Always a Florist

To describe floral design as an art form is to be expected. Those who are fortunate enough to be blessed with the skill of floral design often find that it is a deep-seeded passion that’s not easily walked away from. Linda Taylor, owner of Heartstrings Florist & Artisans in Dallas, Oregon, knows this from first-hand experience. Linda owned a flower shop from 1978 to 1992 in Sheridan, OR. She closed up to move to Alaska, but always felt something was missing. [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Dusty Miller

Although it is more plant than flower, we felt that Dusty Miller (Senecio cineraria) deserved its place in the spotlight. This underrated foliage has taken the bridal world by storm, and had been a staple in the floral industry for many years. [Read more…]

What’s Blooming This Wedding Season: Spring and Summer 2017

whats blooming

With spring and summer coming up, it’s always good to know what flowers will be in season as you plan your wedding. You may have the perfect vision of what your wedding flowers are going to look like, but upon planning, discover that some flowers may be out of season. This could potentially conflict with your entire color scheme! This is when knowing what flowers are in season when your wedding takes place comes in handy.  That’s why we put together the top 4 flowers that are in season for spring and summer. This will help you plan your wedding flowers with ease! [Read more…]

How to Buy Eco-Friendly Flowers for Your Wedding

Many couples that hold eco-friendly lifestyles are opting for simple and conservative weddings rather than extravagant and expensive events. Brides are looking for ways to choose eco-friendly wedding flowers without compromising their dream look. Learn how to make your celebration an eco-friendly one by using local, in-season flowers.

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Epic Wedding Flower Displays

These wedding flower displays are so grand that even your wildest wedding dreams pale in comparison! Feast your eyes upon some of the most gorgeous wedding flower displays you have ever seen. Even if you don’t have an unlimited wedding budget like some of these brides, find inspiration and let your imagination run wild!

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Wedding Trend: Suspended and Hanging Flowers

Photo by: Ginger Lily & Rose

Bring innovative design and breathtaking views to your wedding day with the use of suspended and hanging flowers. This dramatic wedding trend can instantly add depth and elegance to an outdoor or indoor space. Find ideas for your wedding venue with these inspirational images. Remember to save the pictures you like so your florist can make your vision come to life!


This beautiful photo shows how hanging flowers can give your space an intimate feeling.

Photo by: Mod Wedding

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Giving Flowers a Second Life

Flowers are a wonderful thing.  They add beauty to any situation and are an integral part of weddings and many other occasions.  But what happens after the “I do’s” and events?  

Flower donation is a growing phenomenon.  There are several organizations now who “recycle” gently used flowers from weddings and large events.  They use every part of the designs including the ribbons and vases.  New arrangements are crafted from deconstructing the bouquets and centerpieces. These new arrangements are then delivered to hospitals, assisted living facilities, hospice houses, and nursing homes.  Many times they are also tax deductible depending on what organization you work with.

Random Acts of Flowers is a privately-funded organization that has a vision to improve the emotional health of the community with flowers.

In July 2007, Random Acts of Flowers’ founder, Larsen Jay, was in a near-fatal accident. While confined to his hospital room, the outpouring of support that Larsen received in the form of daily visitors and dozens of floral arrangements immediately aided in his long recovery.

When Larsen was capable of leaving his room he noticed how many of his fellow patients did not have visitors or flowers – the very thing that helped him so much in those early and difficult days. Within moments the first “random act of flowers” delivery was made, repurposing his flowers and delivering them to patients in nearby hospital rooms. The memories of how a simple gesture touched his fellow patients compelled Larsen to form Random Acts of Flowers in 2008.

Random Acts of Flowers recycles and repurposes flowers by engaging dedicated volunteer teams to deliver beautiful bouquets and moments of kindness to individuals in healthcare facilities across the country.

As a recycling “green” nonprofit organization run almost entirely by volunteers, Random Acts of Flowers is committed to nourishing the health of the environment, individuals, and the community.

Are you interested in donating?  If there aren’t any organizations in your region, work with your florist or wedding planner to find a local facility in your area that would be interested in taking the flowers.  We all know flowers have a positive effect on mood, so why not share the joy? Visit your florist today to talk to them about flower donation!

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Wedding Trend: Getting Back to Nature

Wedding Trend: Getting Back to Nature

Getting back to nature is a growing movement.  We live in a fast paced world and many people have begun to see the beauty in slowing down.  This is also true for the wedding world.  Couples are choosing a more relaxed, natural atmosphere opposed to the old standard wedding structure of perfection.  

Out with the old, and in with the…old?  Brides are discovering “new” flowers that are actually heirloom flowers.  There are older varieties of mums, zinnias, and carnations (among others) that are making a comeback.  These older versions come in different shapes and more pastel colors that are a great match for the softer look many brides are trying to achieve.

With the rise of free seating and movement towards longer, rectangular tables, multiple centerpieces will take the stage.  These centerpieces are likely to include flowering branches and layers of greenery.  There will also be variations in centerpieces to create a loosely connected vibe, rather than identical pieces across the board.

Photo Courtesy of: Com-Patt-Ibles Flowers and Gifts

Photo Courtesy of: Com-Patt-Ibles Flowers and Gifts

Locally grown flowers native to the region where a couple will be getting married are becoming more popular.  Brides are choosing to have a free-flowing bouquet with a more organic look.  This also brings the introduction of other elements of nature, like sprigs of lavender or edibles.

Whether you decide to stick with a more traditional style or go au naturel, flowers add beauty to any venue.  For help discovering which flowers will make your day perfect, contact one of our local florists!

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Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Flowers bring life to weddings and set the tone for the whole event. Choosing the perfect blooms to match your wedding colors and style takes careful consideration. Wedding season is here and our florists all over the country have been working hard to make bride’s visions come to life.  Browse through some of our florists latest designs to find bridal bouquet inspiration.

 This soft light blue and white bouquet was designed by Yacht Flowers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

This bright peach and green bouquet was designed by Flowers of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL.

This stunning bouquet of deep lavender, red and light pink was designed by Ann’s Petals in Longview, TX.

This colorful orange and light pink bouquet was designed by A Fruit Basket Southern Blossom Florist in Charlotte, NC.

This whimsical purple and white bouquet was designed by An English Garden Flowers & Gifts in Mokena, IL.

Flowers have become a way for brides and floral designers to display their creativity. Talk to your florist about exactly what you would like to see in your wedding bouquet and watch your vision come to life. If you want to continue to browse through wedding bouquet ideas visit our Wedding and Party Network Photo Gallery where you’ll find more beautiful arrangements from local florists all over the country.