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Enjoying a Thanksgiving Potluck with FSN

Flower Shop Network is going to be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so the FSN family chose to get together this Thursday for food and fellowship.

We decided to go potluck style this year, and let me tell you, some of these folks can cook! Most of the food in these shots is homemade and it was all delicious. Enjoy the images, but let me tell you, the reality was fantastic!

Potluck food

Tables full of food. We had traditional favorites like candied yams and more ethnic fare with homemade hot tamales! Yum!

Care for a Roll

Is this the bread aisle at some local market? No! It’s just a few of the many tasty options we sorted through to fill our bellies.


Shelley looks thrilled with her selections! Well, it wouldn’t be hard. Everything was excellent.

Digging In

Food that stretches down the hallway. At last we see some people getting ready to dig in to this sumptuous feast.

Get in My Belly

And now the line has begun in earnest. Look at those smiling faces! Fresh, good food just tends to have that effect on people.


Cookies and cakes and pies, OH MY! Clear the way, I’m going in!

Loranne and Jamie

Jamie and Loranne catch up while enjoying some scrumptious bounty from the potluck buffet line.

That’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed this holiday peek behind the curtain at the FSN offices. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to make and bring so many amazing dishes. The food was great, but the company was better!

Enjoy your holiday meal, and make sure you take the time to enjoy your family while you’re at it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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