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Where to Buy Wholesale Poinsettia Plants

Ask the Expert: What wholesaler delivers to Bay Minette, Alabama I’m in need for a wholesaler to buy my plants from. I’m now in need of about 30 poinsettias and can’t find them. Can you possibly send me some information?


  1. I am not familiar with the growers in Bay Minette Alabama. But here is where I would start:
    FGmarket is a directory for wholesalers who supply florists and gift retailers. They have a supplier out of California who provides wholesale poinsettias.

    Many states have a Green Industry or Nurserymen Association. Usually they will have a directory of suppliers of plant products. However, they usually list their products by botanical name. So you will need to look for Euphorbia pulcherrima (poinsettias) under their buyers guide. Alabama Nursery Association buyers guide.

    I would start with those two sources.

  2. Lilly Urrutia says:

    I need to purchase wholesale Poinsettias in Florida. Who can I contact?

  3. Lilly,

    FGmarket has a wholesale poinsettia vendor called California Florida Plant Co. (http://www.cfpc.com/), they ship them all over the country.

  4. Any suggestions for Oklahoma City? Thank you.

  5. Sara,

    You might try Parks Brothers in Van Buren Arkansas http://www.parksbrothers.com. I know that they ship bedding plants all over the country and that they do poinsettias. You might also try Westwood Gardens http://www.westwoodgardens.com/ in Fayetteville Ar. I know at one time they trucked Poinsettias into Oklahoma.

  6. Do you happen to know any places in or around Connecticut? Thanks!

  7. Patrick,

    I know that The Flower Farm in Prospect Connecticut sells poinsettia wholesale to florists. They are located at 50 Scott Rd Prospect Ct 06712 203-758-6788.

    The Connecticut Nursery Association website has several companies listed that sell poinsettias. I’m not sure if they sell them wholesale but you can give them a call. Here is a link to the buyers guide page of the Connecticut Nursery Association http://www.flowersplantsinct.com/buyers_guide.htm.

    You might talk to one of the Connecticut Florists in our directory in a neighboring town to find more information.

    Good Luck and please keep me post on your finds.

  8. I need a supplier of Poinsettia in southwest Ohio that can provide plants for a fundraiser. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Robbie,

    I normally go to FGmarket to begin all my product searches. I didn’t see any poinsettias under fundraising in Ohio but they do have a page of vendors that have fund raising products.

    If you are set on using poinsettias for your fundraiser, try contacting the Ohio Nurserymen’s Association in Westerville Ohio 800-825-5062. You might try contacting a floral supplier like Driesbach Wholesale florists Inc in Cincinnati 513-421-7673 or Nordlie Inc. in Dayton at 937-222-2201.

  10. How about near NYC?

  11. Ellie

    You might try Kurt Weiss Greenhouse Inc..

  12. And near TN? It would be a fundraiser for a nursing school..having a little trouble. Thanks. =)

  13. Jessica,

    I’m not sure where you are in Tennessee but I know a grower in Arkansas Parks Brothers Farm, Inc. that has a Plants For Profits Fundraiser program. I know that they ship to some places in the following states Arkansas (all), Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska and Iowa. They might ship be able to ship poinsettias in to your area. Although this time of year they may be sold out. Usually you need to secure the poinsettias a couple months in advance. If they do have plants they are a great company to work with – Clay, Jason and Dwight are all very helpful.

    Another place you could look is the Tennessee Nurserymen’s Association. The TNAL director should be able to tell which of their members growers poinsettias and if they have a fundraising program.

  14. How about South Carolina?

  15. David,

    I check my favorite wholesale blooming plant resource FGmarket and found a nursery called Baucom’s Nursery> Another great place to look for poinsettias in South Carolina would be through the South Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association. The director should be able to help you find a member who grows and sells poinsettias wholesale locally.

  16. How about Westchester, NY? I am looking for a wholesale that sells wreaths and poinsettias.

  17. Robin,

    My go to source FGmarket has a couple of new York vendors that carry wreaths: Fantastic Crafts Inc and Decorative Traditions, Inc.
    For the poinsettias you might try W. D. Henry & Sons in Eden New York or contact the New York Nursery Landscape Association.

  18. Michele Nickrent says:

    I am looking for poinsettias to sell for a church fundraiser in Central Illinois.

  19. Michele,

    You might try Schaefer Greenhouses in Montgomery Illinois. Although this Montgomery IL florist is in northern Illinois, I believe they can service places in central Illinois for this type of fundraiser.

  20. I\’m also looking for a seller in Massachusetts – preferably central Mass.

  21. Cindy,

    In Massachusetts, I would start with the Massachusetts Flower Growers Association. They have a membership directory that list the different Massachusetts wholesale poinsettia growers.

  22. Melis Warner says:

    Did anyone find a good supplier for Pointsettia in Mass.?

  23. Marsha Rosenblum says:

    I too am looking to buy Poinsettias for a non profit women\’s group to sell for the holidays. Where in Southern California are there growers?

  24. Marsha, California Florida Plant Company is a wholesale poinsettia grower based out of Salinas, California.

  25. angelia scott says:

    I am looking to purchase Poinsettias for the school to sale for a fundraiser near Columbia South Carolina. Any ideas ?

  26. Angelia, Baucom’s Nursery (http://baucomsnursery.com) is a great place to start for poinsettias in South Carolina. You may also want to contact the South Carolina Nursery and Landscaping Association. Their member directory shows several nurseries in Columbia SC. The director may be able to help you find the right one for your fundraising project.

  27. Judy Wilson says:

    Looking for a poinsettia wholesaler in Dallas/Ft Worth. Thanks

  28. I would try Parks Brothers or Vickery Wholesale Greenhouses.

    I don’t know much about Vickery. However, I know the guys at Parks Brothers and their poinsettias are nice. If you contact Jason or Dwight at Parks Brothers, tell them Jamie from Adams Nursery told you to call them. They’ll be very helpful.

  29. Kathy Mainz says:

    Looking for a wholesale supplier for a poinsettia fundraiser. I’m located in Monmouth, IL…near Galesburg & 1 hr to Peoria

  30. For Fundraising Wholesale Poinsettias in Illinois try Schaefer Greenhouses in Aurora.

  31. Looking for a poinsetta wholesaler in Northern KY. Any suggestions?

  32. Dax,

    I don’t know of a specific wholesaler in Northern Kentucky. You might contact the Kentucky Nursery Association. They should have a list of wholesale poinsettia growers in Kentucky. Even though many of the wholesalers listed in above discussions are not in your area, they maybe able to supply you or know of someone in your area. Good luck. Please let us know if you find someone.

  33. Christine W says:

    Looking for a poinsettia wholesaler near Grayslake, Illinois for a school fundraiser. School location is not far from the Wisconsin border, so that may open up additional opportunities. I see you have recommended Schaefer Greenhouses in Montgomery/Aurora, IL to several people. Just want to know if other locations are available, too… closer to home.

    Thanks for any assistance,

  34. I am looking for a supplier of Poinsettia’s and Easter Lilly’s for a fundraiser in East Central Indiana.

  35. I am looking for a Poinsettia wholesaler in the Greenville SC area. I have tried FGMarket and Baucoms( does not del here).. neither source was helpful. Any other suggestions?

  36. Nancy,

    Parks Brothers plants for profit fundraiser program may be able to help you.


    Try the South Carolina Nursery Association. They have a membership list that should include wholesael growers in your area.

  37. I am looking to purchase approximately 150 poinsettia plants in the Binghamton NY area. Any suggestions of a nearby wholesale grower? Thanks for your help.

  38. Le A,

    WD Henry & Sons might be a good bet. If not, the New York State Nursery and Landscape Association should be able to help. They have a great tool on their website homepage called “Locate a member professional in your area.” This should give you a great place to start looking for your poinsettias.

  39. Colorpoint in Paris, KY. Commercial greenhouse that provides poinsettas for fundraisers as well as other suppliers. We will deliver to locations outside of Kentucky, please call for any questions and pricing. My e-mail is kevin@colorpoint.biz. Also, call us at (859)988-6500. Please ask for me.

    Kevin Paddock
    Color Point
    Paris, KY

  40. I am interested in establishing a holiday plant (poinsettia) fundraiser this year for a non-profit organization in Baltimore, MD. Can you provide a suggestion on wholsale florist(s) that I should contact? Thank you.

  41. Mary, I don’t know of any directly, however I was able to find this company online that appears to be near you: http://www.gudebrothers.com/ You might also search for fundraising companies that ship nationally.

  42. I am planning a Christmas theme wedding and would like to use pointsetta in the sanctuary and as my centerpieces. I’ll need quite a few so I’m looking for a pretty reasonable place near Exton, PA. Thank you.

  43. I need a poinsettia wholesale in alabama; interested in selling for a fundraiser for the holidays.

  44. Andy Bertolino says:

    I am looking to do a pointsettia fundraiser in eastern Massachusetts. Does anyone know where I can get the plants from?

  45. I am in Joplin and our local Catholic Middle School used a local greenhouse to purchase Christmas wreathes and Poinsettia’s as their winter fund raiser. The greenhouse has closed their doors and we are in need of a new contact. Is there anything out there in the Joplin MO vicinity?

    Thank you.. Dewenda

  46. Dewenda,

    Not sure about right in Joplin, but I do know of a company in Arkansas that will help schools in Joplin with poinsettias. Contact Jason at Parks Brothers in Van Buren, AR. They have an excellent program called Plants for Profits that makes it easy for schools and non-profits to raise money through the sale of plants.

    You can go online to contact them or you can call them at 800-334-5770.

  47. Do you have a suggestion for a wholesaler for poinsettias near Seattle, Washington?

  48. Passion Flower says:

    I am in need of a poinsettia grower in the north Mississippi area.

  49. I am not sure of a source in Washington state, but you might try:

    F&B Farms and Nursery
    13848 Portland Rd NE
    Woodburn, OR 97071
    Tel.: (503)982-2748

  50. Try Parks Brothers in Van Buren AR. I believe they serve the Mississippi area. Call them at Please call 479-474-1125 or 800-334-5770 or go to their website http://www.parksbrothers.com/

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