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Wedding Trends For 2012

2012 Wedding Trends

Predicted by Florists All Over The Nation

We asked our florist friends on Facebook what their predictions were for wedding trends of 2012, and received an overwhelming response. From new looks, to hot products; favorite flowers and color trends — we’ve got you covered!

Wedding Styles For 2012

Modern & Sophisticated – Think Royal Wedding

“I am starting to see a trend away from the hand-tied style, which has been a majority the last few years. I think modern/sophisticated is surfacing.”  – Joy’s Floral & Gift, Powhatan, VA

All-White Wedding Bouquet
By Playa Del Rey Florist in Playa Del Rey, CA

Return to Simpler Styles

“I think simpler designs will rule 2012. I have 2 weddings booked for 2012 where bridesmaids are holding a single stemmed flower instead of bouquets. One with calla lily and one with long stemmed rose.”Finest City Florist, El Cajon, CA

Back to Traditional

“Brides are showing an interest in things like carnations, roses and babies breath again.”Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ

 Dual-Purpose Bouquets and Arrangements

“We see dual purpose arrangements as the trend. Bouquets into cocktail table centerpieces; arches broken down down to adorn the ceremony.”Greenhouse Gallery Florist, Colts Neck, NJ

Eclectic Styles With Found Objects

“Rustic, natural looks with nicer flowers. Also collections of eclectic bottles & vases with few or single blooms for centerpieces.”The Enchanted Florist, Asheville, NC

Brides Want DIY

“I’m noticing many brides are being more hands-on & doing their own reception centerpieces. Perhaps to be more cost effective or personalized”Flowers by Flowers, Parkville, MD

 Cascading Bouquets

I am also seeing a lot of requests for updated cascade bouquets styled similar to the shield bouquet Kate Middleton carried.”  – Joy’s Floral & Gift, Powhatan, VA

Colors & Flowers of 2012

 Black & White

“Predictions for 2012 weddings… include modern effects, black and white shades, with bright vibrant florals and accessories.”Mr. Bokay Flowers Port Chester, NY

Jewel Tones

“They still seem to be enjoying using color such as reds, purples, blues and greens!”Monday Morning Flowers, Princeton NJ

Unique Flowers Wedding Bouquet
By Moxie Floral Design Studio in Wilmington, NC

Purples & Greens

“Lots of purples and green weddings again for next year. I did a lot of them for 2011. I still have brides loving hydrangea as a base for their hand-tied bouquets.” – The Petal Patch, LTD, McFarland WI

Carnations in Magnificent Colors

“As the price of food, venues and dresses continue to climb, brides are looking to their florists and DJ’s to help them find ways to defray costs. Carnations in all their luscious magnificent colors are going to be superstars in 2012″Glendale Flowers, Glendale AZ

Unique Flowers

“Rustic natural looks with nicer flowers. Anemonies, craspedia, celosia & scabiosa pods will remain strong.” – The Enchanted Florist, Asheville, NC

You never know what’s in store for 2012,but who knows flower trends better than real florists? Remember, if your planning a 2012 wedding, or know someone who is, always, always, always use a real local florist. Use Flower Shop Network’s handy florist finder to find your local florist today!

If you are planning a wedding, don’t forget to check out our sister site, Wedding And Party Network for all your planning needs!



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