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You Don’t Have To Be Narcissistic To Like Narcissus

For those who missed last year’s December birth month flower post, here’s a quick recap. The birth month flower of December is the daffodil (Narcissus).

See? Told you it’d be quick.

Daffodils are awesome flowers. They are attractive, come in many colors, and have none of the qualities of the person for which they’re named. In case you don’t know the story, Narcissus is a figure in Greek mythology who was so enthralled with his own beauty that he could not fully love anyone else. It’s a very interesting story that, despite many narratives, always ends in a white flower growing in the spot where Narcissus died. Narcissus can be either yellow or paper white hence the name.

Even if you’re not into Greek mythology, the daffodil is an amazing flower that adds instant beauty to an arrangement. Want a true touch of yellow without going to sunflowers or daisies? Try paper white daffodils (Narcissus). Want the butter yellow color of a buttercup in a more prominent bloom? Choose yellow Narcissus. Either way, the gift is one that everyone will love.

Birth month flower arrangements are very popular with younger generations who desire uniqueness. If you need to buy a gift for someone who likes quirkiness, ask your local florist to arrange a birth month flower arrangement using daffodils. Your florist will welcome the challenge and your friend/family will love the drop of sunshine!

Want to send birth month flower arrangements for another month? Use Flower Shop Network to contact your local florist for more birthday flower ideas.

Remember The Scorpio Zodiac Flowers?

"Whimsical Flowers" Bouquet--The Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gift

"Whimsical Flowers" Bouquet--The Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gift

By this point everyone who has spoken to a Generation Y-er knows how quirky and unique we love our life to be. We want special. We want different. We want stand out appeal. That’s why so many of us love zodiac flowers.

I’m not a Scorpio but I’m on the cusp so I can understand why Scorpios would love their zodiac flowers. These include gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflower. What do these beautiful blooms mean? I’m not an astrologer but I do know that anyone into astrology will love astrological flowers. Seems like an easy connection, right?

It’s not surprising that people like me fall into two categories. I’m a Libra at heart and in most publications but often I’m labeled a Scorpio. If you know someone into astrology and the zodiac but can’t figure out which one they fall into, try something special like this. I mentioned it briefly in last year’s post about Scorpio zodiac flowers. It was fun then and it’s twice as fun now.

The solution as I see it is to send a flower arrangement whose flowers denote certain astrological signs and time of the year. This is a very creative way to show someone how special they really are. For people like myself it is an unexpected treat. The zany mixture of flowers such as dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus, and orchids (Libra) with the beautiful blooms of gerbera daisies, marigold, and sunflowers (Scorpio) provide a very quirky and colorful present for fall birthdays.

See? It’s simple to send a fun birthday gift to a Scorpio or a Libra (or both). Just call up your local florist and ask for an arrangement that includes some dahlias, gardenias, tea roses, gladiolus or orchids for a Libra. If you’re hunting for flowers for a Scorpio, ask your local florist for a bouquet including gerbera daisies, marigold, or sunflowers. Zodiac flowers are a fantastic gift for someone on the paranormal edge of awesome.

Want to send birthday flowers to a Scorpio? Use Flower Shop Network to contact your local florist today.

Is It Time For Libra Birthday Gifts Already?

My heart is jumping up and down a little because that means that my birthday is just around the corner. I’m on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio but I align myself more with Libras. Libras are an awesome group of people. There are exceptions to every rule but not when we’re concerned. We are all awesome. If you’re a Libra, you’ll understand my passion for this zodiac sign. If not, feel free to let my ramblings elude you and take a peek at this AWESOME birthday gift for Libras.

A Unique Birthday Gift For Libras

If you know someone who was born between September 23rd and October 23rd, you have a Libra’s birthday gift to buy. As always but with growing passion, I recommend flowers. Not just any old flowers though. Give flowers associated with the Libra zodiac sign. Some Libra zodiac flowers are:

Half Dozen Pink Roses

Half Dozen Pink Roses

  • pink roses
  • dahlias
  • gardenias
  • tea roses
  • orchids
  • tuberose
  • freesia
  • gladiolus

They’re all beautiful flowers and many of them are quite fragrant. They strike an easy balance between pleasing both the eyes and the nose. This isn’t just a coincidence. Libras fall under the sign of the scales so finding a balance  in nature is part of our charm.

If you’re in the mood to give a unique birthday gift this year, contact your local florist and ask to send your friend some astrological/zodiac flowers associated with the Libra sign. It’s something they don’t hear often enough and will give them a pleasant change. Watch how their creativity flows when given a fresh idea! You’ll love what comes out of their creative process, but more importantly, your sweetheart/friend will adore them too. Most of all, they’ll adore you!

Miss the Libra zodiac flowers blog last year? No worries. View it now!

What Birthday Gift Is Right For The Virgo In My Life?

Fiery Red Gladiolus For Your Virgo!

Fiery Red Gladiolus For Your Virgo!

Everyone knows I adore my charming, vivacious Virgo. He’s one-in-a-million for sure even if he is also a million headaches. Know what I mean? The virgo in my life deserves something incredible for his birthday. It has to be special and sweet. Since he shares a birthday with my mother, it has to be something unique so that they don’t feel like they’re getting the same thing. What a hassle!

Hassle/problem solved this year. Regular readers probably remember me touting zodiac flowers for virgos last year. I know from personal experience how incredible those gifts went over so I’m looking for a repeat performance this year! Though their birthday isn’t until September, if you have someone in your life born between August 21 and September 21, you have a virgo on your hands! When you want a cool birthday gift without a lot of trouble, contact your local florist and mention these Virgo zodiac flowers.

  • Forget-me-nots
  • Gladiolus
  • Monkshood
  • Hypericum
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Violet
  • Ivy
  • Eucalyptus (even filler flowers count!)

Sending zodiac flowers to your virgo this year? Don’t forget to stop back by and let us know how it turned out!

Need Birthday Flowers For A Leo?

When it’s time to shop for a birthday gift for a Leo, strike “trip to the mall” off of the list. Instead, call your local florist and ask about zodiac flowers for a Leo. This is a unique gift that they probably aren’t going to get twice. The creativity of zodiac flower arrangements shows that you’re paying attention to the birthday boy or girl and really wanted to go the extra mile for a cool gift this year. Well you did! At least, you will have when you contact your local florist and talk about zodiac flowers in a birthday bouquet.

So what flowers qualify as Leo zodiac flowers and astrological flowers? Here are the most popular blooms for Leos:

Orange Carnations Are Always Fun!

Orange Carnations Are Always Fun!

  • Carnations (yay!!!)
  • Amaranthus
  • Peonies
  • Anthuriums
  • Cacti
  • Sunflowers
  • Venus Fly Trap (though you’ll have to go farther than your local florist to find this TRULY unique gift)

So when it comes to shopping around for a birthday gift for your loveable Leo, look to your local florist. They have just what you need this year — zodiac flowers!

These Flowers Make It Cool To Be A Cancer

Many readers probably remember last year’s post about zodiac flowers for Cancers.  Cancers are people with whose birthdays fall between June 21 and July 21. In my family, that’s a lot of people! Finding unique gifts for each of them becomes very difficult each year. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  These are the people who have everything, enjoy only a few hobbies, and have spent many years collecting gifts so they don’t seem to need anything either. What to do, what to do!?

Just enough Delphinium to be exciting!

Just enough Delphinium to be exciting!

I can say that just like last year I stand beside cancer zodiac flowers as awesome and unique birthday gifts. I mean, come on. Who would expect something which requires so much thought and effort (or so it seems)?

My local florist makes it practically effortless to pick up a pretty birthday bouquet for my friends and family. I just call up June and say “I need an arrangement centered around zodiac flowers for cancer. They are roses, lily of the valley, hydrangea, iris, cornflower, delphinium, and ferns. Can I get something in an X price range?” That’s almost the entire extent of the conversation and the birthday gift shopping is done!

Yeah. As far as zodiac flowers are concerned, two thumbs WAY up for Cancer zodiac flowers!

Bull-oney! There Are Taurus Zodiac Flowers?

Zodiac flowers are fun, especially for Taurus. This fun zodiac sign is represented by a bull. How cool is that?! When I think of a bull, I picture the same qualities that most people would assign to these animals. Bulls are usually calm animals when left alone. They are stubborn, powerful, bold, and tenacious when provoked to such. I know plenty of people like that and I was surprised just how many have a birthday between April 21st and May 20th (that makes them a Taurus).

It’s hard to find unique gifts every year. Most of the Bloomin’ Blog followers know that I’ve been on a fresh flower kick. Why not? It’s as much fun for the sender to send flowers with a unique twist as it is for the recipient to receive an interesting birthday gift. Two perks in one–I say go for it!

"Fashionable Father’s Day Bouquet"

"Fashionable Father’s Day Bouquet"

Taurus Zodiac flowers (also called astrological flowers) are violets, iris, sweet pea, lilac and lavender. You can also enjoy aster, lily of the valley, scented stock, sweet William and fruit bearing trees for a Taurus birthday. Flower arrangements like the “Fashionable Fathers Day Bouquet” at left are perfect for Taurus birthdays. Don’t let the title fool you—this bouquet of iris and daisies go over well all year!

You know your birthday boy or girl the best. Deciding which flowers to send will be a breeze! Simply contact your local florist to create a unique birthday gift that your friend will love.

Please Note: Zodiac flowers are assigned to each of the 12 astrological signs. There is no cosmic magic associated with zodiac flowers. There is no spell cast over astrological flowers. Zodiac flowers are just a fun way to acknowledge something that helps group people together, gives them something in common–their zodiac sign.

Did You Know That There Are Zodiac Flowers For Aries?

If you caught last year’s blog about Aries zodiac flowers, this will be a great reminder. If you missed that post, you’re in for a real treat!

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

"Timeless Tulips Bouquet" of Flowers

Zodiac or astrological flowers are usually sent to someone with a birthday that falls under a particular zodiac sign. These are not flowers that florists stand over like shamans. They have no tom foolery attached. They simply represent the same general qualities that people possess who are born within that time frame. For April, these flowers are tulips, red roses, and amaryllis.

I’m sure you’re wondering (as I did at first) what tulips, red roses, and amaryllis have to do with the Aries zodiac sign. There are a few qualities that Aries are said to possess that can easily be seen in these flowers. For example, Aries are generally innovative people full of ideas and energy. They put the “get up and go” in most situations. This makes sense since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac. Aries tend to be daring, impulsive, desire first place or the most attention and want to work without restriction. Here’s what their astrological flowers have in common:

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

"Loving Embrace" Arrangement with Roses

Tulips: Tulips are the perfect zodiac flowers for Aries because they are beautiful, full of charm, and are second to none in many arrangements. They stand out above the crowd with a stunning simplicity that can’t be matched.

Red Roses: Ah, the truest signs of romance. Red roses arrangements are sent for many occasions. Whatever that event may be, it’s almost always the sight of the red roses that gets the night up and running. They conjure up visions of romantic events. They’re the dreamer’s flower. They’re also great for many different occasions which goes hand in hand with the Aries tendency to start many projects.

Amaryllis: Absolutely gorgeous amaryllis are a fiery flower that couldn’t be more perfectly placed with another zodiac sign. Aries is the god of war, i.e. a very fiery character that lives in the moment with a fierce intensity. People falling under the Aries sign are said to have these characteristics, however sublimated. For the fiery Aries in your life, there is no better addition to a birthday flower arrangement than amaryllis.

A Taste of Love, A Piece of Pisces

Pisces may represent the last sign in the zodiac, but your Pisces is the first in your heart. Self-sacrificing and compassionate, your beloved deserves a beautiful and unique gift on her birthday. If the love of your life was born between February 19th and March 20th then a Pisces-inspired flower arrangement is an excellent and unique gift for her this year!

Pisces tend to be very tolerant, giving, emotionally deep and involved, compassionate and empathetic. These are amazing qualities in a mate or friend. I can see why you love her! However, these endearing traits can also be very draining for Pisces who receive very little in return. Show your sweetheart just how much you love her with a beautiful zodiac flower arrangement from your local florist. Freesia, jasmine, lilac, narcissus, and Madonna lily are fragrant blooms that add pep to the step of Pisces.

It is often difficult to match words to the intense feelings of love, respect, and adoration that we feel for our partners. Rest at ease this time. Learn more about colors associated with flower meanings to find the colors that express your most sincere feelings. The gentle lavender color of lilacs represents femininity and gentility. The milky white of the Madonna lily represents purity, inspiration, and innocence.

Often the flowers themselves have deep meanings. Narcissus sends the message “stay as sweet as you are.” Freesia spread thoughts of trust and innocence. When the right message counts, contact your local florist who will create a flower arrangement perfect for expressing your most romantic feelings.
White Freesia and Carnations.jpg White freesia and carnations make a beautiful gift for your Pisces!

The Age of Aquarius Inspired Flower Arrangements

Whatever the age of your Aquarius, the unique gift of a zodiac-inspired flower arrangement will send the heart of your beloved soaring to new heights. For that special someone born between January 20th and February 18th contact your local florist to design a unique flower arrangement containing bright daffodils, beautiful arum lilies, or birds of paradise for tropical beauty.

Aquarius represents the most humanitarian of the zodiac signs. Show how much you care for your compassionate and giving Aquarius with a unique astrological flowers arrangement designed specifically with her in mind. It is easy to lose sight of caring for ourselves when we continually care for others. For the mother who never seems to take time for herself, focus on her for a moment because the memory of even a fleeting moment as special as this will truly last a lifetime.

Aquarius friends are typically very cerebral, friendly, sincere, independent, and idealistic. These very brilliant people may wish for a more practical gift. Pitcher plant and aloe plants are ecologically sound gifts that also spread good cheer. Aquarius reformers may be “going green” and will appreciate a practical and enduring plant.

No one knows your Aquarius better than you so contact your local florist today for a remarkable birthday gift that she’s sure to love!

Daffodilvasearrangement.jpg Daffodils bring cheer to the heart of an Aquarius!