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Where to Buy Wholesale Poinsettia Plants

Ask the Expert: What wholesaler delivers to Bay Minette, Alabama I’m in need for a wholesaler to buy my plants from. I’m now in need of about 30 poinsettias and can’t find them. Can you possibly send me some information?


  1. Can you let me know where i can buy poinsettias in the state of New Mexico?

  2. Roberto,

    I don’t any poinsettia wholesalers in New Mexico. You might try Paulino Gardens in Denver CO. I understand that they are both a retail and wholesale garden center and they do have poinsettias. I am not sure if they can provide poinsettias to New Mexico. You can call them at 303-429-8062, email them at johnsmith@paulinogardens.com or visit their website http://www.paulinogardens.com
    . I wish I could be more helpful.

  3. Jennifer Gwarjanski says:

    I am looking for a vendor that our school’s Spanish Club can buy Poinsettias wholesale so that they can sell them as a funraiser to earn money for their club.

  4. Jennifer, there are many suggestions in the comments above for wholesale poinsettia locations all across the nation. Look through and see which one is closest to you. If none of these apply, let us know where you are located so we can help further. Thank you.

  5. whole poinsettias near san antonio tx

  6. I believe Parks Brothers serves that area.

  7. Joan Kline says:

    Need a wholesaler for large Poinsettia plants (8 to 10 in pots) in the Baltimore, MD area. Two of the growers that I purchased from recently went out of business.

  8. You might try Gude Brothers Greenhouse at 2730 Marker Rd in Middletown, MD 21769 – 301-371-9400

  9. Jesse Pekarek says:

    Do you know of any places to purchase at wholesale in Phoenix area? I am looking to purchase about 100. Looking for a place that may offer discounts for non-profit organizations as well.

    Thank you!

  10. Jesse, you might check with http://www.gardenpro.net or contact the Arizona Nursery Association for more help.

  11. A great way to find things like this for fundraisers, etc. would be to find a quality florist that is willing to work with you. We do our best to procure everything we can for our local schools, churches and non-profits for the best prices. It’s better for our community that way.

  12. Great tip, Brie! You are so right, a local florist can help with many different fundraisers, especially during the holidays.

  13. For anyone seeking a wholesale greenhouse in North Texas to supply poinsettias (or any other plants), especially for a fundraiser, feel free to contact us at Garden Acre Growers. We are a family owned and operated company, that has provided poinsettias and countless other products to churches, fundraisers, florists,interiorscape companies, and other wholesalers. We specialize in florist quality, so expect our products to be the best available, and our prices are competitive. Check out our website: http://www.gagrowers.com for contact info, and photos of our greenhouse!

  14. Grooby10 says:

    Looking for wholesale dealers who sale poinsettias in the North Mississippi area.

  15. You might try Parks Brothers in Van Buren Arkansas http://www.parksbrothers.com. I know that they ship bedding plants all over the country and that they do poinsettias. Hope this helps.

  16. Patti Powell says:

    I’m searching for wholesale growers on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for a school fundraisor – any suggestions for me? Thanks!

  17. Patti, the Gude Brother’s Greenhouse in Middleton MD should be able to help: http://www.gudebrothers.com/

  18. Bernadette says:

    There is a wholesale greenhouse in S. Elgin, Il that does Poinsettias. Clesen Brothers, Inc

  19. I need to find a wholesale poinsettia seller or reputable garden shop in Puerto Rico as we’re trying to get them to St. Croix. Help!

  20. Emmy,

    Not sure about a wholesaler, but you might try PIKE’S FLOWER SHOP in Bayamon Puerto Rico at (787) 786-1139. They should be able to help you or at least give you an idea of where you can find poinsettias on the island.

  21. Hi

    I am looking for companies who can ship Poinsettia cuttings in wholesale to Nepal and India.Please, advice.


  22. Not sure outside of the United States where you can purchase Poinsettia cuttings. I would start my search with Ecke Ranch and go from there. http://www.ecke.com/

  23. Looking for a wholesale supplier for a poinsettia fundraiser in the north Atlanta area . .. any ideas?

  24. Hey Lori, I have a suggestion here that should deliver to your area. Parks Brothers Wholesale based out of Van Buren, AR supports a site called Plants for Profit. There website is available here. Hope that helps!

  25. Looking for wholesaler of poinsettias for a school fundraiser in CA. East Bay. Any suggestions?

  26. Rev. Dennis Rockett says:

    Can you give me a poinsettia wholesaler for churches in the Bergen, Morris counties of New Jersey?

    Thank You
    Rev Dennis Rockett

  27. Rev. Rockett,

    You might try DV FLora (Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist).

  28. Where can I find a wholesale poinsettia farm on Long Island? Thank you.

  29. i need to know of a poinsettia grower near Memphis.

  30. Rossie,
    Try Parks Brothers in Van Buren Arkansas http://www.parkswholesaleplants.com/

  31. What wholesale growers are near Madison WI? I have used one in Illinois in the past, so I would be looking up to 150-200 miles away.

  32. Edna Ramsdell says:

    Last year, in 2014, I purchased about 30 poinsettias for my church at Christmas from a wholesaler in Callahan, Florida. Somehow I misplaced his name and number and I need that information to re-order this year. Our little church was so beautiful and the members want to make this a tradition but I don’t remember the name of the nursery. I am thinking that it began with a “P”, but I can’t be positive about that. Please help if you can and God Bless. Edna

  33. Might have been Parks Brother Wholesale

  34. where can I get poinsettias in Bessemer al.

  35. I am in need of approx. 100 poinsettias and I wam looking for at least 7-8 inch pots. possibly 10 in.
    I am looking for the best price available. Is there anywhere that would sell to me for wholesale prices?

  36. Cheryl,

    What area are you located in? There are several places. You can try Meadow Farms Nursery & Landscape. They have several locations in WV, MD and VA.

  37. Trish Hamilton says:


    I would like to order a bunch of poinsetta’s for my upcoming wedding the beginning of November. Where can I find them. Home Depot is telling me they will not have any until Thanksgiving week.

  38. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Trish,
    I would contact your local florist to see if they can possibly order them from their wholesaler.

  39. Loretta Bresof says:

    I am a retired floral business owner. I am looking for a nursery that grows poinsettia plants in the Phoenix, Prescott or Flagstaff area. I would be purchasing 50-100 plants next year for a garden club fundraiser.

  40. Jamie Woods says:

    Hey Loretta,
    You might try one of these wholesalers from FGMarket! http://www.fgmarket.com/Fresh-Flowers/Wholesale-Florists

  41. Hi, doing fundraiser at church. Looking to order 40-50 plants. Located in Philadelphia. Need them to be delivered on Saturday December 1st. Can u help with supplier. Roberta

  42. Miroslava Casiano says:

    Roberta, you can try a local florist in your area. They can definitely get you in touch with their wholesalers :) —> https://www.flowershopnetwork.com/florists/

  43. Russells Florist LLC says:

    Does anyone have any ideas of a place that sells wholesale poinsettias? I am currently a new owner and looking for options.
    Thank you
    Call 570-398-1371

  44. Kathy Wright says:

    We are a non-profit organization that supports our public library. We purchase 75 poinsettia plants each year to decorate our library during the holidays. Our local grower is moving and will not have plants this year. We are in need of a new wholesaler. We are located in Corona, CA (Southern California).

  45. I am looking for a poinsettia wholesaler in Colorado.
    Any help?

  46. Jeffrey Balch says:

    Hi Erin,
    You can find lots of poinsettia wholesalers through our sister company, FGmarket! Check them out: https://www.fgmarket.com/search.php?search=poinsettia

  47. Jeffrey Balch says:

    Hi Kathy,
    You can find lots of poinsettia wholesalers through our sister company, FGmarket! Check them out: https://www.fgmarket.com/search.php?search=poinsettia

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