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What Is In Fresh Flower Food?

Ask The Expert: Hello. I would like to know what is in fresh flower food.
My daughter is doing a science project on, “what rose will live the longest in different solutions”?
A MSDS on any product would be helpful.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Darlene MacDonald


Although I am not an expert in floral preservatives, I did know where I could find the answer to your question. I contacted Floralife Inc. (a manufacturer of floral preservatives) to get the information you needed.

They graciously provided this response:

Floralife Crystal Clear Powder MSDS***
Floralife Original Powder MSDS***

Please find the information you requested in the above attachment. The
student may have also asked the following frequently asked question Q:
What are the main ingredients in Floralife Fresh Flower Food?
A: Floralife Fresh Flower Food contains three main ingredients: a sugar
(for nutrition), an acidifier (to lower the pH of the water) and a class
of compounds called stem unpluggers.

These and other FAQ are listed on our website under the Student heading.

Floralife, Inc.

Here is a link to their site http://www.floralife.com/index.htm

***Floralife has removed the links to their MSDS sheets from their site***
You will need to contact Floralife directly at http://www.floralife.com/en/contact-us
Sorry for any inconvenience.


  1. Hello Jamie

    We would like an M.S.D. S. please on floralife, fresh flower food.

    Can you tell me what is, “stem unpluggers” mean.

    So far your product is doing well with our cut rose. All the other solutions, the roses are looking very sad. We used alcohol solution, plain water, salt solution, asprin sloution, diet coke and pepsi and a sugar solution.

    Thank you , Darlene

  2. Jamie Jamison Adams says:

    A stem unplugger is that enables the stem of a cut flower to access more water and nutrients. Flowers don’t immediately die when cut. However, their ability to utilize water and nutrients becomes diminished. The stem unpluggers extended the life of the flowers by aiding them in water and nutrient utilization.


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    What Is In Fresh Flower Food?

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