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Wedding Reception Flower Inspiration

Wedding Reception Flower Inspiration

The bridal bouquet may get most of the attention, but there’s no reason why the flowers at the reception can’t get a little love! From start to finish, a bride wants her wedding to be breathtaking. If decorating the reception space seems a little overwhelming, we’re here to help. Check out some of these flourishing florals to be inspired! [Read more…]

Wedding Trends: Rustic Reception Centerpieces

With the new year comes more weddings! Planning a wedding with a rustic theme? Here is some great floral inspiration for rustic centerpieces for your reception tables.

wedding trendsSmall Accents

A small arrangement can go along way and also make a big statement! Consider a short cluster of simple roses, greens, and dusty miller for those earthy tones that complete the rustic look.

Color Mix

If you want your arrangement to pop, use a variety of colors. Don’t be afraid to mix bright golds with dusty purples and add textured leaves. Use a wooden container to add to your decor.

Leafy Greens

What really brings out a rustic themed arrangement is the use of earth tones and greens. Use a variety of leafy greens. Mix big leaves with small ones to give it a wild look!

Don’t forget to get creative and team up with your florist to come up with something totally new and totally you! For more great ideas, visit the Wedding and Party Network Blog!

Small Accents photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/16056

Color Mix photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/15650

Leafy Greens photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/15409


Wedding Trends: Reception Tablescape Arrangements ’15

It’s no surprise that when it comes to weddings, flowers stand out the most at the reception. The tablescape centerpieces are what guests remember the most because it’s what they see the whole time they are at a wedding. Here are some trending reception tablescape arrangements for 2015!

Wedding Trends: Reception Tablescape Arrangements ’15Bloom Bunch

A big arrangement is always a head-turner, but keeping it short also keeps guests happy because their view is unobstructed when mingling.

Color Pairs

A tall simple arrangement with fruit or vegetable accents in one main color give any reception table a modern flair.

Exquisite Heights

Tall arrangements can be tricky, but are definitely eye-catching in high ceiling venues. Consider skinny vases that don’t obstruct guests view.

Chic Mix

The popular cluster of mason jars with ‘just-picked’ flowers gives any table a rustic look and is a very versatile decoration.

Reception tablescape arrangements can be as dramatic or as simple as one desires. Just remember to consider the guest’s view and don’t be afraid to try other colors! For more great ideas and tips, visit the Blooming Blog!

Bloom Bunch photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/10296

Color Pairs photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/9233

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Chic Mix photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/10113

Wedding Trends: Guest Book Table Arrangements 2015

One of the first things guests see at a wedding, whether it’s at the ceremony or reception, is the guest book sign-in table–and along with that, a floral arrangement to greet them. This table decor sets the theme for the wedding. It introduces guests to the event, so it’s no surprise that this arrangement is an important part of the wedding floral decor. Here are some guest book table arrangements that are trending for 2015!

FSN-sign in flowersTall Majestic
To make a grand first impression, consider a tall arrangement that will catch the guests’ eye. They will know right away they have made it to the wedding location.

Shorty Chic
A short arrangement can put the finishing touch to a decorated table. Shorter blooms will make it easy to see the guest book.

Sweet Cluster
Wanting that rustic look? Group a cluster of small arrangements that can be lined up or scattered around the guest sign-in. This works great if using glass bottles and mason jars.

Elegant Design
A long design, much like a spray, can be the table’s focal point. This works perfectly if the table is light on decor.

When it comes to this special arrangement, there are so many options to choose from. Don’t hesitate to make this arrangement a great piece to represent the wedding theme. For more great tips and ideas, visit the Bloomin’ Blog!

Tall Majestic photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/8589

Shorty Chic photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/3241

Sweet Cluster photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13819

Elegant Design photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/12471

Wedding Trends – Mason Jar Arrangements


In 2014, the rustic and vintage style took the scene in wedding theme and decor. One piece that is making its way through 2015 is the mason jar floral arrangement. Used as centerpieces and ceremony decorations, the versatility of mason jars make these arrangements popular and customizable.

Short and Sweet
What makes these arrangements popular centerpieces is their ability to create a full bouquet in different sizes. Depending on the size of the jar, short arrangements can keep guests happy with an unobstructed view while taller jars can give a table centerpiece different levels of arrangements. Consider using a mix of sizes to create a complete centerpiece.

Hanging Beauties
Not only are these tiny bouquets perfect to dress up any table, they can also be hung up! Using thick rope or hanging mason jars, these florals can dangle on trees or gazebos to add a whimsical touch to any event.

Pretty Accents
Mason jars are so popular because they can be customized. Jars can be painted to the bride’s wedding colors and numbers can be added to the arrangement, making them table markers. Adding a bit of ribbon or gluing some burlap can customize each arrangement to every bride’s wedding style.

There is so much that can be done with mason jars and wedding flowers. Whether it’s an intricate hanging design or a simple, yet beautiful reception centerpiece,  mason jar arrangements can add a little southern charm to any wedding. Check out the Bloomin’ Blog for more wedding trends!

Photo accreditation to: http://www.weddingandpartynetwork.com/gallery/photo/12582/

Winter Wedding Flowers, Foliages & Accessories

White Winter Wedding CenterpieceWhen most people think of a wedding bouquet, they instantly think of red roses or brightly colored flowers bunched together. You might even think of white lilies or callas. But what about a winter wedding? What flowers come to your mind? Sure, with today’s technology, most flowers are available year-round, but if you’re planning a wedding for the winter, why not add a touch of the season (as well as traditions) to your wedding decor?

Winter Wedding Flowers

  • Agapanthus – firework-like flower available in a wide range of colors.
  • Amaryllis – very large, winter-blooming flower.
  • Anemone – unique flower with dark center disks.
  • Brunia – ball-like flower; beautiful in silver.
  • Calla Lily – elegant flower available in almost any color.
  • Carnation – the new variations of carnations are absolutely beautiful.
  • Dahlia – available in many sizes and colors.
  • Eryngium – also known as Sea Holly, is a blue, star-like flower.
  • Freesia – heavenly fragrance and wide range of colors.
  • Hyacinth – highly fragrant; symbol of spring.
  • Hydrangea – very large flowers full of texture; available in many color variations.
  • Kale – beautiful with flowers, this out-of-the-garden bloom is available in purple, white and green.
  • Lily – traditional wedding flower; available in many colors.
  • Narcissus – beautiful spring flower, means luck.
  • Star of Bethlehem – beautiful flower with unique spike at the tip.
  • Waxflower – small, unique flower adds texture to any arrangement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flowers available in the winter. Your local florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for the style and theme of your wedding. [Read more…]

Brighter Than the Sun – Sunflowers That Will Take Your Breath Away

Living with four sorority girls that are in serious relationships can lead to many “When I get married…” conversations. While discussing our dream wedding dream wedding plans, I asked “When would y’all want to get married?” Of course, we all had some idea, but one roommate had only one thing planned — her flowers. “I just want sunflowers, so my wedding will be planned around their season. My fiancé will just have to understand.” I’m sure he will.

Planning A Wedding With Sunflowers

SunflowerSunflowers are typically warm-weather bloomers. If you are in the same boat as my roommate, it’s best to plan your wedding between May and October. Although most florists are able to order sunflowers year round, they are  usually much more affordable when they’re used in season. Sunflowers have a long season which allows the flowers to be used for summer and fall weddings. The sunflower is the perfect statement piece, and the placement is all up to the bride. Sunflowers are great for bouquets, arches or center piece. With so many placement options, they make flower planning a breeze.

Did I mention sunflowers look great in different themed weddings?

Planning a wedding can be (and most likely is) a difficult task, but why? My theory is that, as women, we want it all. I want a country wedding, but then I also want a beach wedding. It only happens once, and it’s hard to choose. Sunflowers can be used in many different themes, such as: southern rustic charm, country elegant weddings, beach weddings and outdoor weddings.

[Read more…]

Ceremony To Reception Flowers For Budget-Savvy Brides

Wedding flowers are taking a new shape in the 21st century. Budget-savvy brides want the same gorgeous wedding flowers but aren’t willing to break the bank for them. What they are willing to do is compromise. If you’re a budget-savvy bride or a wedding florist, these tips will help you create the perfect atmosphere for the wedding without losing a beat. Here’s a little information on what we like to call “transitional flowers.”

Transition flowers or transitional flowers are wedding ceremony flowers that can also double as reception flowers. Florists can create specific designs that look beautiful in both places. Double use = fraction of the cost. Examples and design tips are listed below.

Transitional Flowers & Suggested Uses

Tall Altar Arrangements
Tall Altar Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — Use these ceremony flowers as buffet table decorations at the reception.
  • Design Tips — These arrangements may need to be designed in a round shape rather than a one-sided style if the tables are circular or two-sided.


Low Unity Candle Arrangements
Unity Candle Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These wedding flowers can double as head table centerpieces.
  • Design Tips — An option for a head table centerpiece is to remove the side tapers or remove all of the candles and replace with flowers.


Standing Candelabras

Standing Candelabra Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These flowers make great cake or head table accents.
  • Design Tips — A suggestion is to change the color of the candles for a unique look.


Altar Candelabra Arrangements
Aisle Candelabra Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These flowers are excellent head table arrangements.
  • Design Tips — Like standing candelabras, these arrangements can be used at the head table but with a different color palette of candles for a unique look.


Aisle Candelabra Arrangements
Altar Candelabra Flowers

  • Ceremony To Reception — These wedding flowers are the perfect guest table centerpieces.
  • Design Tips — Place these arrangements in plant saucers and a table centerpiece is made! [Read more…]

Outdoor Wedding Reception Flowers For June

Ask the Expert: my son is having an outdoor wedding reception

In June it will be very informal type BBQ outside. What suggestions would you have for some sort of floral arrangement that is both economical and able to stand the possibilities of say wind..etc that day? Her colors are black, white and a touch of orange. We thought of tiger lilies will they be in bloom by June 14th? Besides putting something in a vase that could blow over what else can we do? Thank you. Diane

Fall In Love With Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall wedding flowers burst upon the scene in a kaleidoscope of colors. Paint an idyllic wedding picture on this fall’s canvas when using a rich palette of the season’s colors.

Featured Fall Wedding BouquetsWhether the celebration takes place during the sun dappled day, or in the crisp autumn air of evening, the fall wedding introduces a season of excitement. September, October, and November bestow bright flowers and abundant foliage – just the right ingredients for a fabulous fall ceremony.

Deciding on the type of fall floral arrangements will often determine the style of wedding. Consulting a professional florist can be of invaluable help when considering the theme and cost of the wedding. Don’t hesitate to convey what you envision for your wedding along with a review of your budget.

When meeting with your florist, it’s wise to discuss the size and location of your wedding and reception. And, don’t forget to include the number of attendants and guests. It helps if you provide your favorite wedding photographs, color preferences, and fabric samples when talking about your ceremony. A professional florist can assist in creating a plan that helps you to make informed decisions, which can save time and reduce stress.


The fall season lends its self to vibrant colors. When selecting fall wedding flowers consider the colors of: Yellow, Gold, Bronze, Orange, Red, Dark Pink, Burgundy, Rust, Brown, Purple, Egg Plant, Green and Tan. Although the types of wedding flowers are usually chosen by the bride, the color palette of the flowers are often determined by the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

A professional florist can explain your floral options. Discussions will include the difference between selecting flowers that are in season, as opposed to choosing flowers that are out of season. Out of season flowers increase prices significantly.

With nature’s brilliant colors, here are just a few of the fall wedding flowers that are in season:

  • ROSES (Rosa) – Many people tend to think of roses as either traditional red or delicate pink. However, the colors of roses range from gold to chocolate. Brides may want to consider the radiant rose colors that include golden apricot, tomato-red, deep yellow, red-orange, tangerine, dark burgundy, coral-orange, burnt- orange, or chocolate brown. These striking shades make beautiful wedding bouquets, floral decorations, and arrangements.
  • DAISIES (Gerbera) – There are a number of varieties from a single petal to a double petal. The bright colors and varying sizes of this flower make for beautiful bouquets and eye-catching arrangements.
  • SLIPPER ORCHIDS (Paphiopedilum spp.) – This fall flower’s colors of brownish red, green and yellow can set the seasonal tone.
  • CALLA LILY (Zantedeschia) – The “green goddess” has deep green leaves and generous blooms. This is a sophisticated flower that often stands on its own. Not only do calla lilies come in the traditional white, but they also come in the rich and beautiful shades of cream, yellow, burgundy, and bronze.
  • GLORIOSA LILIES (Gloriosa rothschildeana) – A glorious bloom that makes a bold statement. The strikingly curved petals in lustrous red will certainly turn heads.
  • ORIENTAL LILIES (Lilium Oriental) – Versatility is the key. Colors include white, cream, yellow and burgundy. One of the most famous hybrids is Stargazer, which has a white background with reddish/pink markings and dotted throat.
  • HYDRANGEAS (Hydrangea quercifolia) – The late blooming Oak Leaf Hydrangea gets its name from the shape of its large leaves. These beautiful leaves often turn colors of brilliant yellow, orange, red, and burgundy.
  • SUNFLOWERS (Helianthus annuus) – When you think of autumn, picture the Sunrise Sunflower. The medium short deep double yellow petals and dark center make an excellent choice for use as cut flowers that have a long vase and arrangement life.
  • CHRYSANTHEMUMS (Chrysanthemum indicum, Chrysanthemum x morifolium) – The word chrysanthemum is taken from the Greek, chysos (gold) and anthos (flower). This fall flower is generally found in the following forms: button, daisy, decorative and spider (or quill). The size, color, height and time of bloom make it one of the most popular fall flowers for bouquets and arrangements.
  • BABY’S BREATH ( Gypsophila paniculata) – This is the delicate name for the “work horse” of arrangements. Colors range from white to pink to blushed purple. Baby’s breath can be coupled with flowers and greenery to create fullness and depth or stand-alone in an interesting container, or elegant vase.


Fall wedding decorations can be more than colorful cut flowers. A medley of textures such as beautiful berries, fall foliage, and autumn accessories create the look of a bountiful harvest.
Consider the use of berries when decorating tables, window ledges, archways or columns.

Autumn Berries

  • Rusty Rose Hips
  • Red Nandina
  • Red or Black Aronia Berries
  • Flaming Pyracantha
  • Orange Pepper Berry
  • Orange Cotoneaster
  • Rustic Bittersweet Vine
  • Burnt Sienna Hypericum Berry
  • Pink Pepper Berry
  • Blue Privet Berry
  • Fall Blueberries
  • Green or Red Viburnum Berry
  • Cranberries

Cuttings from fall foliage make stunning centerpieces and arrangements.

Autumn Foliages

  • Red Oak Leaf Hydrangeas
  • Red Dogwood Branches
  • Red Huckleberry
  • “Redbore” Kale
  • Liquid Amber Branches
  • Yellow Maple
  • Vine Maple Branches
  • Eggplant Smoke Bush
  • Green Cherry Laurel
  • “Illumination” Periwinkle
  • “Bright Lights” Swiss Chard
  • “Ogon” Japanese Sweet Flag
  • “Yellow Ripple” English Ivy
  • Black-Eyed Susan Vines
  • Grapevines

Don’t forget autumn accessories add interest.

Autumn Wedding Decorations

  • Apples, Pears, Persimmons, Pomegranates and Artichokes
  • Grains, Nuts, Melons, and Gourds
  • Dried Garland or Flowers
  • Spanish Moss
  • Ribbons that reinforce the color scheme
  • Raffia
  • Woven Baskets
  • Colorful Pottery


Continue an autumn atmosphere your guests will remember by considering the following areas for decoration. These locations may be enhanced by the use of flowers, berries, foliage and accessories.

THE WEDDING CEREMONY: The altar, columns, candelabra, backdrop for the ceremony, archways, podium, for Jewish weddings the chuppah, the aisle, end of pews, communion rails, vestibule, guest book table, doors leading to the sanctuary, and stair rails outside the entrance.

THE RECEPTION: The entry area, place card table, buffet table centerpieces, table arrangements, head table design, free standing decorations, candles, stage decor, wedding cake and cake table and restrooms.

The wide variety of fall wedding flowers and large array of berries, foliage and accessories make autumn a wonderful time of year for your special celebration. Whether your theme is large and elegant, or intimate and casual – let a professional florist customize an unforgettable fall wedding for you!

Photo by C & C Sensations, a local florist in Waynesboro VA.


Find a local florist to help create your fall wedding flowers.
Planning a wedding? Check out Wedding and Party Network for all of your wedding needs.