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Don’t Hate Me. “Twilight” Piques My Interest

Hi, my name is Brynn and I’m a “Twilight” addict.

I know. Since I’m certainly not a tween and other stories in this genre are unappealing to me, it seems strange that I would like the books and movies but I do. I really, really do.

I was thinking about what to do before “New Moon” releases and it made me think of florists. Go figure, right? I knew that I would be hosting a Twilight themed party at my house before leaving to see “New Moon” in theatres. I started thinking about the decorations and it dawned on me. Flowers!

So in my many hours of dedicated thought–ok, like 15 minutes–I decided that I would have one of my local florists create a few Twilight themed flower arrangements for my party. I even thought of a few tips for making it more Twilight-y to share with my florist. If you’re interested in the movie or your children are (more likely), think about having Twilight themed flowers delivered to your home for a pre-screening party. You’ll be the coolest parent in school. That’s for sure!

  • Use a black or brown vase. These are the colors of Edward’s eyes *hint hint*
  • Use white flowers  with red edges or dipped in something red. There is a flower like this on the cover of the “New Moon” book.
  • Think Vampires. Halloween flower arrangements often have the elements needed for a Twilight themed flower arrangement.
  • Mix up the colors. Many dark flowers and many light flowers. These are to reflect the constant mood changing of Bella and Edward.
  • Attach a Twilight mylar balloon or an apple mylar balloon (Twilight book cover) to the arrangement.
  • Create a werewolf themed arrangement for the group of fans that are on “Team Jacob.”

There are many other cool things you can do to inspire the right mood for watching “Twilight” followed by “New Moon”. These flowers are also great for a Twilight themed birthday party, Twilight book party, or even a girls-only sleepover consisting of tween-age Twilight fans. Your florist will have fun creating something so unique and different. Just give them plenty of tips and have fun!


  1. I am in the same situacion as You! I’m 34 and I have 2 teenagers and I am the the most Twilight addict in my home! I know I old but I just can’t help but fall in love with the Twilight Series! Team Edward of course! Congratulations I loved your flower adea and your pre-release new moon party I loved it!

    P.S. There is a website for us twifans.com!

    Attached Image: 3537594.jpg

  2. Age bears no importance for a story this intriguing. :) I’ll definitely check out that website.

    Here’s one I think you will like. It’s tips for throwing a Twilight party. They are great tips for a birthday party or a New Moon release party. I’m throwing a pre-screen party using these ideas. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks Twicullen girl! (I take it you’re Team Edward as well. Good choice)

  3. Jessica Adams says:

    OMG! How could anybody not fall in love with Twilight? It’s just so romantic. :) Anyway, my girlfriends and I are well out of out teens, but that’s not stopping us from throwing a New Moon premier party. We ordered all of our New Moon party supplies from birthdaydirect.com. They even had Team Edward t-shirts!!!!

    We wanted to tie all of the book covers into our decorations too. Te love the idea about painting the white flowers and mixing red and black ones in. So coool. :) We think we will do something like that for our tables and tie them together with red ribbons.

    Thanks for the tip, and so glad to know us older fans not alone out there! :)

  4. It’s hard to resist once you take the time to read or watch it. I’m on my second time through the books! My boyfriend is in his early 30s and thinks it’s a good movie as well.

    Thanks for the vendor suggestion! I get most of my party and wedding supplies from Wedding And Party Network vendors. It makes it easy to buy locally.

    What else are you doing for your party? Have you checked out Tips for Throwing a Twilight Party yet?

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