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Summer Wedding Flower Trends

Summer Wedding Flower Trends

Summer is full of bright and bold colors, and wedding flowers are no exception! From bouquets to reception flowers and everything in between, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite summer wedding trends. [Read more…]

Wedding Trend: Suspended and Hanging Flowers

Photo by: Ginger Lily & Rose

Bring innovative design and breathtaking views to your wedding day with the use of suspended and hanging flowers. This dramatic wedding trend can instantly add depth and elegance to an outdoor or indoor space. Find ideas for your wedding venue with these inspirational images. Remember to save the pictures you like so your florist can make your vision come to life!


This beautiful photo shows how hanging flowers can give your space an intimate feeling.

Photo by: Mod Wedding

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Wedding Trend: Getting Back to Nature

Wedding Trend: Getting Back to Nature

Getting back to nature is a growing movement.  We live in a fast paced world and many people have begun to see the beauty in slowing down.  This is also true for the wedding world.  Couples are choosing a more relaxed, natural atmosphere opposed to the old standard wedding structure of perfection.  

Out with the old, and in with the…old?  Brides are discovering “new” flowers that are actually heirloom flowers.  There are older varieties of mums, zinnias, and carnations (among others) that are making a comeback.  These older versions come in different shapes and more pastel colors that are a great match for the softer look many brides are trying to achieve.

With the rise of free seating and movement towards longer, rectangular tables, multiple centerpieces will take the stage.  These centerpieces are likely to include flowering branches and layers of greenery.  There will also be variations in centerpieces to create a loosely connected vibe, rather than identical pieces across the board.

Photo Courtesy of: Com-Patt-Ibles Flowers and Gifts

Photo Courtesy of: Com-Patt-Ibles Flowers and Gifts

Locally grown flowers native to the region where a couple will be getting married are becoming more popular.  Brides are choosing to have a free-flowing bouquet with a more organic look.  This also brings the introduction of other elements of nature, like sprigs of lavender or edibles.

Whether you decide to stick with a more traditional style or go au naturel, flowers add beauty to any venue.  For help discovering which flowers will make your day perfect, contact one of our local florists!

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3 Popular Cascading Bouquets

Princess Diana’s cascading wedding bouquet of plush roses, white orchids, and myrtle stunned the world. Cascading wedding bouquets are back in style this year with a fresh new look. Brides are wanting a looser whimsical vibe for their weddings and this bouquet shape helps achieve that effortless beauty. Here are three types of cascading bouquets that brides are looking for this year.

Achieving a free-flowing whimsical look can be difficult but adding lush greenery will give the arrangement artistic charm and shape. This style is a great compliment to lace wedding dresses and outside ceremonies. This unique arrangement bursting with blooms is sure to stun your guests and bring your wedding to life.

Photo courtesy of  Shadeland Flower Shop in Indianapolis, IN.

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Wedding Trends: Flower Crowns

Looking for a different kind of bridesmaid bouquet, flower girl accessory, or something a little extra floral for your wedding day outfit? Here are some trending flower crowns!

Guest Book Table Arrangements 2015Tiny Blooms

A variety of greens, baby’s breath, and small florals matching your bouquet could make the perfect look as an alternative to a bridesmaid bouquet. Consider accents like small pinecones or even wheat for the winter look.

Color Pop

Want your flower girls to really stand out? A flower crown with a pop of color can complete the flower girl style. Consider using colorful flowers and brightly colored ribbon so your girls can stand out.

Grand Florals

Are you wanting to add a little “flower child” to your wedding look? Big flowers and greens can add a little earthy vibe to your wedding day style. Use the same florals as your wedding bouquet.

Flowers crowns can be the ultimate accessory on a wedding day. They can add to the overall look or take the place of a traditional bouquet. The choice is yours!

Tiny Blooms photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/13847

Color Pop photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/2850

Grand Florals photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/1572




Wedding Trends: Boutonnieres

As we get into the cooler months, here is a collection of boutonnieres that are trending now for end of summer and beginning of fall weddings!

Chic Mix

A variety of blooms and greens, such as dusty miller, give this romantic boutonniere a style of its own. Combining a mixture of seasonal blooms adds to the just-picked look and truly stands out.

Bloom Bunches

Mixing small florals in a variety of colors can give any boutonniere a full look.  A combination of neutral colors with a pop of yellow, blue, or purple, can add to an outdoor themed wedding!

Rustic Accents

To make a boutonniere really stand out, consider small pine cones that really add to the season. One or two mixed in with a strand of wheat completes the rustic theme and makes for a unique design.

Don’t hesitate to get creative with boutonnieres. Even though it is a small design, it truly stands out and can be the finishing touch to a memorable occasion!

Chic Mix photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/15148

Bloom Bunches photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/16035

Rustic Accents photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/16447


Floral Trend Predictions for the Winter Wedding Season

With summer coming to a close we face the realization that winter weddings are coming soon! Here are a few of our predictions of what will be trending this winter!

Chic and Glamorous

This coming winter wedding season, you can bring glamour back to the wedding scene.

Using romantic, large-bloomed florals and mixing them with traditional red or white roses can draw the eye and make any arrangement pop.

If you are planning on sticking to the sophisticated look, using accents of metallic colors such as gold, silver and copper can add a touch of class to any winter wedding floral decor.

Warm and Cozy

Adding a cozy inviting theme turns natural elements into a fun and intimate affair. Mixing florals with natural decor is sure to create a breathtaking aesthetic.

Filler flowers, including baby’s breath or waxflowers, and non-floral elements, such as wool and berried branches, will mix-in nicely with simple blooms such as roses and lilies.

Accents of natural colors like evergreens, rich browns and deep reds will harmonize this winter wedding theme.

Home for the Holidays

The Christmas theme can mix in effortlessly with a sophisticated style. Textiles like velvet, faux fur and woven textures will enhance an elegant holiday-themed wedding.

A Christmas-inspired wedding can accentuate traditional red roses with boxwood or holly. Pinecones, cranberries and mistletoe mixed within the bridal bouquet can also add a holiday touch.

Don’t hesitate to mix a bit of the elegant with a bit of the earthy this winter wedding season! For more great ideas and tips, visit the Bloomin’ Blog!


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Wedding Trends: Bridal Shower Arrangements

Flowers aren’t only limited to the wedding—they can also be used as decor for wedding events. Here are some great ideas on flowers for a bridal shower!

Wedding Trends: Bridal Shower Arrangements

Floral Accents

Adding florals to a centerpiece, like a candle or even a pretty vase, emphasizes a design and adds a special touch to any table decor.

Sweet Jars

Consider little table arrangements that you can also spread out around the event space to add a romantic touch to the party.

Majestic Blooms

One huge arrangement can be the focal piece to any party. Use it at the gift table or use this arrangement to make the bride’s table extra special!

Whether the event is a full-on soiree or an intimate family gathering, give it a special touch with flowers from your local florist!

Floral Accents photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/14865

Sweet Jars photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/15792

Majestic Blooms photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/15661


Wedding Trends: Winter Wedding Flowers

Even though we are in the middle of summer, this is the perfect time to see what will be trending this winter with winter weddings! Here are our predictions for winter 2015:

FSN-Wedding Trends Winter Flowers

Berry Boutonniere

Adding red berries to a simple design gives it a small holiday touch that makes a lasting impression on this floral boutonniere.

Fern Tabletop

Pines and ferns mix well in table arrangements and can mix well with other greens. Consider adding white roses for a snowy look.

White Winter

This year, have a bouquet that matches the fallen snow. Ivory roses and white peonies will add a snowy touch to a romantic bridal look.

Embellishments, such as berries, or even simple colors can give any winter wedding that final touch that brings the charm of the season.

Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas and tips!

Berry Boutonniere photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/4407

Fern Tabletop photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/402

White Winter photo accreditation to: weddingandpartynetwork/gallery/15603


Summer 2015 Floral Wedding Trends

FSN-Summer Wedding 2015

The season of weddings is upon us and that means summer brides are out in full force to take advantage of this year’s hottest styles. Take a look at what we believe will be the five most popular trends for brides’ 2015 summer affairs.

Large-Blossomed Flowers

To create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere, large-blossomed flowers will be trending. Blooms such as hydrangeas, peonies and garden roses will be used to make bold statements in a variety of wedding decor, from bouquets to the table centerpieces. Blossoms are versatile for many occasions and can fit right in with a variety of wedding styles.

Lush Greenery

Inspired by the natural essence of a garden, many are opting to bring in lush greenery, such as mixes of herbs or garlands often made from varieties of ferns or leafy foliage, to complement to center piece wedding day blooms. Herbs like rosemary and mint are used primarily for their shape and rich aromas, while ferns are taken for their lacy delicate textures. Consider bringing in greenery for a more natural feel to any wedding theme.

Cascading and Teardrop Bouquets

Cascading bouquets have a 100-year history. Seen as a very classic arrangement, the style has come and gone several times throughout the last century. The height of its popularity occurred when Princess Diana walked down the aisle with her own cascading bouquet, the teardrop bouquet is much more streamlined with its shorter drop. Both styles are perfect for the classic bride.

Heirloom Elegance

Another trend you can expect to see in summer 2015 will be heirloom and vintage incorporated into many bridal styles. “Bejeweled accents” will be strategically blended into bridal bouquets and on bouquet handles. Other approaches for adding “bling” into a wedding include family jewelry, such as earrings necklaces, crowns or brooches, which gives the event a personal touch and a twist of modern sophistication.

Re-purposed and Up-cycled

Suggested for weddings with a more rustic ambiance, re-purposed and up-cycled elements bring a simple, natural feel to a couple’s big day. Not only budget-friendly, wedding decor like centerpieces, signs and vases created to accentuate floral arrangements mix well into a natural atmosphere. Mix-and-match pieces also give the perfect “homey” feel to an intimate affair while maintaining a strong theme throughout the event.

Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great wedding flower trends and ideas!