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The Best Fragrant Flowers For Your Home

Instead of relying on artificial air fresheners and sprays to make your house smell sweet and clean, try something more natural. The aroma that comes from fresh flowers can’t be beat. See how their refreshing scent can make entire rooms (yes, even your son’s room) smell like you are walking into a field of blooming flowers. Here are five of the sweetest smelling flowers for your home.


Many people compare the fragrance of freesia to strawberries or other fresh fruit. This trumpet-shaped flower is also described to have intriguing undertones of honey and mint.


The intoxicating smell of gardenias is pleasing to most people, but overwhelming to some. Their scent is typically compared to thick orange-blossom honey. If you have a room that is especially stinky, try a flower arrangement filled with gardenias!


Not all lilies smell, but most boast a fragrance beyond compare. Orchid lilies and stargazer lilies have a sweet tropical scent.


Normally darker colored roses have a stronger scent. One rose smelling expert states that there are five general English rose fragrances.

Myrrh: An aromatic, aniselike scent; among roses it’s found almost exclusively in English roses.

Fruity: Because the rose is related to apricots, pears, apples, strawberries and others, fruity notes often surface.

Musk: A romantic scent, it often comes from the flower’s stamens. People are especially sensitive to the scent.

Old rose: The classic rose fragrance, it’s found almost exclusively in pink and red roses.

Tea rose: A strong scent — like that of fresh tea — that often dominates a flower. Other fragrances can become evident over time.


Peonies have two distinctive smells. Some have a strong floral scent while others are have been said to smell like spice or ginger from a kitchen cabinet. Your local florist will know exactly what colors produce the smell you are looking for.

Are you curious to see if these flowers will work in your home? Pick your favorite flower out of the list and call your local florist today.

You may find a new favorite smell that you can’t live without!

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