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Who Else Wants Pink and White Dreams?

Most people dream in black and white or cloudy shades of gray. My nights, however, are filled with Pink and White Dreams. I love the way pink and white melt together to represent tenderness, purity, sincerity, sweetness and gentle romance. Wow. I’d probably marry the man that incorporated those feelings into the message on the card.

I love the way that a simple arrangement of stargazer lilies, pink roses, pink larkspur, white mini carnations, pink snapdragons and white alstroemeria can really change the outlook on the day. Everyone has had a day where crawling out of bed really does seem like a crawl and quite a chore. Bright pink and white flowers put pep in the step and send happy thoughts reeling. I keep fresh bouquets of baby pink carnations on my bedside table just to prevent those morning blahs.

Pink and White Dreams Flower Arrangement Dream in Technicolor with the “Pink and White Dreams” arrangement.

What makes the “Pink and White Dreams” arrangement so much more special wherever it is around the house is that it is a constant reminder of the sender. He or she is probably someone who has laughed with you, cried with you, enjoys the opportunity to learn you better with each passing day, cares enough to send flowers to show it, and wants to sprinkle your nights with Technicolor dreams.

For the men reading this entry, feel free to fill your card with these thoughts. She’ll love them almost as much as she loves you.

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