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When Do You Transplant An Umbrella Plant?

Ask the Expert: best time to transplant an umbrella plant it’s starting to get top heavy? Danielle

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: You can transplant Umbrella Plants (Schefflera) basically anytime they have outgrown their pots. However, if you can’t re-pot your plant indoors wait until a warmer season to do it. Schefflera don’t like cold temperatures and transplant shock will be much worse if the plant gets cold.

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  1. My son has a large umbrella pant in his office . He has it in a huge pot but it never grew upright. it looked terrible all leaned over. I don’t think it can be straightened out. Its taken up a lot of space. he loves this plant had it for a long time. I want to fix it for him while he is on vacation. Oh by the way,I’m his mother.Its the large umbrella plant Large leaves.

  2. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Barbara,
    If your son’s plant is very large, it might be best for you to trim it back, and make sure that it gets rotated weekly. This will keep the branches from bending towards the light. You can also stake the plant. Place a stake a few inches from the plant, on the opposite side that the plant is leaning, and tie the upper and middle sections to the stake.

  3. How do you know when your schefflera plant is too large for its existing pot?

  4. Jamie Woods says:

    If you can see roots at the surface of the plant, or your plant has stopped growing well and seems to need more water, it is time to repot it.