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The Florist With The Horse

Kimberly George has always been creative. So, when the opportunity to own Northwest Arkansas Florist fell on her and her husband’s lap in 2012, they took it.

With a team of ten designers and two locations (Fayetteville, Arkansas and Bentonville, Arkansas), NWA Florist is recognized not only for their great design, but also for an iconic statue that calls the shop home.

Artist painting horse for American Diabetes Association

Horse Beginnings
The shop began in 1978 with the Dufresne Family. When the family moved to the area, they bought a grocery store that included a cement and fiberglass horse. When the family started NWA Florist, they brought the horse over to the flower shop and he’s been an icon ever since.

One day the horse was vandalized. Someone spray-painted him and that’s how the painting of the horse started evolving and non-profits became involved.

According to George, the horse is around 50 years old, he gets painted once a month, and it’s non-profits and other charitable organizations that do all the painting. His name is ‘Ol’ Paint’ in the Fayetteville location.

He is currently scheduled for painting past 2018. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be part of this local icon.

“Some people don’t always know the name of the shop,” George said, “but if they are told, ‘it’s the one with the horse,’ they know exactly who we are.”

Part of the Community
George said she loves being a local business. They cater to just about any event and they are able to work with any budget.

From everyday arrangements to University of Arkansas events, NWA Florist has done it all. Their manager s also AIFD Certified, which is the highest certification in the nation to receive in the floral industry.

George said it’s important to shop locally because everyone supports each other and they are able to control the quality of the flowers.

“The most important thing is that you are getting a personal touch of something that is happening locally,” George said. “You’re not getting something from overseas. It is something that is adding back to the community because we are a small business.”

There is no need to look further for a florist that will have the experience and the personal touch to focus on your needs as a customer. Just remember to look for the florist with the horse–Northwest Arkansas Florist.

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