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The Meaning Behind Rose Numbers

Did you know that the amount of roses you send to your loved one means different things? The specific number you send holds great significance! Take a look at our quick guide we’ve put together to help you find the perfect amount of roses to send.

One Rose

One rose means love at first sight. If you’re looking for a way to show someone your feelings this Valentine’s Day use a single rose to hint at your affections.

Two Roses

Two roses stand for love and admiration. Old superstitions say that if the two roses are intertwined to form a single stem it can often be a sign of a of a future engagement or marriage.

Three Roses

Three roses stand for the three little words, “I love you.” Giving three roses is the perfect way for you to tell someone you love them for the first time! What a beautiful way to express your love.  

Six Roses

If you’re away from your loved one this Valentine’s Day send six roses! Six roses is used as a sign of infatuation and shows the desire to be with someone. Secret admirers most often choose to send six roses.

Twelve Roses

Sending twelve roses shows that you’re thinking of someone 12 months of the year. It shows your undivided attention and devoted love.

Fifteen Roses

Do you have a reason to apologize this Valentine’s Day? Fifteen roses mean deep apologies and remorse. Try seeking forgiveness in some of your broken relationships by sending fifteen roses.

Twenty-Four Roses

Sending two dozen roses to a loved one shows that you are thinking of them 24 hours a day. This is the perfect way to show your constant concern and devotion.

Hopefully now you can decide the exact amount of roses to send. You’ll really impress your loved one if you can tell them exactly what the number means!


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