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Wedding Trends – 2015 Bouquets

Brides are getting creative when choosing their floral bouquets. From adding accents to including their wedding theme, brides are wanting more personalized bouquets. Here are some trending floral bouquets for 2015!

Wedding Trends - 2015 BouquetsEarthy Elegance
Brides are incorporating greens and natural tones along with seasonal flowers, adding that rustic look to their bridal bouquet. Consider succulents, green hypericum, and lycopodium for brides with an eco, earthy theme.

Romantic Pastels
Pastels aren’t just limited for spring. Brides are incorporating these romantic colors into summer, fall, and even winter. Mixing  hues of pinks, purples, and whites, brides are choosing a variety of  flowers for a more unique look.

Freshly Picked
In search of the unique, brides are wanting a more wild, freshly picked look for their bouquets. Using bright reds with purples mixed with red and green berries will create that garden look.

Brides want their bouquets to be unique and creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover something new that they will love! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog for more great ideas!

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  1. Annie Marks says:

    I love that you listed many different themes and popular floral arrangement styles that different brides have liked in the past. I would agree that no two weddings are alike and each bride should have the chance to do a flower arrangement to their choosing . That is awesome that you have skilled staff that are able to put together beautiful arrangements to please many different brides. Thank you for sharing you advice on selecting a theme for your bouquet!

  2. I still need to pick my wedding bouquet, so it helps to know about popular flowers I can choose from. It’s good to know that pastels can be a good choice for weddings during different times of the year. I’m having a winter wedding, so maybe having a bouquet in pastel purples and whites would be a good way to stick with my wedding colors. Thanks for the tips!

  3. My daughter recently got engaged, and we are excited to start all the planning. I like that you pointed out how “earthly elegance” is becoming more of a trend. That it, incorporating greens and other natural tones along with seasonal flowers is becoming a popular look. I imagine that in order to get the look we are going for, it will be important that we hire a florist that has experience making these kinds of arrangements.

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