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Thanksgiving: More than one day to be thankful

November is the Thanksgiving holiday month for the United States. This year the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving on November 22nd. The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated in October. What is Thanksgiving?

Ask people what Thanksgiving means to them and you’ll get a wide variety of answers like:

  • Thanksgiving Turkey
  • The Thanksgiving Parade
  • A Day of Football
  • A Day Off
  • Time With Family
  • Thanksgiving Food – pumpkin pie, stuffing, five-cup salad, sweet potatoes and fruit baskets
  • Thanksgiving Decorations – flower centerpiece, Horn of Plenty cornucopia, gourds

Some people even mention the history of Thanksgiving and how the pilgrims gave thanks for their harvest.

I’ve been thinking about what Thanksgiving means to me. Turkey, pie, flowers for the Thanksgiving table, football, and family – Yes, all of those things remind me of Thanksgiving. But, what does Thanksgiving mean to me?

Last week, I read an editorial in Real Simple about a man who every morning wrote down 5 things he was thankful for. This editorial gave me an idea. To find out what Thanksgiving means to me, I would first need to know what I was thankful for.

Every day since November 1st, I’ve written down five things I’m thankful for that day.

Here are a few of the things I’ve been thankful for:

  • My husband because he made pancakes this morning.
  • My gerberas are still blooming.
  • My shoulder doesn’t hurt.
  • My Mom and Dad.
  • The orchid stems my husband brought me.
  • The laughter shared with friends.
  • The perky pansies on my front porch.
  • My dogs chasing leaves instead of digging up my tulip bulbs.

These are just a few of the things I have been thankful for the past few days. Friends, family and flowers – those are the things I am thankful for every day. So what does Thanksgiving mean to me? Remember! It means remember to at least one day a year to be thankful for friends, family, flowers or whatever. Every day we should be thankful for many things in life. If not every day then at least every Thanksgiving.

What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday?


  1. Pamela Nesbitt says:

    I am thankful for all the living things around me. I am not a perfectionist, because nothing is perfect and that makes my life a little easier. I do strive for moral excellency without murmuring and complaining so much. This Thanksgiving Day and everyday I am celebrating the life that God has given me, it doesn’t get any better than that.


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