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Can You Revive A Yellow Lucky Bamboo Stalk?

Ask the Expert: Yellowing Bamboo Stalk
Hello. About a week ago, I bought 3 stalks of Bamboo. At the time they were all green and healthy. I put them by the window and I think I gave them too much sun. A few days ago, 2 of the stalks were turning yellow. I moved the stalks out of the direct light. I did some research and it said to pull the yellow stalks out and place in a glass of fresh clean water. I put each yellow stalk in separate glasses. The one stalk left (still in the vase) is completley green and looking healthy. The other 2 have gotten considerably yellower as the days have gone on. I read that you can cut the bamboo at the \”knuckle\” to let it regrow….but what if there is no green left on the stalk to cut? Is there anything I can do? I am attaching a picture of all 3 of them. Thank you. Jill

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:
Once a stalk has gone completely yellow, it usually dies. However, I can’t see the very bottom of the yellow stalks. Since you have nothing to lose, I would try to start new growth from the roots. Make the cut above one of the nodes closest to the roots. Of course this will give you a very short stalk, but at least it might survive.

To help you understand how to do this, read We are not always lucky with lucky bamboo. This post includes pictures and descriptions.

Yellow Lucky Bamboo Leaves Are A Sign Of Too Much Cold & Light

Lucky Bamboo With Yellow LeavesAsk the Expert: I have some problem with my lucky bamboo.

Dear expert, I have some problem with my lucky bamboo. Leaves turn yellow. they are perfect three days ago. I have put them under the sun for 2-3 hours everyday for two days since this winter in Sydney is cold. It turns out like this. What can I do about it? is the problem assiciated with sun shine? please help me~ Ann

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert:

Winter sun can be very strong despite the cold. The combination of too much light and cold temperatures are causing the problem. The rapid changes in temperature can also be a problem for lucky bamboo. Instead of moving the plant in and out of the cold, find a place inside with a sufficient light source.  Choose a room with some natural light. For a long time, I kept my lucky bamboo in a small bathroom with a little window.  It received filtered light for about 4 hours a day and did very well.

The yellow leaves probably will stay yellow and may even fall off. Once your lucky bamboo has stabilized, it will produce new leaves. These leaves should be healthy and green.

Cool Temps Can Cause Yellow Leaves On Lucky Bamboo

Ask the Expert: Lucky Bamboo leaves turning yellow

Greenings !!!

I was gifted [Housewarming] a Lucky Bamboo Plant about 3 weeks ago [December 22, 2009]. The arrangement of the stalks, are four concentric graduated circles “Crown/Mountain Like” in appearance.

It was sitting in my driveway when I got to my “New” house [West Oakland CA]. It had been “outside for about 3 days [slight amount of rain]. The Lucky Bamboo plant is growing in water [with those type of iridescent glass “Heart shaped” stones surrounding the plant].

It did not come with a “Plant Care Card”, So I looked up on the internet to see what I should do. Following the directions I found on several sites. I put it on a table with a slight amount of  “Early Morning Sunlight” mostly “Indirect Bright Light”

When I noticed a few days ago that it leaves were turning yellow.  So I “Moved It”. To a place with “No Early Morning Sunlight” [Indirect Bright Light Only]. But the leaves are “Yellowing” at a faster rate and the tips are drying out !!!

It still has plenty of water covering the roots [so far it has not needed any watering] . My house is not heated so it is cold at night [ as low as 35-40 degrees lately ] Could Cold Temperature be the cause of it’s problems?

I am usually pretty good with plants [at least 5 green thumbs] and being that it is a gift from my family  > I do so much want my so far :Unlucky Bamboo” to recover. Your advice will be much appreciated

Thank You Lichen I

Plant Expert Reply:

I would say the root of your problem is temperature related.  Dracaena as a whole prefer temperatures above 40 degrees.  The exposure to the cool temperature during a period of transplant shock could cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Place the lucky bamboo in the warmest room of your house.  Add water (distilled if possible) to the container as needed to keep level constant.  Do not fertilize.  As long as the leaves are yellow and the stalks are healthy and green, the lucky bamboo should recover. In a week or two, you should start to see new growth.  However if the stalks start to turn yellow or become mushy, you will need to act quickly.  You might need to remove the unhealthy part of the lucky bamboo or start new ones.  Keep me posted and I will try to help you maintain a healthy plant.

Traveling Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow

Ask the Expert: lucky bamboo plants
I’ve recently brought 2 bamboo plants from Scotland to Barcelona in Spain and one of these plants has recently started to turn yellow from not quite the top of the stalk and this colour is travelling down the stalk.  At the bottom of the stalk where it”s still green are new leaves coming out of a new little stalk.  There’s still a leaf coming out of the top of the stalk (where it’s still green).  The other plant seems to be fine.  I’ve put both these plants together with a 3rd plant which has always been in our house in Barcelona – also healthy.  I’m particularly keen to know what to do with the plant turning yellow as they were my dad’s plants and he just passed away a couple of months ago and I obviously want to keep them.  Could it be the change of location or different type of water?  I was using tap water here in Barcelona but have now changed to bottled water, having read some other postings.  Also, what should I do about the new shoot at the bottom of the stalk!
?  I’s still healthy but because it’s quite low down is inside the large glass container I keep them in, about an inch above the water. I’m scared the yellow colour is going to spread down and infect that part too!   I keep them inside where they get some light but not bright direct sunlight.
Thanks very much in advance. Catherine

Plant Expert Reply:

All plants will go through transplant shock when moved. Wilting, pale coloring and lack of growth  can all be a result of transplant shock. Normally we recommend leaving the plant alone during this period. However with yellowing in lucky bamboo, we look for other causes as well. In lucky bamboo, yellowing is usually caused by one of two factors: too much light or too much fertilizer.  Too much light usually occurs from top down— while too much fertilizer occurs from bottom up.  In your case, the yellowing seems to be from the middle traveling downward. This makes me think it is a damage issue and not the normal transplant shock or yellowing issues.

Check the stalk. Do you see a slight wound or rust spot? If you do, the stalk has been compromised and now has a pathogen causing the yellowing. To treat this problem remove the infected stalks from the other stalks. Now you will need to take the infected stalk and remove the damaged part.  You will do this the same way you would propagate a new lucky bamboo stalk.  Place the healthy green part attached to the roots in its own container filled with distilled water.  If the top still has a healthy green part propagate a new stalk (be sure to use the rooting hormone) and place in the conatiner with the stalk with roots. Throw the yellow part of the stalk away.

Good Luck and keep me posted on the prgress of your lucky bamboo.

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