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Hey! What’s THAT Flower?

We’ve all gotten flowers before and tried our best to guess what kind of flowers they are. Roses, lilies, carnations… those are the easy ones. What about the more-rare flowers that florists use? Have you ever received an arrangement with a unique flower that made you call your florist just to ask “Hey! What was THAT flower?”

We polled our florists on Facebook and they told us which flowers gets the MOST curious attention from their customers..

Red Protea Pincushion Pincushion Protea – This unique flower always has heads turning. “What flower is that?” Pincushions are native to Zimbabwe and South Africa. They grow naturally in sparse forests and mountain slopes. They are available year-round in colors of red, red-orange, orange and yellow. More about Pincushions
Green Trick Dianthus Green Trick Dianthus – You might be surprised, this is a cousin of the common carnation we all know so well. These super long-lasting, furry flowers that add interesting texture and form to any floral arrangement. So far, these are only available in shades of green to blueish-green. (Unless you florists know otherwise, let me know in the comments below!) Green Tick & Other Green Flowers
Purple Lisianthus Lisianthus – These delicate, rose-like flowers are becoming very popular in garden-style arrangements. You might first think it is a rose, but it’s not! Lisianthus is unique because it changes colors.. it will start out as a green bud but as it grows it will become increasingly vibrant and beautifully colored. These flowers come in a very wide range of colors, including: pinks, oranges, yellow-greens, blues, purples, green and white, as well as mixed colors. Lisianthus is a native flower of the Americas. More about Lisianthus
Craspedia - Billy Button Craspedia – Billy Button – These little flowers are cute as a button (pun intended!). They are becoming more and more popular in weddings and flower arrangements. You might even think this flower is fake it’s so unusual! Craspedia is a native wildflower of New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. It’s unique shape adds textural and visual interest to designs.
Red Kangaroo Paw Kangaroo Paw – The tubular flowers are coated with dense hairs and open with six claw-like structures, thus the common name “Kangaroo Paw.” As its name suggests, kangaroo paw is a native of southwestern Australia. It’s velvety texture and beautiful colors make it a favorite filler flower of many florists across the country. Kangaroo Paw & More Garnet Flowers

Perhaps your questionable flower is not on this list. Add a photo to the comments below and we will identify your mystery flower for you!

If you have never seen one or more of the flowers above, why not order flowers for yourself today and check them out!? Call your local florist and see if they have any of the rare flowers above in stock. You might be surprised! Order today and enjoy them on your desk all week!

Craspedia photo via Artesaniaflorae on Flickr.


  1. Gerald Watson says:

    This flower blooms every year beginning in June. Has been in our garden since we bought the house many years ago. Please tell me what it is.

  2. Gerald,

    I think it looks like a yellow primrose.

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