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Winter Wedding Flowers, Foliages & Accessories

White Winter Wedding CenterpieceWhen most people think of a wedding bouquet, they instantly think of red roses or brightly colored flowers bunched together. You might even think of white lilies or callas. But what about a winter wedding? What flowers come to your mind? Sure, with today’s technology, most flowers are available year-round, but if you’re planning a wedding for the winter, why not add a touch of the season (as well as traditions) to your wedding decor?

Winter Wedding Flowers

  • Agapanthus – firework-like flower available in a wide range of colors.
  • Amaryllis – very large, winter-blooming flower.
  • Anemone – unique flower with dark center disks.
  • Brunia – ball-like flower; beautiful in silver.
  • Calla Lily – elegant flower available in almost any color.
  • Carnation – the new variations of carnations are absolutely beautiful.
  • Dahlia – available in many sizes and colors.
  • Eryngium – also known as Sea Holly, is a blue, star-like flower.
  • Freesia – heavenly fragrance and wide range of colors.
  • Hyacinth – highly fragrant; symbol of spring.
  • Hydrangea – very large flowers full of texture; available in many color variations.
  • Kale – beautiful with flowers, this out-of-the-garden bloom is available in purple, white and green.
  • Lily – traditional wedding flower; available in many colors.
  • Narcissus – beautiful spring flower, means luck.
  • Star of Bethlehem – beautiful flower with unique spike at the tip.
  • Waxflower – small, unique flower adds texture to any arrangement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flowers available in the winter. Your local florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for the style and theme of your wedding. [Read more…]

Flowers for Winter Romance

Flowers for Winter Romance

There’s nothing like winter for romancing. Busy days and cold weather make long winter nights perfect for snuggling. Grab a couple mugs of hot cocoa and you’re in for a good night.

How can you make these good nights happen more often? (Especially once the stress of holiday shopping sets in.) Sparking romance is easy with the help of your local florist. Send your sweetie a special arrangement of winter flowers (or her favorite flowers… and her favorite color) and you will reap the rewards.

There is something so very special about getting something just because. It shows you were thinking about them and just how special they are to you.

Cold Lips? – Send Tulips and Feel the Heat!

Cold Lips? Send Tulips and Feel the Heat!

Burrrrr!! It’s pretty shivery outside. Everyone is bundled up in thick, winter coats, layers upon layers of heavy clothes and all thoughts set on shopping; it’s easy to let romance slip our minds.

While holiday distractions abound, send your sweetie a special surprise of tulips that radiates romance! The delicately beautiful blooms of tulips will make her heart melt. Going the extra mile to send surprise winter flowers just because is one of the most romantic gestures you could do. Most of us are busy bees, planning, wrapping and decorating; it’s important to take a time out and rekindle the flames of love.

Pucker Up For Tulips:

Send Snow Tulips  Red Christmas Tulips

These are just a couple of tulip options, your local florist will have even more romantic flower ideas!
Tulips aren’t the only flower to get her fired up, send her favorite flowers for optimal potential!

Remember to always send from your local florist!

[Read more…]

Wintspiration – January Newsletter


Winter Inspiration = Wintspiration!

Winter is the time of year where we spend much of our time indoors. Luckily there are tons of holidays and celebrations during this season to encourage family togetherness and spending time with friends. Decorating with fresh flowers in the winter brings added warmth and happiness to everyone. It is simply not possible to feel the blues around an incredible bouquet of winter flowers. In this post you will find lots of great ideas and the perfect wintspiration to get you started!

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For January

Here at Flower Shop Network, we hope you had a GREAT New Year’s Day! Now’s the time to start the new year off right with a beautiful flower arrangement! Flowers are a great way to keep ourselves bright and cheery through the winter. The beautiful delphiniums might be blue, but they are also the perfect cure for the winter blues.

Send this unique winter flower arrangement to your someone special and cure someone of their winter grumps too!

Winter Romance: Create Some Heat With A Radiant Bouquet

Small Rose ArrangementIt’s January and hustle and bustle of Christmas is finally ending. Now is the perfect time for you to surprise your lady with a little winter romance. Show her just how much you care by surprising her with romantic flowers either at home or the office. [Read more…]