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Wedding Trends: Reception Tablescape Arrangements ’15

It’s no surprise that when it comes to weddings, flowers stand out the most at the reception. The tablescape centerpieces are what guests remember the most because it’s what they see the whole time they are at a wedding. Here are some trending reception tablescape arrangements for 2015!

Bloom Bunch

A big arrangement is always a head-turner, but keeping it short also keeps guests happy because their view is unobstructed when mingling.

Color Pairs

A tall simple arrangement with fruit or vegetable accents in one main color give any reception table a modern flair.

Exquisite Heights

Tall arrangements can be tricky, but are definitely eye-catching in high ceiling venues. Consider skinny vases that don’t obstruct guests view.

Chic Mix

The popular cluster of mason jars with ‘just-picked’ flowers gives any table a rustic look and is a very versatile decoration.

Reception tablescape arrangements can be as dramatic or as simple as one desires. Just remember to consider the guest’s view and don’t be afraid to try other colors! For more great ideas and tips, visit the Blooming Blog!

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  1. I really like that idea of tall flower arrangements. I think that really puts a great statement. However it can be hard to get it to work without being distracting. Size and width have to be considered a long with height. Thanks for the ideas.

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