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Decorate Your Thanksgiving With A Plentiful Cornucopia

Cornucopias are awesome. They are unique, beautiful and bountiful. They are traditional representations of Thanksgiving. What’s not to love?

Did you know that the cornucopia is rich in history and is as much as strong symbol of Greek mythology as it is a representation of the American Thanksgiving? Yeah. I didn’t either until I began to search for ideas online that my local florist could use. I’m not super crafty so I figured I’d rely on the experts for this one. That aside, here’s a brief history of cornucopias.

A Brief History of Cornucopias: (told you)

The cornucopia’s history can be traced as far back as the fifth century B.C. Obviously that’s a bit longer than the early days of the American colonies. Though the mythology varies after centuries of retelling, Greek legend has it that the first cornucopia belonged to Amalthea. If you ever wondered who nursed Zeus as a baby, it was the nymph Amalthea. She used a goat’s horn that had broken off and filled it with her breast milk so that Zeus could suckle.

One legend states that Amalthea was a goat herself and the horn was hers broken off by Zeus as they were playing together. He felt bad and gave it back to her,now retrofitted with supernatural powers. The power, as all of the legends concur, had the ability to fill itself with whatever the owner wished. It became a symbol of plenty and that’s how it earned many of its nicknames.

See? The story is really quite interesting. I wonder how many of the pilgrims knew the legend and used cornucopias for this reason (their representation of plenty, abundance). As they were religious pilgrims under the Christian religion, I doubt they modeled their celebration after Greek mythology but it’s an interesting speculation nonetheless. What do you think?

This Thanksgiving, why not decorate your table with a plentiful cornucopia surrounded by fresh flowers. Not only will the fragrance smell as good as dinner, but it will also be a festive decoration that will be a surefire conversation starter.

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  1. wow, what a great myth, zeus and all.

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