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Where Can I Find Black Roses?

Ask the Expert: Where can I buy black roses?

My girlfriend’s favorite color is black. I want to send her some black roses but I can’t find them anywhere. I know I’ve seen them before.


  1. Harry,

    The black rose that you have seen was actually a deep dark red. Nature or hybridizing hasn’t given us a true black rose, yet. However, there are a few red roses that look almost black. Ask your local florist if they carry one of these popular “black roses” — Black Baccara, Black Magic or Black Beauty. Ink spots and Black Cherry are also red roses which look almost black — these varieties may be difficult to find.

    Some florists will dye their roses black, however I prefer Black Magic because it is so dark it looks like black velvet.

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  2. nancy watson says:

    I have a rose and it seems to be turning yellow leafed at top and a black type streak running down the stock.it also had little spots on the leaves that are yellow/orangey color

  3. Nancy,

    Without seeing a picture of the leaves < I believe you have a good case of black spot. This is a fungal problem. Fungus is spread through the air by spores. You will need to do a few things.

    1. spray with a fungicide -daconil is a basic fungicide that you can find at most garden centers. Any fungicide with the active ingredient chlorothalnil will work.

    2. Remove any fallen leaves from the ground and any infected leaves on the plant. Bag these for the garbage and do not burn them.

    3. If you have been watering the foliage – stop. Roses should be water at ground level only. Moist leaves encourage fungal growth.

    4. Prune roses for good air circulation. These means don’t just deadhead — selectively prune the canes for shape and air flow.

    5. As a preventative spray your roses every 7 to 10 days with the daconil. Fertilome has a systemic fungicide that you can spray every 3 to 4 weeks, however, this works better if the fungus is under control or not yet present.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    You can buy Black Roses here:


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