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A Unique Occasion For Sending Flowers That Many Overlook

I recently went through the death of a pet with a loved one. Though not my dog, my love for his owner made the event very sad. I could only imagine what my honey was going through. I wanted to be there for him but didn’t know how.

"Peaceful Comfort" Sympathy Flowers

"Peaceful Comfort" Sympathy Flowers

I spoke with Jamie J Adams about it. Having recently lost her dog, Dudley, she knew well the sadness and the grief that a pet owner goes through at this time. We had spoken shortly after losing Dudley about how a friend from her church had sent flowers as a way to express their condolences. She said it really helped both her and Neal.

I know that my sweetheart is not an emotionally expressive person by nature, but the same cannot be said for his young daughter. She was who ran through my mind when I was told about Jamie’s sympathy gift idea. Flowers seemed like the perfect way to comfort her fragile little heart. In my eyes, it’s kind of like a hug. A hug doesn’t make the pain go away but the love expressed with a hug makes the heartache a bit easier to deal with.

I can’t imagine and don’t really want to try to speculate what my life would be like if my dog Kenzie died. However, I do know that Jamie is right on with her notion. I know that fresh flowers would make me feel a bit better. For anyone dealing with the loss of a pet or with a friend experiencing this tragedy, consider sending sympathy flowers as a temporary hug.


  1. In the area where I am the family pets are quite often treated as children. This however is much different from the farming community where i grewup. Small sympathy arrangments are a great idea for familys who have recently lost a furry friend

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