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Celebrate Your Labor Day with Flowers!

Labor Day honors the contribution of America’s workforce to the greatness of this nation. The strength of every nation is found in the men and women who comprise its working class and our country is no different. The beauty of America is that almost everyone is now or has been one of those individuals. Take this chance to say, “Thank You” to those whose hard work helps or has helped make our own lives easier, and maybe take a little time for yourself too.

Tranquil LightCasa Blanca LiliesHeavenly Garden Blooms

Flowers for Everyone

Just as Labor Day is a near universal holiday, flowers are a universal gift! They are wonderful for helping decorate the backyard for a neighborhood barbecue. They look elegant on the picnic table during a cookout. And they are a great way to show your appreciation to anyone. So head down to your local florist, and let them work their magic. They can put together a stunning arrangement in any theme you like. And whether buying for yourself or someone else, your local florist will make it great!

Last Day for White

If you are making flowers part of your Labor Day celebration, why not go with white? After all, it’s the last day to wear the color until Easter so why not take it out for one last spin? An all-white bouquet or arrangement is gorgeous, and the stylistic choice is certainly fashionable.

Labor Day is a day to relax and take time off from the very work it celebrates. This year, relax with the natural beauty of flowers!

January Flower Arrangement of the Month

January Flower Arrangement of the Month

This all-white flower arrangement reminds us of the shades of winter and is perfectly fitting for January. This would be a great arrangement to order for yourself. Why not bring a little bit of winter indoors where it is nice and cozy? White roses, lilies, waxflower, poms and more are used in this lovely little bubble bowl arrangement. It’s compact design is sure to fit on any space.

Know someone who may not be able to get out much during the winter? Why not have a beautiful flower arrangement delivered to their door? This winter-white design would be perfect!

Remember, always always always use a real local florist when you send flowers. Not only will you receive the best deals, your community also benefits!


FSN Booth Flowers at the Arkansas Florist Convention

FSN Booth Flowers at the 2012 Arkansas Florist Convention

Aren’t these flowers beautiful? When FSN has a booth at a florist convention or show, we always order display flowers from a local florist in the area. This arrangement was for the 2012 Arkansas State Florist Convention‘s Diamond Jubilee by Terry Bates of The Arrangement in Hot Springs AR. The white and silver arrangement is filled with subtle details that hint at the show’s theme — diamonds!

Diamond inside calla lily. Diamond inside calla lily.

Can you spot the diamonds inside these calla lilies? Absolutely beautiful details.

[Read more…]

Just In Time For The Fourth — Our Favorite Red, White & Blue Flowers!

Red & White RosesRED is ROSES

When we think roses, our mind almost instantly pictures RED! Red roses are synonymous with passion, and what better emotion captures feelings during the celebration of the birth of our great nation?

Add roses to your 4th of July decor, either mixed with other flowers, or all on their own. Red roses are strong, proud flowers and look impressive no matter how they are used.

Blue Larkspur Flower ArrangementBLUE is LARKSPUR

Larkspur, or delphinium is the official flower for July, and it’s true-blue variation is perfect for our 4th of July list! The delicate blue spurs of this flower stalk are some of the richest blues you’ll find in the flower world.

You can pair larkspur to compliment your flower mix, or use them alone as a true-blue stunner. As you can see by the arrangement to the right, larkspur looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with white flowers.

White LiliesWHITE is LILIES

The lily is definitely a favorite among garden flowers, and flowers in general. Everyone loves the giant blooms. White lilies are perfect for our theme, (although we almost picked calla lilies!)

Lilies made the list because their star-like blooms make the perfect Fourth of July flowers. They also remind us of bursting fireworks! Again, they look stunning on their own, but mix them with other flowers and you’ve got a fantastic flower display!

Mixing it Up — The Perfect 4th of July Flowers

Why not take all 3 of our favorite red, white and blue flowers and create a perfect flower bouquet for the Fourth!? I can see it now: the tall larkspur shooting out of the base of red roses and white lilies. Who wouldn’t want it as their 4th of July centerpiece?

Contact your local florist and see just what all they’ve got in mind for the 4th! Find your own favorite red, white and blue flowers!

Unique Diamond-White Flower Guide


April’s favorite flower color is diamond-white. This year, we are spotlighting unique flower colors for you to use in custom flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, centerpieces and anywhere else you might need great-looking flowers. To make the chosen colors a little more interesting, we are starting with birthstone colors. Last month’s was aquamarine, and this month it’s diamond, or whiteish-silver. (Click here for all of our color of the month posts)

The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word for “proper”, “unalterable”, “unbreakable, untamed.” This is a very fitting name for something as perfect and strong as the diamond.
We often see diamond used in jewelry, particularly for weddings, and it’s the birthstone for April.

When creating your wedding bouquet,

Diamond Flowers

Since ‘diamond’ is not really a color, we are associating it with lighter shades of gray. There are many, stunning flowers that come in light gray colors, as well as shimming silver and pale blue. When creating a color scheme using these light grays, you can either stick with a monochrome palette, or add a punchy, accent color to really bring out the dynamics! Imagine bright red with silver-diamond colors, or how about a vivid blue paired with diamond flowers and silver accent.

This is a great flower guide for brides looking for unique color palettes and unusual flowers for their wedding. [Read more…]

What Are These Delicate White, Blue and Sky Blue Flowers?

Ask the Expert: Lovely perennial, but what is it?
Springs up in May, has cosmos like stem and leaves and corn flower type flower.  It blooms first as white then gradually turns to a dark blue flower. Sharon

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

The flowering plant is a Nigella damascena.  It is commonly referred to as Love-in-a-Mist or Devil-in-a-Bush.  Although it blooms in U.S. gardens in the late spring though summer, florists can use this flower in arrangements year-round. Because of its light and airy quality as well as its blue color, florist use it as a rare blue element in garden style arrangements. Beside the blue flowers, Nigella can also come in pink, white and yellow.  Diseases and pest rarly bother this plant and it comes up from seed fairly easy given the right conditions.

Greenville Florists are proud to bring you this flower identification.

What Is This South Dakota Plant?

Prickly Poppy Argemone polyanthermos

Prickly Poppy Argemone polyanthermos

Ask the Expert: Help identifying this plant?
Hi! I’m working on a project for a college class and would like to use this picture that I took on vacation in Custer St Park, SD last July, but I can’t figure out what kind of flower it is. Thanks, and I really appreciate your help!

Plant Expert Reply:
What you have is a Prickly Poppy (Argemone polyanthemos). This plant can get 2 to 4 feet in height and 1 to 2 feet wide. It blooms June to August throughout the western part of the United States with white flowers and yellow center stamens. Normally found in full sun, it prefers dry to medium moisture and require virtually no maintenance.

For more information check out The Missouri Botanical Ga.rdens page:

White Night Bloomer Is Hymenocallis harrisiana

White Flower Hymenocallis harrisiana

White Flower Hymenocallis harrisiana

Ask the Expert: identify night bloomer
the flower blooms randomly every few years & starts blooming @ dusk & completes a bloom cycle in ~5 minutes.  i’d appreciate you identifying it & providing any online info that is available about it.  thanks – ed johnston

Plant Expert Reply:

You have a type of Hymenocallis probably a Peruvian daffodil (Hymenocallis harrisiana) or a Spider lily (Hymenocallis acutifolia).  The plants all in the Amaryllidacaea family.  They are bulbous perennials.

Different species of this plant have different blooming cycles. The first hymenocallis will bloom in spring followed by summer blooming ones and finally autumn blooming ones. You can find them in a native habitat in  United States from Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, south to the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas. They are also found in Mexico, Central America and South America.

You can find more information about hymenocallis at http://www.wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=HYLI.

White Roadside Flower Is A Spider Lily

Ask the Expert: I found this and was wondering what it was

Spider Lily

Spider Lily

I found this flower on the side of the road and have never seen one like it. Can you tell me what type of flower it is?
Thank you. Suzanne

Plant Expert Reply:

The lovely white flower is commonly called Spider Lily.  It is a Hymenocallis. I’m not sure which Hymenocallis it is.  It could be one of the following: Hymenocallis lirisome, Hymenocallis littoralis or Hymenocallis occidentalis.  They usually bloom summer through autumn.

White Flowers Is Spider Lily (Hymenocallis lirisome)

Ask the Expert: Help identifying flower

Hymenocallis liriosme - Spider Lily

Hymenocallis liriosme - Spider Lily

This one popped up in our pasture all by itself at the base of a shady hill. No others like it around. It’s about 18 inches high, with no leaves, just the hollow stalk.
Look familiar? David

Plant Expert Reply:

Do you come from a large family? Well this flower does (Amaryllidaceae).  As a result many of the members have the same common name or nickname.  For this plant the common name is Spider lily and is used in association with other plants in the family. Besides spider lily, the flower goes by spring spider lily.

With plants the advantage is every plant must have a botanical name that is associated with them only.  In this case, it is Hymenocallis liriosme.  It is a native plant in AR , LA , MS , OK,  and  TX; growing flood plains, bottomland, ditches, ravines, repressions, marshes, stream banks, prairie, plains, meadows, pastures, and savannahs.  They originate from bulbs and are aromatic with a lemony scent.