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Valentine’s Day Flowers Do’s & Don’ts

Valentine’s Day Flowers Do’s & Don’ts

Valentine’s day is known for gorgeous bouquets of roses and giant heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Love is everywhere and many may not know what is the best way to go about ordering their special someone those flowers and chocolates. Here are a few Valentine’s flowers do’s and don’ts to help you order the perfect gift for your special someone!


Order early!

Valentine’s day is an extremely busy time for florists. On occasion, some shops may have to stop taking orders at a certain point so they can guarantee delivery by Valentine’s day.

Be patient with your florist.

If your local florist seems a little flustered, be understanding. They are working under an immense amount of pressure to ensure your loved one, along with hundreds of other loved ones, receive the most beautiful bouquet of flowers they can produce.

Put some thought into the card. 

Beautiful flowers are great…Beautiful flowers with a thoughtful card are even better! Plan what you’d like to say before you go to order your flowers. This will save time and also takes the pressure off of you to think of something last minute.


Don’t stress over the flowers.

Not sure what their favorite flower is? Is a dozen roses a little out of your price range? No worries! A bouquet of daisies or carnations are just as beautiful as roses, and may be more of a surprise.

Don’t forget the details.

If you need your bouquet delivered at a specific time, or have other special requests, make sure to tell you florist. This includes any allergies your special someone might have, or if you do or don’t want the florist to make substitutions for a specific flower if they run out.

Don’t overwhelm their senses.

Is your special someone sensitive to certain scents? Ask your florist about floral options without a strong odor, like succulents. If you know they love the scent of one flower but can’t stand the scent of another, make sure to let your florist know to leave that particular bloom out of their arrangement.

Need some floral inspiration? Check out these arrangements!

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