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Flower Spotlight: The Rose

You’re probably familiar with the red rose as it’s one of the most popular and most recognizable flowers in the world. It’s used as a symbol of passionate love and given as a precursor to countless first dates, by husbands to angry wives and as a staple gift for Valentine’s Day, but red is not the only color nor is passionate love the only meaning a rose possesses.

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Rose Colors and Meanings

  • Red Rose – Romantic love. As a gift, they tell the receiver “I love you,” and “I desire you,” but they also stand for beauty and perfection. With those inherent meanings, it’s no wonder that this color rose is the perfect gift for a lover.
  • Dark Red Rose – This color means unconscious beauty. It also means that the giver is ready for a commitment. A bouquet of these flowers should come with a ring.
  • Pink Rose – A symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is commonly given as an expression of admiration, appreciation or joyfulness. These flowers are much less serious a gift than their red counterparts.
  • Yellow Rose – This flower elicits the feelings of joy, friendship, warmth and happiness. Perfect for a close companion.
  • Lavender Rose – A gift that means enchantment and love at first sight. In many ways, the lavender rose is as appropriate for Valentine’s Day and lovers as its red sibling.
  • Orange Rose – Another perfect rose for your lover, the orange rose symbolizes desire, passion, excitement and enthusiasm.
  • White Rose – Often used for marriages and new beginnings, the white rose stands for purity, innocence, honor and reverence.

The rose, like all flowers, is multi-faceted in meaning. Flowers are a language all their own, and one can tell any story they choose with a handful of the right blooms. This Valentine’s Day, don’t just buy the standard rose merely because it’s traditional. Contact your local florist and buy the rose that expresses your feelings most completely.

The Patriotic Meaning of Red & White Roses Rages On

Celebrate Unity With Red & White Roses


Red & White Roses Represent UnityRed and white roses are gorgeous. They are beautiful whether variegated in these colors or bunched together. Why not celebrate independence and unity at the same time with a red and white bouquet of roses?

The flower meaning of red and white roses is what drew me to them. With a patriotic spirit, I came across “unity” and knew that this flower meaning would be one of the most important yet. Political views aside, we can all agree that a very critical need in this country is the sense of unity.

Many of our forefathers declared “united we stand, divided we fall” and knew exactly what it meant. Having separated from a country once loved, the spirit of patriotism began with those brave people who knew that to be free we must be one force with one mind, one common goal, and one heart.

White Roses Help Express Unity

Patriotism will never be out of fashion. Unity will never go out of style. Celebrate patriotism, not just with fireworks and funnel cakes, but also with red and white roses. Let it be a symbol of the unity that keeps this country great and not the petty differences that divide people. Have a loved one in the military who is serving overseas? This Independence Day is especially important to them because they are fighting for our right to be unified and independent.

There are many ways to show appreciation for the troops. Wear a white rose next to a red rose on your shoulder or a rose corsage. Send a red rose to your loved one away from home. Even if it’s a picture sent via email, you can still celebrate with them by wearing the same or complementing color on your shoulder. Later, send them a picture of  you with wearing your rose. What an excellent way to share a meaningful moment.

Have an idea for how to wear a red or white rose? Let us know how you plan to celebrate the holiday by commenting below!

Birth Month Flowers Get No Better Than White Roses

People with a birthday in June lucked out where birth month flowers are concerned. The birth month flower of June is the rose! It’s a pretty traditional, easy to find, popular, easy to love flower. To connect the dots–the perfect birthday gift!

So why send the birth month flower of June? Why is a rose such a special birthday gift in June? Well for starters, sending a unique birthday gift shows that you put extra thought into the recipient, what they would like, and put more effort into getting just the right gift. That deserves major props! After the birthday boy or girl calms down from having the spotlight aimed on them all day, they’re going to remember who went the extra mile and who barely got off the starting line.

The Perfect Birthday Gift This June!

The Perfect Birthday Gift This June!

Racing analogies aside, the rose is one of the most beautiful birth month flowers. It’s easy to find at any local flower shop. Florists have worked with roses since the dawn of the floral industry. They know how to treat roses with special care. They know how to make traditional rose arrangements stand out as a fabulous birthday gift. This is a perk for you because it makes it fast and simple to find what you need and get a unique birthday gift all at the same time.

Want to give birth month flowers as a birthday gift this June? Give your bouquet even more meaning by applying the traditional flower colors of this birth month flower. Look for white or cream roses when sending June birth month flowers. These carry with them a meaning of love and devoted affection. Whether a mother, girlfriend, brother, best friend or new friend, “love and devoted affection” helps keep a happy relationship blooming.

Roses as Wedding Bouquet Flowers

June is National Rose Month

June is the month of brides. It also happens to be National Rose Month, as dedicated by the American Rose Society, so it’s appropriate now to discuss roses, America’s most popular blossoms, as wedding bouquet flowers. The rose has been called the “Queen of Flowers”, and our love affair with her majesty goes all the way back to the 16th century when colonists brought the rose to the new world, making it the longest cultivated European plant in America’s history. With their shapely beauty, luxurious petals, and heady aroma, it’s no wonder that roses remain as the preferred flowers for wedding bouquets.

Many Types of Roses

Today’s brides have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting roses for their bouquets, as hybridizers around the world are constantly striving to produce new and improved varieties for use in floral designs. Chances are, a modern bride and her professional florist can find a rose in nearly any size or hue to coordinate with the wedding theme.

Some things to consider in determining which roses will make the best wedding bouquet flowers include:

  • Color (for example, there are more than 20 readily available varieties of white and ivory, not to mention hundreds of other shades),
  • Size,
  • Shape (some hybrids are more rounded, while others are more pointed)
  • Petal count (more petals make for a lusher, fuller blossom)
  • Degree of openness
  • Durability (some roses hold their petals better than others after they’ve opened)

Here is a listing of several white and off-white rose varieties which have found wide popularity as wedding bouquet flowers:

Virginia very large, soft ivory petals, outer ones with a pink blaze
Escimo delicate smaller size, pure diamond white, opens well
Vendela creamy white, medium size, high petal count
Tineke medium size, pointed bud, cool greenish-white, holds well
Bianca medium size, rounded bud, translucent rice white color
Sahara warm ivory-ecru, rounded petals, opens full
Clear Ocean larger size, fragrant, soft ivory color, opens wide
White Majolika spray type, pure white sweetheart sized blossoms, opens well

This list only scratches the surface of the choices in white to ivory roses which are available to your professional florist, who has the expertise to guide you in making the right decisions.

Who Says Wedding Flowers Have To Be White?

Of course, not every bride chooses white for her wedding bouquet flowers, and roses offer the full gamut of colors from red to yellow, pink to lavender, orange to coral, even brown…… ‘Leonidas’ is known as ‘the chocolate rose’ for its rich cocoa color.

The rose truly is the Queen of Flowers, and not only during the month of June. Celebrate your wedding, or any special occasion, with some royal blossoms from your professional florist at any time of the year.

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