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10 Great Valentines Day Marketing Tips

Valentines Day Marketing Tips1. Start Now

Sure it’s a whole month away, but it’s never too early to start your Valentines Day strategy. (Plus, planning ahead will ease some of the stress!) Also start reminding your customers Valentines day is coming up with social media, direct mailers, email campaigns, or whatever you find works best in your area.

2. Segregation

Valentines Day is all about romance and buying for your significant other. If possible, segregate your marketing plans for guys and gals and promote products along those lines. For women, promote more manly gifts like gift baskets, gifts for men and sleek floral designs. And for men, use the traditional red, pink and girly designs, along with fruit baskets and chocolates.

3. Contests

Host or sponsor a Valentines Day Contest. You can partner with local radio stations or other businesses to make it even bigger! Try a scavenger hunt, or a contest through Facebook. Ask your fans to submit their most romantic date stories or Valentines Day memory. Reward your favorite with a free bouquet.

4. Don’t Forget The Singles

Create and promote a ‘Pamper Yourself’ gift basket for the singles out there. Valentines Day is all about love, and why not love your self a little.

5. Celebrate Love

Celebrate love for love’s sake! Love for pets, sports, kids, parents, grandparents, everyone! Promote gift baskets and bouquets for all!

6. Find A Partner

Partner with local businesses to promote your shop. Get with a popular local restaurant and include dinner-for-two gift certificates in your gift baskets, then display one at the restaurant. You can do the same with movie theaters, boutiques, and many other business.. but remember, keep it local!

7. Valentine VIPS

Show some love to your Valentine VIPs. Pick your top 5 customers and send them something to show you care. Offer a special just for them, and make it good, these are your best customers! Also make it redeemable at any time, not just for Valentines day.

8. Be Mine On A Dime

Create small corsages to hand out to businesses around your shop. Attach a card that says “Just a little taste, come in today and save 15% on the rest of this arrangement.” They can wear them all day and if customers ask about it, they will suggest your shop!

9. Marketing Materials

Create a sense of urgency for getting things done now with your marketing materials. Make sure to state when the very last time to order for delivery will be. If possible, include customer testimonials in your marketing material.

10. Last Minute Shoppers

Make sure to have ready-to-carry options ready on Valentines Day. Promote these through social media during the week and on the day of for last minute Valentines Day shoppers to come into your store.


  1. Danielle- Beautiful Blooms in Chouteau, OK says:

    Love all these Ideas! Ive already got our shop decorated, Im hoping to get people thinking about Valentines Day early!!!

  2. Thanks Danielle! Hope they help!! :D

  3. Get linked in with a local high-school. They love having V-Day flower sales!

  4. Great idea Marcia!

  5. Yes, I think you can paint over high gloss with chalk paint, but you may want to ask BB Frosch just in case. I used the chalk paint powder, and so I can add the powder to any flat latex paint and turn it into chalk paint. Therefore, you can have ANY color of chalk paint you want! :)

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