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What Are You Doing For World Kindness Day Tomorrow?

Did you know that World Kindness Day is tomorrow?

World Kindness Day is a holiday started in Japan that has quickly spread to all parts of the world. On this day, participants are encouraged to show kindness, generosity and good nature to people who deserve a pat on the back. This could be the cleaning lady who never hears how well she does. This could be a parent who has supported you through a hard time recently. It could be someone who is struggling with bad news or a health problem. Whomever you choose, World Kindness Day is a great opportunity to let them shine.

So what are you doing for World Kindness Day? Be sure to let us know how you’re celebrating this year.

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Make Plans Now For World Kindness Day 2009

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.  ~Seneca

It’s funny the holidays you come across when you spend the majority of your time googling flowers. Did you know that there is a World Kindness Day? Impressive.

Gee Beet Phang (Photo:  The Straits Times)

Gee Beet Phang (Photo: The Straits Times)

World Kindness Day was started just over a decade ago at the first World Kindness Movement conference in Tokyo, Japan. Apparently, there was a 35 year tradition of participating in a day that celebrated small acts of kindness. (Sounds a lot like the American “Sweetest Day”, doesn’t it?)

The purpose of World Kindness Day is very communal and sweet. It’s a day established to encourage people to remember that we are not just a person of one race, country, creed or religion. We are a part of the world which is made up of wonderful, different people. Each and every person deserves love because of their humanity, not just something special they have done, said or are.

It’s a beautiful sentiment shared by millions which have caused the holiday to spread our way. This year, we celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13th.

You can read more about World Kindness Day (it’s all over the Internet), but here’s the story that caught my attention:

Get Beet Phang is a 60-year-old cleaner who clears tables at a Suntec food court in Singapore. This act was part of the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) which hopes to extend good tidings through World Kindness Day on the 13th.

Get Beet Phang received 35 bright yellow gerbera daisies on Tuesday, November 3rd, from colleagues who wanted to show their appreciation for how kind and helpful she has been all of these years. In the article from The Straits Times, the recipient goes on to say that she has been working for 13 years and has never received as many flowers. The look on her face in the photo that runs with the article is priceless. She looks elated to have received so much attention.

The SKM is prepared to donate more than 40,000 daisies to donate and will be celebrated in over 60 venues in Singapore alone. Imagine what kind of trademark we could leave on the world if we decided to send flowers or a card to someone that we value. The idea is mind-boggling and exhilarating.

It’s small acts of kindness like this that make it easy for people to be gracious to one another. Kindness is contagious. You almost feel obliged to be kind to someone who has been nice to you because you want to make them feel what you felt. Rather than spreading negativity, why don’t we do something of our own to take part in World Kindness Day?

What this world needs is a new kind of army – the army of the kind.  ~Cleveland Amory