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The Wonderful Things Florists Do

I love my job. I get to see many things before they occur on our site. Newsletters are one of them. I’m so excited about next weeks Flower Shop Network newsletter – Florists and the Wonderful Things They Do – that I can hardly keep it to myself. Amy Stewart (Dirt blogger and author of Flower Confidential) gives great insight to the wonderful things florists do all over the world and shares them in this newsletter.

Florists are enthusiastically dedicated hardworking individuals who use their talents to help enjoy the beauty of flowers and create memories. It is nice to see someone recognizing all that florists do. After all it’s not just their livelihood but also their way of life.


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  2. Thanks, Amy, for taking time to appreciate the hard work and efforts that go on daily in a small business, local flower shop. We deliver, every day, something that they BIG BOX BOYS cannot — we deliver WOW!!!! ….and we deliver it NOW!!!!! No more waiting…no more frozen flowers, We get it there, and it’s right, and we guarantee it!!

    Flowers are part of an emotional rollycoaster. Some flowers are cool and soothing; some are vibrant & explosive, some soft as a new baby’s bottom. All reach an important part of our psychological personality in a different way.

    What other business in the world can give you an opportunity to impact the lives of others in so many ways each and every day?

    When you add the talents of great floral designers to the freshest products possible, we become the “agents of Happiness”.

    Thanks for writing about us, and come visit us any time!

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