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Celebrate Tour De France With Flowers For Your Cyclist

Tour de France 2011The world famous Tour de France 2011 competition is going on now! Running from Saturday July 2nd to Sunday July 24th, the 98th Tour de France will consist of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,430.5 kilometers.

Our cycling fans here at FSN are just itching to get home to see more of the race! If you, or someone you know are glued to the tube watching race results, this custom flower idea is just the thing for you!

Winners Wear

For those out of the loop (like me), there are different types of winners at the Tour de France signified by what jersey they wear:

YELLOW JERSEY – the over-all winner

GREEN JERSEY – fastest sprinter

WHITE & RED POLKA DOT JERSEY – best mountain climber

WHITE JERSEY – competition for young riders

The thing about the Tour de France we love is how they incorporate colors with their award bouquets. For each stage, a new winner is given the appropriate colored jersey (as mentioned above) to wear in the next round, and also a matching bouquet!

Tour de France Bouquets

3rd Stage Winners: Mountain: Gilbert Philippe (Germany) Young Rider: Geraint Thomas (G.Britain) Sprinter: Jose Joaquin Rojas (Spain) Over-all Winner: Tyler Farrar (American)

Need Gifts For A Cyclist?

Choose flowers in the colors above to match your cyclist’s favorite player or their style!

All-Yellow Overall Winner FlowersFor An Over-All Winner – Choose yellow! The bright and cheeriness of an all-yellow bouquet can’t be beat, just like your cyclist!

For The Sprinter – For the cyclist who loves speed, green is the way to go. All-green bouquets spark thoughts of nature; your sprinter can dream of speeding past vast landscapes as they gaze into your gift of green flowers.

For The Mountain Climber – Does your cyclist love conquering any obstacles they cross, either on the bike or in life?  A red and white bouquet is just for them!

Young Rider – Do you have a kid or teen who is really into cycling and loving the Tour de France right now? Send them an all-white bouquet to show your support.

Flowers are always the perfect gift. If you are interested in sending your cyclist flowers, see this article on how to send custom flowers.

Tour de France image credit: der_lockere

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