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Tragedy Compel’s Viviano Flower Shop’s Act Of Compassion

Local florists are more than businessmen, they are part of their local community. I’ve made this statement a thousand times. Usually in reference to a florist who has participated in some kind of community project or act of generosity to their community. But I have never been brought to tears by the actions of a florist until now. All because of a very gracious act of a Saint Clair Shores MI florist.

Last week 4 teenagers from the Macomb County Michigan area were killed in a car accident. A tragedy that deeply affected residents and the surrounding communities. Viviano Flower Shop was so deeply touched that they graciously offered to provide casket sprays to all four families. This family-owned flower shop didn’t see their bottom line. They didn’t worry about the expense. Instead they saw four grieving families (members of their community) who need comfort and support. Viviano’s wanted to comfort the families, the only way they knew how, with a floral tribute. Because what was important was reaching out and being there for family.

No, the teenagers weren’t related to the Viviano family. However, they were part of the community in which Viviano’s has been a part of since 1937. So, in a sense these four were a part of the community family. Nothing is more important to the owners and staff of Viviano’s than family. I could tell that when I spoke to Tracy about the shop response to this tragedy.

I learned that two of the families graciously accepted the offer. My heart breaks for the families involved. Although I can not even begin to understand their pain, I can tell you from past experience that the flowers on their child or friend’s casket will be a comfort many years from now.

To the staff of Viviano’s a deep, I thank you for the compassion and generosity you have shown to these families. My tears have been ones of sheer thankfulness that there are good people in this world. Thankfully many of them are florists.

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