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Vamp Up Halloween With Blood Red Roses


Ever heard of Twilight, True Blood, or The Vampire Diaries? Ever read Dracula or The Vampire Chronicles? Welcome to the current world of pop culture, my friend.

These iconic series, books and movies are sweeping all generations and creating a bloodthirsty craving for all things vampire. This Halloween, you can guarantee that at least one person on your block is throwing a vampire halloween party. If that person is you, here are some flower decorating tips that will really vamp up your halloween decorations.

First, remember that most dark colored flowers need to be special ordered by your florist. But hey, knowing that someone else is taking care of that planning tip will ease your mind and free up time for the other details. When talking with your local florist about which flowers to order, consider these:

  • Peppermint Carnations mimic the flower on the cover of the New Moon book (Twilight Saga book two)
  • Chocolate anthurium are perfect inside a werewolf flower arrangement (Twilight Saga)
  • Chocolate cosmos, a favorite fall flower, also accent werewolf colored arrangements (Twilight Saga)
  • Taboo or Black Beauty roses along with red roses give a black and red theme to Vampire flower arrangements
  • Twisted willow is just creepy enough to be perfect for Vampire or Werewolf inspired flower arrangements
  • Oak leaves are readily accessible foliage that look awesome beneath punch bowls filled with blood red brew

Next, think about the characters that your party will focus on. Are you throwing a True Blood party? Think Southern with an edge of vampire. Throwing a Twilight party? Romance is the name of the game so play up the rivalry between vampire and werewolf. Half of the room can be Vampire inspired (fun to say) while the other half howls werewolf. If you’re jamming at an 18th century vampire party, get a little scary and pick flowers that lend to your spooky ambiance.

Send Blood Red Roses In A Red or Black Vase

Twilight party flowers don’t have to be dark and scary. Bella says that blood smells like rust and salt. Try a rust colored arrangement like Autumn Vibrance. Bella is also from Phoenix. She’d love the Phoenix Flame flower arrangement at a party inspired by her. Unique containers make the flowers look great so red or black vases with dark roses or other flowers will light up the night. Think of the Richly Rosey bouquet when picking flowers for the Cullen family.

Also for Twilight party flowers, remember that the werewolves in the books were different colors. You have russet brown, almost silver and several other colors. Playing to the werewolf side will give you a lot of creative leeway with the color of flowers you choose.

If you’re throwing a True Blood party and need flowers, pick flowers with scary names. Your local florist can tell you which are in season, in stock, need to be specially ordered and which have names that make your blood run cold. Since True Blood is more “adult” than Twilight, pick flowers that perk your adult “spidey senses”.

And yes, there is another series on television called The Vampire Diaries. Bram Stoker’s Dracula books have been around for generations. With the blood lust in full effect, you can walk into any bookstore and find a vampire story that will get your party planning mind in gear. Take those ideas to your local florist and watch the magic happen on the spookiest, creepiest night of the year.

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