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Transplanting a Palm: Now or After The Move?

Ask the Expert: What should I do??

Hi – I’m not sure the name of my palm in (see photo) it could be a Parlor Palm, Kentia or Sentry Palm? I gathered several small plants that have grown beautifully in front of my kitchen window with a western light sunset in a plastic planter in the same spot since 1999.  I want to transplant it into a clay pot.  I’ll be moving at the end of October. Should I wait until I’m in my new home or transplant it now.  Anything special I should do? This is very sentimental to me.  Thank you for your advice. Patty




  1. Patty,

    I’m not sure what kind of palm it is but I do know that plants will go through shock after they are transplanted. I personally like to move plants before I transplant them. They seem to do better when I take this approach and will be more stable when you transport them. Once you reach your new home transplant the palm as you would normally do – making sure to re-pot it at the same level that it currently resides. One thing I would definitely do is to water it in with Vitamin B1. You can get liquid B1 at a local nursery & garden center. Follow the directions and you will only need to do it once. Vitamin B1 will help the plant as it goes into transplant shock. In fact any time I transplant something I used it. Good luck and keep me posted.

  2. Thanks so much Jamie – that’s just what I needed to know! I’ll let you know
    how it turns out!

  3. Send Flowers Cheap says:


    I like to let my plants rest for 2-3 weeks after moving before transplanting them as well.


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