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Help! My Peace Lily is Suffering

Ask The Plant Expert:

“I just recently figured out what kind of plant I have; it’s a peace lily. My roommate left it behind when he moved and didn’t give any information. My peace lily has tons of brown and dead leaves. I know that pruning the dead blooms, you cut the stalk at the base of the plant because it will only bloom once. My question is, does the same rule apply to the leaves of the plant? Do I trim the entire stalk or just the dead leaf and if I leave the stalk will it sprout more leaves or just die?”-Amanda

Suffering Peace Lily

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Why Is My Sansaveria Turning Yellow?

Ask the Expert: I just moved to Southern New Mexico with my large sansevieria.  I was covering it outside, but because of the temperature I brought it inside. Seems there is damage on the tips and I don’t know whether to cut them or wait. If you need more info please let me know. I am freaking out about what is happening. -Dena

Large Sansaveria

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Can This Yellowing, Umbrella Plant Recover?

Ask the Expert: Can this plant recover?

The plant shown in the picture is turning yellow; it was ok until recently. The soil is hard, and I can’t tell if I’m watering it too much or too little. Some parts seem healthy but others seem to be unhealthy. Please also let me know what the plant is. Thanks for any help you can offer. Paul

Cyperus alternifolius - Umbrella Plant Cyperus alternifolius - Umbrella Plant stems

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Help! What Is Causing My Azalea To Turn Yellow?

Ask The Plant Expert:

Help! My azalea blooms look rusty with a little white and pink mixed in, it. The leaves also look yellow. I really can’t tell you what kind they are, but they grow low to the ground not the tall bushy kind. – Marilyn

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


I assume you are wanting to know what is causing the yellowing in your azaleas.  It could be one of many things: water issue, insect issue or iron deficiency.

  • Azalea Insect Problems

Azaleas are susceptible to an insect called Lacebug. This winged insect basically suck the chlorophyll from the plant giving the leaves a lace white appearance.  If this is the case you will need to spray them with an insecticide. Your local nursery or garden center should have what you need.

  • Azalea Iron Deficiency

Hot Pink AzaleaAzaleas sometime develop an iron deficiency.  In this case, the younger leaves will turn yellow with green veins. If this is the case, you will need to apply an iron treatment to the azaleas.  Your local garden center or nursery will have iron that you can apply to your soil.  Be sure to apply the proper rate for azaleas.  You might also check the pH of the soil and make sure that it is acidic enough for azaleas.

  • Improper Watering

The one issue that most azaleas will have at some point is a water issue — either too much or too little.  Although azaleas like a moist soil, but do not like to have soggy roots. Root rot can occur if the azalea is to wet and thus the leaves will turn yellow and drop off.  However, keeping an azalea too dry will cause the leaves to first turn yellow then brown.  Check you soil moisture level and correct the situation.  Do not over compensate – instead make sure the soil is the proper moisture level — no more no less.  In a few weeks the plant should make a full recovery.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if I can help with any thing else.

Help! Why Is My Money Tree Still Turning Yellow?

Ask the Plant Expert:

I do have another plant for you to look at; it’s a money tree with 3 braided stalks… It only gets “some” morning direct sun… I just moved it there a few days ago and its looks better but… I do still having continuing yellowing/browning leaves on it… Maybe it’s that time of season for new leaves to appear? Hope that wasn’t a silly question there. I have several plants… I have a chinese evergreen, a birds nest fern, spider, snake, aleo vera, sago palm, jade plant and a croton plant… All of those are very healthy…which I’m thankful for.

Here’s a pictures of the money tree I told you about:

Money Tree In Sun

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

At some point the plant may have had a water issue, but it looks like that has probably been corrected. Since the plant was moved it may be going through a little transplant shock. Give it a few weeks to overcome the move. Be sure to watch the new growth, if it is healthy your plant should be just fine.

Help! My Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) Plant’s Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Ask The Plant Expert:

I water my plant every 2 weeks, when the soil is dry, but not completely dry. My plant, at first, was so beautiful; then when it started to turn cold. It became wilted and yellowing, then brown… I always baby my plants, and I do talk to them… I mist them all daily, but not a lot… I have it sitting in a low light area… no sun or direct sun, just a low light area. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? – Carol

Yellowing Devils Ivy

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:


  • Was the plant left outside as the temperatures turned cold? If so, this could be a case of cold damage. Remove any of the brown or yellow leaves, and make sure the plant is in a warm environment. You should be able to continue with your normal care procedures.
  • If the plant has been in the spot and not moved, check the air vent flow in the room. If the air flow blows directly on the plant, and you recently turned your heat on, the hot air might have damaged the plant. In this case move the plant out of the air flow and remove the damaged leaves.  Once you have done this simply continue with your normal care procedures.
  • If neither of the above cases fit, it may be time to re-pot or trim your plant.  Re-pot the plant if it looks as if there are more roots than soil. Your new container should be 1 1/2 times larger than the current one. As you re-pot the plant, make sure the top of the current root-ball is not covered with soil in the new container. It should still be the top of the potted plant.

Trim the plant if the tendrils are long and sparse. This encourages new growth, and allows for a better concentration of nutrients. Hope this information was helpful. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Help! How Do I Revive My Peace Lily?

Spathiphyllum clevelandii - Peace LilyAsk the Plant Expert: I bought it a month ago at Home Depot. After returning from Sweden.  I have it in my basement by a window, but it is pretty low of light.  I guess I didn’t water it enough and now the leaves have wilted; a couple are yellow.  The two flowers I had are brown.  How can I revive this plant?  It is still green is that a good sign??? – Gloria

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: You can try. First remove any dead or drying leaves and blooms. If the soil is dry, saturate it, and make sure any excess water can drain away from the plant.  Monitor the plant; give it water when the soil begins to dry out. In a week or so, you should see the sign of new growth.

Hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Help! Am I Over-Fertilizing My Hanging Baskets?

Ask The Expert: I water my hanging baskets everyday with a mixture of Miracle Gro Bloom Booster, 1/4 tsp to 2 gallons of water my baskets seems to be doing pretty good, except this one. It just seems like it needs something more, it is yellowing on the leaves and seems weak. I also have a slow release fertilizer mixed in with the soil (granuals). I have noticed also in one other plant the color like this one seems to be dull in my flowers. What am I missing? –Melodie

Hanging Basket

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Melodie, Lack of or need for fertilizer is not always the reason plants turn yellow. Water issues are often the problem. Your plant may be experiencing an over abundance of water. Check to make sure that your container is allowing excess water to drain away from the plant.

However, over-fertilization can also be a problem. Since you have a slow-release fertilizer in the soil, I would cut back on the liquid fertilizer.

Hope this information was helpful.